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Friday night livestream we’ve got a lot of people here on the chat we’ve got 35
plus peeps and the house here currently right now rocking it out and we’re about
to get into a food review for something that I’ve actually been sitting on for
about a week that I got in the mail here so let me know what you guys think of
what you’re about to see right now because I’m about to give you a detailed
breakdown of what this is warning coming in hot now I received an email I believe
from a marketing agency asking me if I wanted to take a look at some new snacks
that are gonna be coming out so chances are you probably have not seen what this
is yet because I don’t think it’s out officially in the stores but apparently
we have got a combination if you look on the bottom there right by that window I
guess right over here so to speak we’ve got Ritz crackers and
it looks like Tabasco and I’m having trouble going over this right over here
right now just so you guys know so very curious to see exactly what’s in this
box I am very excited so let me grab something to open this with and alright
it is taped shut sitting on for a week had to hurt you already know what it is
alright whoa very cool alright so take a look on the inside
here we have got it looks like it is Ritz crisp and thins with Tabasco and
I’ve actually got a personalized message here right now it says here hi Ian as a
professional snacker who wanted what we wanted you to be one of the first I
can’t talk tonight we wanted you to be one of the first
taste and review our spicy new collab Ritz crisp and fens season with Tabasco
pepper sauce pepper sauce flavor we hope you enjoy this irresistible oven baked
snack excited to hear what you think thanks Ritz and Tabasco so really cool
actually and this is the info introducing new Ritz crisp and thin
seasoned with Tabasco pepper sauce flavor
there’s some information for you if you guys are watching this on the replay you
guys can pause it right over here and kind of read that but I’ll kind of
paraphrase some of it for you classic flavor of Tabasco brand pepper sauce
brings the heat to a snack worthy Ritz crisp and fin enjoying the feisty
celebration of delicious crispy ‘no sand flavor at your next social event for an
afternoon snack and everything in between we will leave that to your
imagination alright oven baked 2 for a crispy crunch
these crispy pins are seasoned with Tabasco pepper sauce flavor have 50%
less fat because they’re baked and they are leading dental eating fried potato
chips here so availability it says that it’s available at most major retailers
nationwide with a suggested retail price of 287 per bag so let’s take a look at
this here and see I’m gonna rip open this for ya oh wow
guys they actually personalize the bag look at that ian’s crisp and bins that
is cool man that is cool we’ve got two bags in here right now and something
else which looks like probably a bottle of Tabasco that is pretty nuts here let
me bring this on down here hang out in one second
Tapatio versus Tabasco I’m seeing some comments on there
wow this thing is definitely taped up alright well my pen is not gonna open
this up here let me grab something else cuz I really want to take a look at this
bottle here this is actually pretty cool so as I am opening this if you guys want
to drop a flame emoji here in the chat let me know if you guys are down with
this combination of Ritz and tab scoff you guys are done with Ritz and
Tabasco let me see a flame emoji here in the chat let me see a bunch of those
actually that would be awesome to see here yeah this is a big bottle of
Tabasco right here this is pretty big Wow nice very nice there we go it is the
real McCoy good stuff my wife is gonna be excited for this because as much as
we love Tapatio as well Tabasco is pretty decent as well too
this is a nice situation we got flames coming up like mad right now from
everybody guys I appreciate you very much incidentally I forgot to mention at
the top of the hour if you guys like what you see and you wish to contribute
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all donations are accepted of course naturally and are happily accepted to
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have done that already at least through PayPal I won’t know till the very end
thank you thank you thank you you guys will be in the show notes down below for
the replay so have a look you’re probably checking right now if you’ve
got anything there you’ll find your name but as you can see Tabasco this is the
real deal we have got Ritz comboing with them
that’s a lovely situation guys look at that crisp and thins 50% less fat
oven-baked Tabasco pepper sauce flavor for nutrition those of you guys who want
to catch this on the replay and pause this let me post this for you right here
so you guys can take a look and let you read that real quick and I’ll kind of
paraphrase it for you since we’re doing is live in effect for you with 46 Pete’s
in the house right now 7 servings we’ve got 21 chips per serving and that’s
about 130 calories 4.5 grams of fat zero saturated zero trans that’s awesome
right there total carbs 21 it’s about average and dietary fiber two total
sugars one protein too but you guys want to know how the flavor is right if you
guys want to know how the flavor is give me a thumbs up here in the chat let me
know what you guys think because I am digging the packaging on this here and
it’s gonna be hard not to throw this bag away once it’s done because it’s got my
name on it that is just really really I’m glad we’ve got a second bag here I’m
probably gonna put it up on the rack behind me but that is just a really
really cool touch so I really really dig this let’s give this a go and see what
is going on with this flavor-wise we’ll get this ready to roll and then we
will continue on putting on the Ritz says Drew’s food reviews very nice
Armando what is your favorite spicy review oh
man I’ve got a few of them we’re gonna have to go down the list maybe after
this we’ll go over and go over a few but there’s a few wow I am getting blasted
with that classic Ritz smell but it’s got some heat it’s you can smell it guys
you can smell it have a look on the inside David P how you doing great to
see you take a look on the inside they’re just looking at these they look
like they’re really a little basic crisps actually looks like a lot of them
have kind of gotten a little beeped let me take you give you another look
there everything is kind of falling apart slightly here I think insulin
shipping just a little actually that’s just the very top there there’s actually
a decent amount that are not crushed but have a look on the inside guys there you
go Tabasco you can definitely smell these are gonna be heated right now guys
so crisp and thins from Ritz I don’t think this is gonna be on the Shelf with
my name but that would be really cool but pretty cool with this here guys
Tabasco the official deal let’s pull out one of these here so you guys can take a
closer look you can definitely get that baked vibe with this and they’ve got a
little tinge of red as you guys can see as it’s trying to focus in here right
now but definitely a decent situation here now granted a lot of the ones that
I have on the inside of this here look like they’re a little beefed there but
there’s a bunch that aren’t so let’s give this a shot it’s the risk the Ritz
crisp and thins Tabasco pepper sauce flavor let’s give it a shot instant oh there comes the heat little
sweetness actually but yeah there’s that familiar Tabasco heat right there that’s
pretty nice you get the light butteriness of the Ritz followed by a
nice kind of like the vinegary type of pungent nosov the Tabasco that comes up
and then the heat begins to kind of proliferate around this is actually
really really tasty doesn’t taste greasy it’s not leaving anything guy greasy in
my mouth at all but you can tell these are big this is actually pretty tasty
mmm yeah and honestly and I’m just assuming at this point I think the
reason why they want to go baked with this is because the less grace enos that
you get from that cooking process because if it’s fried it’s gonna be a
little bit more oil might drown out a little bit of a vinegar initial taste of
the Tabasco to let you know that this is the real
deal let’s in there so when you have that Tabasco flavor coming through and
then you have the heat that comes up on the backend that heats gonna come up
regardless because wow it’s really kickin right now it’s actually really
good guys and that’s only off of one I got to admit only one this actually
works the baked aspect of this works very
night very nicely these are light and airy and I’m really thinking the fact
again I can’t believe they sent this to me with my name on it that is just it’s
just so cool but the light airiness that I’m getting from these chips I got to
admit really work you can see through them look they’re kind of puffed out
right there you see how that is Puff Daddy baby right there in effect they’re
nice and puffy nice and golden and I really like the amount of that let
vinegary type of Tabasco hit that I’m getting with the pungent nosov it at the
same time and then the heat comes up on the backend very lightly initially and
then it really kind of comes forward so delicious Ritz flavor with a little bit
of that Tabasco goodness to go with but a lot of the heat at the very end so
these are pretty nice for all of my fellow food reviewers that are out there
right now I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys think of this because this
is actually a very cool combination something I wasn’t thinking about at all
usually you see a lot of mashups with things that actually is a lovely
situation guys I got to admit again baked really is the recommended thing
for this and I’m glad that they are because it really brings out the flavor
now according to this in the back I’ll just read it to this in the very back
here real fast Ritz crisp and thins combines a legendary flavour of Tabasco
brand pepper sauce with a deliciously crispy Ritz chip it’s a feisty
celebration of flavor that you’ll find hard to
put down so with 21 of these in a serving of 130 calories I think you can
feel okay about that personally but I got to admit again a lovely situation
indeed with this really good hmm I like that the butteriness right away
the vinegar immediately of that Tabasco is coming through my familiar flavor and
then the heat begins to resonate that’s a lovely situation guys lovely
situation one more with this and then I’ll kind of round out my thoughts on
what I think it is overall I think you know by now but hang on hmm yeah that is
really good really really tasty alright because this was sent to me for free I’m
not gonna give this a rating but if I were to give it a rating it’d be pretty
high because this is actually delivering on the expectation they’re crispy
they’re nice and thin the little butteriness of the ritz is coming
through but a lot of the flavor of that Tabasco as well it’s a nice combination
that resonates pretty beautifully I have to admit this is really really good and
again I’m taller and my tolerance for spice has gone up I like Tapatio
naturally Tabasco is pretty good as well and I love the combination of these two
together so nice combination with this easy recommendation like I said my
fellow food reviewers out there in the community please give this one a shot
I’m curious to see your thoughts on these crisp and thins Tabasco because
that is easily worth your time delicious stuff it really is good good stuff okay
let me jump on over here real quick Wow guys that heat is still doing its thing
and that’s only like what three or four chips that I had mmm yes and yet I
couldn’t believe that either look at that they sent that to me I guess it’s
got a it’s got a sticker on the front right there but that is just really
really cool I would love to see that in the stores that way wouldn’t that be
cool that would be really really cool but nice nice nice stuff here I got to
admit really really good drew says to give it a 9 it would be hi that’s all I
have to say it would be hi all right so let me see going down into the chat here
as we were back into it here thank you guys so if you guys catching this on the
replay I can’t even talk is is heat right now if you guys are
catching this on the replay right now thanks so much for making it this far
into the review as always it’s Ian K closing out another episode of the
people out livestream just for you guys right now if you want to see the review
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totally my mind is all over the place right now in the meantime stay frosty
I’m all over the place right now guys because there’s a heat my mouth is like
literally beginning to kind of sting even more as we go it’s definitely a
good time so thank you so much for watching naturally that could have got a
little bit better but this is live what you’re catching out on the replay is
essentially going to be what I’m watching I’m gonna probably be holding
my face down with my hand in it but it is what it is but good times here
alright so let’s see who we’ve got here a Chad ken K BT productions TV Ken what
did do my friend thanks so much for jumping on I caught you alive yesterday
for a little while you were busy answering a whole bunch of stuff I was
typing away to you there I hope you are doing well if everyone is
doing as well as they can given the situation’s with everything right now
Roland says to put those in a sandwich I would easily recommend that absolutely
maybe on a burger or something like that too it’s got the light crisp eNOS on top
of it yeah really really good really really good
let’s see going down the line here let’s see here we’ve got a lot of people in
the house here currently right now Jackie here Oh food review is Jackie
thanks so much for jumping on anyone who may have asked any questions during the
review that I haven’t been able to see because I was trying to get the review
knocked out there definitely cut and paste that if you cannery ask it as well
we’ll continue on from this point we have got a lot of time together right
now let’s see here everyone’s recognizing Ken in the chat let’s see Carl Broussard Ian why didn’t
you get into the doorway or under the table talking about that earthquake
situation you know what I was pretty much frozen in place instantly and that
probably wouldn’t have been a good look being on live anyway to be honest so it
kind of is what it is there but yes very uncomfortable situate
with that normally what you should do is somehow get yourself under either a
doorway or a table preferably table the doorway stuff there I’m not really sure
about how safe that would be but you want to have something in case anything
were to fall for you there let’s see going down the line
Armando how long did you have that box I’ve had it for about a week so I was
glad to finally open this up here let’s see here Cobras sir we answered that one
there are net Annette Cervantes yeah sort of like the coca-cola thing yes
with the names and the bottle is very cool Jessica C do you game yes I do
yes I do we’re gonna talk about one particular game that just came out today
that I’m gonna show you guys that I just got that I will be playing with this
weekend for sure buzz seven three three two thanks so
much for jumping on my friend hopefully you caught at least some of the review
up to this point but if you’re watching this on replay you’ve seen the whole
thing by now but thanks so much for jumping on Bus appreciate you
Eirik card what’s for dinner tonight basically some leftover El Pollo Loco
because I am NOT going out we are under the state of lockdown here in the state
of California right now so any non-essential being out of any type
naturally aside from me just going out to do a review quickie coming back
that’s pretty much all we can do right now so it’s pretty much gonna be staying
in we actually went out to I went to Mendocino farms today with the wifey we
actually got some lunch and then we just drove to a park and we’re kind of
watching the mountains because it was kind of a rainy a rainy day but not
quite rain but it was a very very dark and cloudy so yes we just basically did
that let’s see mr. marbles do people ever laugh when you say peep this out
when you order food or go to pay you always know it’s snow so you always
throw it in so seamlessly it makes me laugh yes I’ve actually had some people
once in a blue moon but it doesn’t happen on camera not lately anyway but
yes it’s uh it’s kind of funny at the same time it seems like it’s just part
of my thing so I just kind of like off the tongue I don’t even think twice
about it but once in a while mommy loves the Batman doll behind me yes those are
from Dave and Buster’s I won all three of these the holy
Trinity right there Wonder Woman Batman and Superman and we’ve got the Joker and
Harley Quinn underneath you already know Derrick Levesque eh it’s hard not having
Tom Brady yes wait till the new season begins it’s gonna be a little little
strange for that drew yes knows what it is from my posting
today yes yes yes you guys already know I’m a huge fan of the original doom and
actually I go way back into the early 90s with you with the real original doom
back then when it was really produced by the legendary makers over to its
software the real deals back then but I actually love this particular artwork
here this is actually the same artwork that you can get on the current version
of the game the original doom on the inside sleeve you can flip it around and
this is much better artwork and it’s kind of I guess maybe meant to be this
way because today as you guys know is the new one I haven’t even opened this
one yet but as you can see doom eternal they pretty much took the artwork style
of that original inside flap and put it on the second game and I love this that
just looks amazing right there it really really does so really really good stuff
and naturally we’ve got some of the doom guy in the very back but just a lovely
situation with this guy’s I cannot wait to give this a shot which speaking of
lovely situation I had a few fan requests actually sent
me some stuff about a shirt that just says lovely situation on it now I just
for the fun of it yesterday I made one so you guys can actually find that on
teespring if you’ll find the link down below if you want to take a look at that
I also made a no bueno shirt because I say that a lot anyway so if you guys
like those particular ones and you want to see other versions like that or
something different let me know if you catching this on the replay drop some
comments down below let me know what you think of um shirts it’s a lovely
situation or no bueno it has my little insignia on the oh you know naturally
just because it’s for me but at the same time it’s something kind of fun to throw
it together so if you guys like that stuff you know I priced them pretty low
as well so if you guys are curious about that you know have a look and let me
know what you think but this weekend it’s all about this game and the reason
that I chose to go through Amazon naturally is because they have an
exclusive controller skin that you can do with this and aside from that it’s
also the free download that you can do for doom 64 which I love back on the n64
and actually still have that game on that
system but it’s packed away over here so kind of is what it is I can’t wait to
relive doom 64 on my xbox one on the big screen so that’s gonna be pretty awesome
but guys if you haven’t already fantastic reboot of doom back back in
what four years ago maybe a little bit longer actually know what four years ago
I can’t believe it’s been that long since that for doom anyway but for doom
eternal super excited to give this one a shot super excited so after new content
comes out tomorrow pretty much I’m gonna be all in that
probably not so much tonight because I’m trying to finish up the review that I
want to have out for you guys for tomorrow just so it’s timely and get
done with that so I can’t wait to to jump in and install that it’s gonna be
fun actually I may even install that tonight and not do anything with it
until I get finished for tomorrow so I’m excited to get back into get back into
the doom world which is good yes role in the resident evil 3 remake that’s on my
hit list next for sure I only buy maybe two or three games a year because I just
don’t have time with all the content that I create every week and mine my
life in general I just don’t do it so you know I just don’t have time to so
naturally I really want to make a count if I’m gonna get a game so I’m excited
to jump into that there drew does it have the rocks voice on it no and I just
watched that movie not that long ago to Drew at the same time
oh let’s see who else do we have on here right now Leonard cheers from Montreal
one of my favorite food youtubers keep up the great content thank you thank you
so much I appreciate you thank you so much for enjoying the content and
allowing me to distract you as much as I can with the current state of affairs
boomer our bank still open or in Cali most of them pretty much on you know ATM
naturally but I haven’t really seen anything in terms of closures of banks
and for non essentials I think mostly I don’t think that would include banks I
think it would do you think so but cuz everything can be done pretty much
mobile II now let’s see you’re going down the line my chat is all over the
place guys I apologize Timothy watching you live on the go with
go kings action look cool very cool thanks so much for jumping on Timothy I
appreciate you thank you for being on here and for for catching and alive as
we go let’s see Derek says he plugged in his way back since the
quarantine started okay cool very nice very very nice indeed all right Armando
do you like the acidity of the pickles absolutely I’m a big fan of pickles I’m
not I know my buddy Ken isn’t but I do love pickles on on sandwiches on burgers
I think they bring out a little bit of extra when it comes to that Duane are
you a fan of hairspray yes or no no let’s see going down here bus is
California New York the only state on stay home restrictions yes I believe so
I think New York Mayor Cuomo just enacted that on his side
today and I think there are portions of other states that are doing the same
thing but not completely statewide I could be mistaken cuz these things
change but here in um in California governor Newsom which if you ask me
should be running for president because the guy is definitely in terms of
leadership he is really on it hopefully I have no doubt that we’re gonna see at
some point in the future president Newsome or or at least you know going
for the presidency at some point but he instilled the whole lockdown for the
whole state of California so anyone further up north who is really little
bit more hard to hit with what’s happening and in naturally across the
board here in Southern Cali it’s already been enforced as of yesterday late and
then today all day it’s been that way let’s see the names tripod can you do a
doom eternal plane through it play through you know what I haven’t I have
no equipment to kind of stream and do stuff like that to be honest with you
but it’s not something that’s out of the question I just don’t see that happening
in the very near future at least KC doom is cool do you remember the old
Wolfenstein old-school Wolfenstein of course I love the reboot Bethesda’s
definitely done a great job the new versions of these franchises putting
into the the younger hands of the today’s programmers they’re really
respecting what came before as well as pushing it forward and graphically
they’re all amazing stunning stunning products but Dave Doom is all about
speed it’s all about the adrenaline rush of you know of being in the fight and
the kill so they’ve really nailed that at least doom 2016 I have such a blast
playing that game it’s just awesome oh let’s see here going down the line and
that says down thumbs down the pickles all right I’m not
at you I’m not mad at you at all it is what it is some have their uh have their
shouts to it Armondo shout out to the big King Excel from before Burger King
yes I remember that Bert that video well unfortunately that was before I went in
for a procedure in the hospital right before that actually right after that I
should say so I can’t really watch that video all the way through anymore for
obvious reasons because I remember what I was going through then but yes I’m
glad definitely if you enjoyed that one for sure absolutely Armando and by the
way thank you so much for all the messages to Armando has been reposting a
lot of stuff on his IG let’s see here Rolando game streaming I’m 100% hopeful
if see it happen in the future let’s see uh let’s see my chat is moving up here
I’m trying to catch up with everything here guys if I’m skipping a bunch of
things I apologize just cut and paste cut and paste buzz what are you drinking
tonight I am drinking actually warm water my allergies right now are kicking
and considering everything going around right now all the hysteria with this my
chest is kind of hurting because of just my allergies being what they are but you
know definitely I feel very congested very packed that way so I’m really
trying to just kind of keep myself with warm stuff when I’m in the shower just
kind of breathing the steam as well so it’s helping it’s definitely definitely
better all right let’s see here let’s see the names tripod what kind of
cheaper merch do you have because I really want to be able to wrap the brown
but I can’t spend all that much right now well you know I’ve got stickers for
$5.99 that’s probably my lowest the cups I think are in the 14 or 15 range I
believe that I have on there and naturally the some of the newest some of
the shirts that I have are in that 19 to 24 range some of the other hoodie stuff
there that’s all just system default by teespring for a lot of them for what
they are but I’m working on hats right now a lot of people are asking me you
know about the hats that I wear and the one that you guys see in my videos is
actually a sample that was sent to me at the time from cap beast but it was just
okay so you know it’s okay for what it is but when you look at it up close it’s
just it’s just alright so I’m working on some other things and once I do have
that under lock you’ll be able to find that
trying to do something with teespring so it’s a little bit more accessible it’s
easier so we’ll have to see what happens from there
but stay tuned but take a look at my teespring there’s a few different things
on there that are that are pretty lower priced as well
anything goes towards the channel always from you guys and I greatly appreciate
the support so thank you thank you thank you let’s see here Kyle did you see
Ken’s whole jar of pickles challenge I have not I have not seen that actually
now I watch a lot of Ken’s stuff I know Ken’s watching here right now you know I
love you man you know I love you but definitely I have to take a look and see
what’s up with that I remember that a while back too but that’s actually one
of the ones I need to go back and re-watch and considering he’s not a fan
of pickles I can almost guarantee I know how that’s gonna go at the same time
let’s see my let’s see Michelle Baek are you a stay in place order yes basically
you can go out to do you know quicky things you can go for a walk you can
walk your dog you can you know yeah I got a 6-feet personal space away from
people do using common sense that’s what I’ve been doing the good thing about
being a food reviewer and doing the type of content that I do and this is
something I was talking about with my wife was that being that everything is
pretty much you know a ghost town around town there’s really not a lot of cars
out people are not in parking lots I don’t really see too many people but
when I do fill my stuff you’ll see like a couple of shots of me outside of a
restaurant that I’m gonna do and then I’m in my car so naturally there’s
nobody around me it’s a very safe I feel safe even though it feels a little weird
being outside I got to be honest it’s a little little unnerving but after I get
what I need to get through the drive-thru which I always pay through
contactless you know I pretty much I’m always just ordering through the mobile
apps and that’s it pretty much I’m in my car and I’m I do my thing and I go home
so you know for everyone saying be safe be safe be safe believe me I hear you
and whenever I’m out with my wife I’m always trying to make sure as well we’re
always looking around we’re always making sure just to kind of keep
distance and then naturally just do what I need to do it kind of you know keep
things going because I got to be honest aside from the way that I feel about
this whole thing is that I have a moral responsibility to you guys the way I
look at it as well as for me to stay sane because of everything going on to
produce content so that way we can we can still continue to have some form of
normalcy so you’re not going to any mention of what’s going on in my
videos in my content I want you guys to be completely away from what it is
because honestly I’m tired of being bombarded by the news everything that I
hear on the radio on TV for obvious reasons the last thing I want to do is
watch my favorite content and constantly be having that in my face so that’s what
I’m doing right now and just know that when you watch my content you guys are
gonna have what you’re gonna expect to see and I’m gonna try and do as much as
I can of it to keep you distracted as well as to keep my head sane while I’m
editing it and putting it together for you so just know that my heart is in the
right place for all of you guys and I mean mean that from the sincere is very
bottom of my heart to you as well as we as we navigate these waters drew I’m
gonna miss the midnight doughnut runs here you know what I drew a couple of
nights ago I went with my family my wife and my sister-in-law and her husband to
donut man and we actually busted out some tiger tails we did we did a few
things there that night it was a little unnerving because people were still kind
of together but we did kind of brave that to go get some donuts and we kind
of still kept distance but we brought the donuts back to my place here and we
had them that night but it was a lovely situation lovely situation Roland says
cheaters cam is the best thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
and incidentally guys I know that we’re we’re literally half way into the stream
right now make sure you guys are jumping over to your favorite content creator
let them know that you are there like share comment subscribe Drew’s food
reviews Jacky hero food reviews k BD productions TV all the amazing peeps
that are in the house right now everyone who’s subscribing to the
channels naturally just keeps the community moving the goal is to not be
so inundated by the news that were we feel like we’re crippled were helpless
and there’s like it’s the end of the world it’s the Walking Dead it’s all
this I mean there are things that we all go through that we’ll get through but
definitely just use your content to just distract you as much as possible but do
jump on over and like share and subscribe as well as comment on me on
the videos that that you know make make the world go round for you guys because
we’re all putting this together for you and we want you guys to really enjoy it
at the same time so Roland says cheaters cam is the best yes I definitely love
doing that format for sure Casey a lot of awesome games like Skyrim will always
be king endless our gameplay your thoughts agree now the
games like Skyrim fallout 76 any Fallout games period anything we you can
actually continually build out the world build your own you know the class of
character that you create those are endless games so unless you don’t unless
you’re getting tired of a specific content
I agree those those games are pretty amazing they definitely you know kind of
stretch the time as we go any of the first-person shooter games are always
things for like initial you know joy upfront but personally I haven’t gotten
into an adventure game seriously since The Last of Us and I can’t wait for the
sequel to that game but naturally anything else like role-playing stuff
it’s been years since I played you know any of the games although I have to
admit Final Fantasy 7 the remake looks like it may be something I may want to
jump into I love that game on the original PS ps2 when that came out so
definitely that would be something to to look at for sure let’s see here going
down the line my thing is jumping up here forgive me
guys drew yes they were wearing gloves at the drive-thru yes it’s happening a
lot I’m seeing a lot of that as well which is good try not to touch anybody I
drove through Mickey D’s today to get an iced coffee and the gentleman came over
to my car and I literally stood like 3 feet from the door and kind of leaned
forward through the window and I grabbed you know leaned out to go get the drink
right there so you know everyone is on alert with it and it’s nice to see you
know it’s really more more known so I think the fear of people not doing what
they need to do is getting a little less and less because people see how crazy
it’s getting so I think it’s a nice it’s a nice gesture when you see that so if
anything you can always tell them as they approach your car if you do that if
you do the pickup just to kind of put your hand up to stop or something like
that but most of them so far have been doing that Casey follow it’s been great
since the PC days to before the big-name consoles were even born agreed agreed
Eirik hard working from home ever since Tuesday keeping our social media up to
date with all the local government updates yes yeah ER very very active on
Facebook as well I rarely jump on but when I do jump on them and I see
whenever I’m launching things and back and forth that most of you guys know I’m
not super active putting stuff on social media outside of just what I’m putting
out for you guys so you see because I’m trying to trying to balance it at the
same time but it’s great to see a lot of the
things coming out there from all of you guys bus this will pass we will be back
to normal soon and expect to see you at Disneyland I came out wait I still need
to go get into the rise of the resistance I haven’t been able to go
nobody’s able to go to Disney right now so they actually have in the the
Avengers campus I guess it’s gonna be opening at California Adventure here at
Disneyland on the west coast supposedly slated for July I don’t know
what’s gonna happen if that’s gonna be on schedule or not but that’s the very
next thing coming can’t wait to see that armando baron gaming in films I like the
endorsement he’s I he’s all right let’s see Jason
Brickman have you thought about doing a Chipotle review not lately and not now
that’s for sure but I have I have actually thought about that there’s
really nothing super new that they’ve had since I’ve been reviewing sre from
just a regular menu and I know that they have different protein choices and
things as well but I have to see about them eventually adding a Chipotle review
of some type the only thing is though whenever you do something like that it’s
never gonna be exactly like what everybody else would get you’d get the
same ingredients but it’s not gonna be the same it’s not like you can go in and
say I want this specific thing and you’re gonna get exactly what that is
because you customize everything so those reviews are always hard to do at
the same time sonic jet ready to eat the Carl’s jr.
Corona burger not funny my friend let’s see here going down the line Derek
Levesque eh I’m still not eating fast food at the moment my paranoia won’t
allow it understandable but like I said the odds in terms of you guys do the
research on how its transmitted and how things can possibly be transmitted is
it’s low but it’s still a risk but it’s low I’m considering there but I
understand the fear I understand the fear with with some of it there so I’m
not gonna say anything more than that let’s see going down the line my my chat
is jumping up here as well Microsoft Mary yes I am self quarantined yes I am
aside from going out to do a little quickie reviews Armondo have I played
halo not in a very long time I think the last Halo game I play was the fourth one
I didn’t get the fifth one naturally I’m a the new Xbox I don’t know about
you guys I’m excited for that Xbox Series X and PS 5 suspects that came out
to just drop dead amazing it’s going to be an amazing situation that maybe a new
shirt an amazing situation but yeah it’s gonna be an amazing amazing holiday if
these actually hold to their day dates of coming out and and we see them let’s
see sonic I’ve noticed that recently your video your food reviews go from
live digital video to more brighter film video did you switch your car video cam
actually I’m using my galaxy s 20 plus to film the in-car stuff they saw the
live focus stuff that you’re seeing is basically from the front-facing camera
on the front of this device so naturally you know this device I got to admit
every galaxy device that I get whether it’s usually every two three years that
I upgrade usually this is the it was three years before I upgraded it to this
one amazing stuff I mean this device I’m absolutely loving it so far so that’s
the reason you’re seeing that that’s actually the live focus video option
where it kind of blurs a little bit around you but it’s more of a wide-angle
look and then it gives you a little bit more of a focus on me and that way it
kind of brings out a little bit more of the tones of what you’re seeing there so
I love it I love it personally so for those of you who are aspiring and want
to do some of the video stuff there you don’t need to have necessarily a
thousand dollar camera to do these things the work of all the latest
devices for mobile believe me pretty much far and away blow away the older
stuff from a few years ago that you can get unless you’re doing like DL DLSR or
something like that if you’re doing regular camera stuff I’m really loving
it there so the front-facing camera stuff though the modes for the Samsung
Galaxy line are amazing so if you’re noticing that thank you thank you thank
you I appreciate that but I’m loving and editing with it you know if anything and
if also just to let you know it’s speeding up my recording time because
I’m seeing the ticker running on the underneath myself while I’m filming
myself so if I see that I’ve gotten like 8 9 10 minutes I’m like man I really got
to get this going my or the camera I was pretty much you
know locked in and sometimes it would be a longer filming session sometimes so I
like that idea also plus it’s quicker I do have a mobile tripod that I can pop
open from Sun pack which is pretty cool so it’s mobile it twists in different
ways and I sit it on top of my mat so I mean I love you
using it it’s awesome so I’m glad you noticed that sonic thanks so much for
bringing that up drew has a run on the stores affected
you locating new products as well you know for I don’t do a lot of market
stuff although I may be doing a few things here and there like when we do
the lives naturally and I’m hoping things kind of shake out drew before I
do the next thing naturally that way but naturally we’ve gotten people lining up
outside of stores here now they’re not letting people in in groups anymore
basically they’re like blocks of like five or so and they kind of let him
interspersed between the stores and then come out so we noticed that today I was
doing some cardio with the wifey today when we were out and I was like you know
this this is so surreal to see this right now so it will be an issue if
things don’t change naturally and we just have to do what we have to do but
the good thing is a good majority of the content that I produce is always the
drive through stuff that we do anyway and I just pulled it you know the images
off menu boards and I create artwork and I do these things so we’ll have to see
as we go here so let’s let’s cross our fingers that this will get taken care of
as much as much as possible and that’s loving the quality thank you thank you
thank you thank you a lot of fun stuff producing with the with the camera there
Casey let’s see Derek Levesque a loves the new camera thank you I appreciate
you I love Kenna interacting with everybody here in the chat my buddy Ken
doing it up big doing some great things over KBT productions TV you guys already
know Casey says Ian Pink’s last time was with Ken yes another review that
pastrami dog looked amazing that was one of my favorite reviews with Ken from the
West Coast food tour from 2014 I think that was Ken back in the day that was a
good time filming that I remember that very well and when that happens again if
we do another review once everything begins to kind of calm down I’d love to
do a little bit more of the local stuff too we’ll have to see but yeah that
definitely is one of my favorite reviews of Ken’s for sure and then I
occasionally see that in my suggested feed also which is kind of nice but that
was a lot of fun to do ken Dom I definitely had definitely a quality pea
pride there cookie loves Disney 80 I’m bus driver his wife and he has me hooked
on your channel a great job thanks so much for jumping on it’s great to have
you on here maybe I’ll get to meet you guys one day when you guys are out over
at Disney but I have such a blast on these lives and I do appreciate the
support but definitely does does the do over here
and I appreciate the support patreon all that stuff as well
you guys are awesome I’m glad you’re diggin my content I’m glad I’m giving
you something of value and you can take something away from it and you can see
for yourself not just bus telling you that or Robert I should say but thanks
so much for jumping on it’s great – great to meet you unofficially with that
avatar that little avatar the generic one there but cookie loves Disney 80
awesome that’s great ian is on two phones here that’s cool my
wife is logged into the chat that’s awesome that’s awesome guys I appreciate
that a much much love much happiness whenever
I see this here on the chat you guys you guys definitely humbled me with them
with these things here thank you so much I’m just an average guy giving my view
on what it is that I meet in there and in the car and I appreciate it let’s see
here going down the line KBD love Pink’s hot dogs yes I was a good
time Ken that really was a good time I mean that whole day I remember when when
actually when Ken came out to visit that was a whole day shoot of all various
things we stopped off at place as we check out the Nightmare on Elm Street
house there’s a bunch of vlogs ken has on this channel from that whole trip as
well I’m the et house we stopped that as well
there was a lot of really good times there are naturally filmed content you
know of course there we did our Umami Burger review the night before so there
was a lot of a lot of great times a lot of great times and again just another
quality content creator here on the platform I’m just doing the due and
putting it out and having a blast doing it there I feel very very happy to be in
good company with a lot of great people here in the platform especially all the
newer age of creators and people putting out the content as well people that send
me direct messaging asking me questions about things how do you do this what do
you use and all these things as well so I do a lot of that on the side along
with trying to get back to answering a lot of the comments on my content I
think what I may have to start doing because of everything going on is just
putting a heart next to each one just to let you guys know that I’ve seen it
because I see them it’s just a matter of just so much this last couple of weeks
have been crazy but I want to make sure I have my stuff for you guys so yes that
is just a great situation to be to be in great company with great people let’s
see here Larry when will you do a food review at halal guys you know I
bring that up – my wife and I have for a long time I’ve been saying I really want
to get that at some point so hopefully when things quietly calm down hopefully
soon I’d love to try and do and see what they’re all about I’ve heard a lot of
good things that would be something to check out let’s see know in and out in
Florida from Microsoft 404 hopefully we’ll see them franchise out or have
something else out there which would be cool they need to be a little bit more
nationwide if you guys have seen my review from the ID endorsement on his
channel one of the main reasons that you don’t see internet everywhere is because
they’re very specific on how far away their excuse me the meat processing
plants that they actually distribute their meat from are to their store
locations because everything is delivered fresh every day they don’t
freeze anything so given the way the bakeries are and where how they do these
things when they deliver everything to the store is that’s part of the reason
why you don’t see them everywhere a lot of the other fast food stuff as you know
is frozen or it’s pretty much sent and a chip in some type of secure way so it
stays you know kind of like longer frozen in that way so whenever you see
places like in and out that are specific it’s not because they’re so like
quote-unquote egotistical because they’re in and out they don’t want to be
everywhere it’s literally because of the distance
of their meat processing and the bakeries to the locations because that’s
why it tastes the same every time you have it here it’s just ultra fresh it’s
ultra delicious and I think they don’t want to see that dip in quality so
that’s the main reason if you don’t know now you know it’s the more you know with
that little star shooting for NBC oh let’s see here my thing is jumping down
here hung on one second yes kbd ken hundred thirty two thousand
views on the video from Pink’s yes it’s it’s up there it’s definitely up there
and there’s also I think for your mac and cheetos review from back in the day
from VidCon I think to was pretty much it’s up there as well so that was one of
my first viral video back then and I was it was a good time but yes Pink’s is
definitely up there and virtually everything on Ken’s channel right now is
through the roof there’s a bunch of million view videos there’s some good
stuff let’s see here sonic we would love to see Ian fast food pit stops Justin
Ken Dame jobs get together Morgan Spurlock’s holy chicken restaurant he
the guy who did the movie super oh that would be awesome that would be awesome
it’s been a minute since I’ve seen a lot of my favorite food reviewers in the
flesh so to speak there’s a lot of us that live locally but we’re all kind of
doing our thing and everyone is crazy busy and naturally with us being on
lockdown I don’t see anything happening in the near future but um it’s not out
of the question and I would love to all of those people that you mentioned are
all awesome peeps so I have no doubt that would be an amazing situation right
there for sure uh let’s see he says she’s got a salty streak when it applies
with that little wink-wink ned all-time favorite burger you know it’s gonna have
to be the double-double animal style no tomato for me only because it’s the most
accessible I do enjoy it like a couple of times a month I love it it’s my
favorite burger from in-n-out and it really is just it’s like I said it’s
amazing it’s really the only way that you can get pickles standard on it I
know Kenna’s not big on that that’s okay you can remove them but the
double-double when you get it animal style pickles are automatic if you get
the standard double-double it doesn’t have that so I would probably have to
say that one for sure let’s see chat is jumping up again bus
well thanks for the chatty and we’re gonna go try our luck at donut man nice
stay safe everyone in America stay healthy and safe good night all
definitely duh be safe over there without a doubt six feet apart we were
actually telling people in line six feet six feet I had my sister-in-law’s
husband was kind of policing that night which by the way we got to tiger tails a
glazed crumb a chocolate-covered glaze and a buttermilk glazed as well which
was pretty awesome he kind of went to hell with ourselves that night we had
little bits of everything we were all tasting stuff so I didn’t feel as bad
I’m a bus enjoy that Tiger Tail I hope you saw this before you jumped out for
sure good times and shout outs to the wifey as well thank you so much off for
that for that as well cookie loves Disney 80 that was fun
let’s see here Paul Sherman there was fanfiction about Sonic and it’s no
longer the kgv Bible I don’t know what that is
all right you’re going down the line oh you had to bring up VidCon again levy
any burger Eirik card you know I love you let’s see here Domino’s
new spinach pizza hope you review it spinach pizza if it’s spinach and feta
I’ve done that before at least the bread if anything there so
I have to take a look and see what pizza they have see what’s happening with that
there’s nothing new that I’ve seen from them I kind of check things every so
often but I know they have deals like 50% off and there’s things going on
right now I have to take a look and see what’s going on favorite fried chicken
from let’s see Annette favorite fried chicken I’d probably have to say I mean
fast food stuff for me it’s probably gonna be Popeyes because I’m just enjoy
the fried chicken of Popeyes we had it a few nights ago KFC is okay it’s classic
you know it kind of reminds me of when I was little you know a little tyke so to
speak but I do like the other Fried Chicken from that although if I really
had to kind of pick something a little bit more upper scale like along those
lines we have a place called Gus’s there’s Gus’s fried chicken which I
think I have right there there’s a white cup from Gus’s chicken and BER bag which
is pretty awesome as well as the chicken spot that they have actually close to
Knott’s Berry Farm here on the west coast which is also really good so
definitely awesome Armando have you tried the chicken and doughnuts Armando
you should know this you should know this I’ve done the KFC I was one of the
first reviews of that when I came out earlier almost a month ago now probably
earlier but definitely check that out the chicken and donuts
the KFC fried chicken and Donuts let’s see Sonic went to McDonald’s the other
day had to double Big Mac very nice added bacon absolutely enjoy that I had
a lot of fun checking out the double la Big Mac recently although I still stand
by that grad Mac coming back with the with the quarter pound patties the fresh
ones that would be an amazing situation no tomato Club for Annette Cervantes you
know what you know what it is absolutely Sonic
do you think customizing fast food is worth the higher price only if it is
something that you know you’re gonna get into like if you customized something at
Taco Bell something like that as well that’s probably the way to do that but
they really kind of nickel and dime every little thing when you do that and
you can easily jump the price quickly but it depends I mean actually you kind
of have to waive the quality of what you’re getting with you know the cost of
adding all those things as well yes Eirik card I’m always down with extra
pickles I know ken is not down with it but that’s what makes us who we are we
all have different tastes and different way
of experiencing that there’s certain foods that are meant to be experienced a
certain way but mad love to all those who are not into you know certain things
and by the way it’s not the really the main thing that’s gonna really kill make
a break a review for me like I always say if you like Tomatoes if you like
pickles you know you like whatever I’m taking a look at that much more you know
naturally but unless you’re reviewing a BLT which is a main ingredient of course
you got to keep it on there but anything else after that I don’t think it’s
necessary let’s see try the caramel cheese curds from E and W the other day
a strange combination situation drew I think you just launched that I just saw
that on my feet so I’m gonna have to take a look at the the amw curds the
cheese curds I know that that’s like a big thing up in in Canada and Ken can
probably talk to that there’s a lot of poutine reviews and poutine Aires and
and that’s like a main focal thing up in that area there and Ken’s done a bunch
of reviews that I’ve seen from poutines over the years so without a doubt I’m
curious to see what’s up with that you really can’t go wrong with like it like
a smooth soft rich type of cheese with brown gravy fries you know whatever it
may be but yes let’s see Casey favorite movie is Halloween yes thoughts
on Halloween 3 you know John Carpenter was ahead of his time by doing that he
wanted to do an anthology movie on our series of movies based upon Halloween
almost every year so that was the idea of getting away from Michael Myers after
the second one which he didn’t even want to do the second one he thought he what
he told in the first one was all that needed to be said but the studio forced
the sequel and the sequel is actually really awesome I love Halloween – it’s
one of my favorites I think it’s a little bit more hardcore in terms of
violence compared to the the first movie but the stealthiness of the first one is
legendary and a scariness is awesome but Halloween 3 I liked it I loved the whole
you know Shamrock you know novelties I loved the whole idea of what it was and
what they tried to do but then naturally people wanted to see Michael Myers and
then now we have you know anthology series like American Horror Story every
year that are pretty much doing what Halloween wanted to do then so a little
bit ahead of its time but I thought it was awesome I loved it yes Michael Myers
wasn’t in that I loved it as well Casey there you go you already know I have all
of those on my DVD rack somewhere around here
behind this here Sonic hopes everyone is staying home safe and healthy protect
your family keep yourselves clean wash your hands and body god bless everyone
yes thank you I appreciate that that’s an awesome PSA as we round out
the last five or so minutes of the stream here right now which incidentally
we got Freddie foodie King up in the house I haven’t even seen in the chat
over here forgive me Freddie if you’re on here right now my brothers please
please please accept my humble apologies for not acknowledging you there make
sure you jump on over there like share comment and subscribe of course good
times indeed freddie is putting it down over there in Florida doing his thing as
well super fun doing what he does that’s the cool thing about YouTube guys is
that you have so many different versions of people doing a lot of the fun things
that you’re seeing us do but just in the style that we do it and that’s really so
cool everything is so distinct whether you see my stuff when you see Ken’s
stuff drue stuff Freddie stuff Jackie’s stuff I mean everybody that that does
what they do has a great time doing it there and that really kind of translates
on-camera and that you can definitely see that with Freddie just so you know
and if you’re wondering why I keep saying my brother’s when I’m talking
about him go watch one of Freddie Flutie kings videos you’ll know exactly what
I’m talking about he’s definitely a definitely cool cat so guys good times
indeed this has been a lot of fun tonight we still got about five or so
minutes here again I cannot wait for a doom eternal this is gonna be fun right
after the next review coming out tomorrow I pretty much had a review out
almost every other day for like the last week and a half now so it’s been a lot
of content for you guys and I’ve had so much fun putting it together and again
shout out to the folks over at rit’s right now for shooting this box over to
me right now as well that I am so excited about this and again I love the
little touch of my name on this label which is really cool Chrisman bins with
Tabasco this was a lot of fun to check out guys a lot of fun to check out and
if you guys like I said for you flu to viewers out there when you guys see this
on the Shelf you’re gonna I think you’re gonna enjoy this this was a lot of fun
to check out average price point they said was 287 I think I read in that
little press release there but good stuff definitely good stuff let’s see
here sonic loves the ladies on here loves the food Mannion and loves a good
times yes it’s all about togetherness guys community it’s all
about community and staying together and putting our best content forward and
putting our best foot forward taking care of one another’s respecting
each other doing what you can practice social distancing when you’re out and
about if you have to take care of things just be conscious of what’s around you
just for right now and in general it’s good practice I
think anyway especially in the winter months from people getting sick anyway
it’s very very important for that as well let’s see last few comments that we
have in here right now we have got Freddie you’re the best
you’re the best you you you you guys are all the best I just appreciate just
being part of the community and contributing any way that I can to it
there if you guys have any questions you know definitely shoot me direct messages
on social media I try and get to it as quick as I can
as well I really have a lot of fun interacting with you guys and just
trying to interact and as much as possible with the base and it’s part of
the reason like you always hear me saying I always come back to this of
basically just making sure that we we make these times to kind of like connect
with our audience that way so even though I may not be able to answer every
single comment on my videos I see you guys on there and I’m like four or five
projects at a time things are really escalating up but these times are
special because it gives me a chance to look you directly in the eye or this
camera lens that I’m looking at here right now and to let you know that I
greatly appreciate the love and support as well as I you know being on here on
the channel spending time with me right now I know that we’ve got a lot of time
currently for all of us to spend because we’re all in this situation together but
just know that that’s part of the reason that it’s fueling me to keep producing
the stuff that I do to give you these things to cannot only keep myself sane
but also to help you guys to get through this as well
and granted like I said I’m just a regular guy giving his opinion on you
know various topics and most like most cases food you know here on the chat we
can we’re all over the place which is always fun just know that I’m going to
continue to do whatever I can for that whether it may be increasing some of the
lives possibly depending upon my schedule it just takes a lot of time for
me to produce what I do every single time so I definitely want to try and do
my Friday things of course so count on that more to continue as we go Paul if
you were your socks and if you wear your socks inside or out so the
iUniverse is wearing your socks except for you hmm
all right fall I appreciate you brother I appreciate you Derrick Levesque a did
you see uncut gems I haven’t seen that one I haven’t seen that one but I want
to I definitely want to let’s see Carl I haven’t seen the sonic hedgehog movie I
hear good things about that though I’m very curious to see how Jim Carrey is in
that and obviously being dr. Robotnik we’ll have to see Larry nuit and of
course not I do not hate anybody come on now goody two-shoes thanks so much for
jumping on I appreciate you great to see you on here Jay and hopefully you saw
this before you jumped out sonic you’re the best we feel connected to you during
these hard times let’s hope for a better future yes guys it can only get better
from here it may seem like the news is telling you things are going crazier and
crazier every day do yourself a favor try not to look at
that more than maybe once a day if you have to kind of check what I usually do
personally I’ll give you I’ll give you my breakdown here for the day typically
when I get up in the morning after and not looking at your phone which you
shouldn’t do it’s not a good idea to do sometimes I’m guilty I do I eventually
get around to checking the front page of CNN just to kind of see some of the
updates that are happening some of the local things around town at least
locally for me and then I kind of get my day started there and I’d usually don’t
come back to it until much later in the afternoon to see if anything else is
really worthy of that I try not to let the hysteria of what’s going on you know
get to me even though I do feel nervous about stuff I’m not gonna lie I think we
all do but at the same time you got to just keep pushing forward and just keep
staying as vigilant as possible with the things you know you should be doing and
then just kind of go from there so try and keep it at a minimum you know
inundate yourself with stuff you like to do watch your favorite content creators
hint intent and all the people that you enjoy on YouTube as well as your
favorite movies catch up on Netflix spend time with your family spend
quality time check in with your elders even though you may not be around them
24/7 you know naturally you want to check in anyway it’s just common sense
say hi let them know you love them you know that type of thing and just one day
at a time you know one review at a time for me one day at a time and we’ll just
do what we have to do that’s the best advice I can give you it’s really all
anyone can say because nothing is going to miraculous
happen overnight it’s gonna be a slow process to get to where we need to be
where things kind of can be somewhat normal again so you know I know it feels
like everything has been turned off for the year I’m at least a lot of movies a
lot of venues a lot of things it just feels like there’s nothing else out
there but that just means that we just have to find other ways to make sure
that we stay distracted and just you know together you know that’s pretty
much that’s pretty much it so let’s see here going down the line I don’t want to
get too preachy preachy with this cuz I want I want to end on a happy note so we
are gonna end unhappy note because this was a lot of fun to do tonight I hope
you guys enjoyed it if you enjoy if you guys enjoyed what you’ve seen right now
if you’ve made it this far into the replay give me a thumbs up down below
give me a thumbs up here in the chat if you’re watching this live and let me
know you’ve enjoyed this as well my voice is kind of beginning to go I’m
realizing how much I’ve spoken this last hour so I’m gonna be jumping back and re
shooting up my hot water over here in just a second but let’s see here last
few comments let’s see we’ve got down the line you’ve got some amazing people
here we got 50 peeps still currently in effect here right now watching this you
guys are immortalized here on the replay I appreciate you anyone again who has
contributed to the channel in some way shape or form whether it’s super chat
which I don’t think we’ve seen or PayPal you guys will be down in the display the
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there I greatly appreciate you guys and yes I think and that picked up on that
hint hint you already know everyone is signing out
here right now guys I appreciate you thank you much thanks so much for
jumping on Jane I appreciate you as well mr. Rogers sonic and all the amazing
peeps here on the chat can if you’re still here watching as well thanks so
much for jumping in I appreciate you making the appearance to say hello
always great to have awesome peeps in the community here at Drew’s food
reviews Freddie foodie King Jackie hero food reviews and I think Travis I’m not
mistaken at the very top of the hour I think I saw some stuff as I was
reviewing there but if trap tries is in the house here right now shoutouts to
you brother man stay safe doing what you do out in the Walmart situation over
there Travis doing some great things in his channel as well but hope you guys
have an amazing weekend you guys will find another review coming your way like
I said I’m doing what can tomorrow 12 p.m. Pacific Standard
Time if you guys are watching this on the replay you would have already seen
this yesterday because this is most likely Sunday or beyond Sunday right now
when this replay will be out but again I appreciate you guys greatly and and like
I said guys it’s all a matter of just you know keeping our level-headedness
together try not to let the hysteria of what the news is showing you and and the
numbers and what’s skyrocketing and what’s happening don’t let that deter
you from the fact that you are in control of what you can do right now for
yourself to stay as safe as possible and just basically just be vigilant and be
conscious when you’re out don’t take it for granted don’t take it lightly
there’s a lot of things about Spring Breakers that are out doing things that
are not cool and you know it’s just crazy to think about that so just please
please please for the love of everybody around you please just really just be
safe be careful be safe and just do what you can to ensure that you know we just
get past this all together without we’re very minimal fallout you know it’s very
important for that so shout outs to you guys again homey
hugs to everybody here in the chat let me jump on over here real quick I
appreciate all the mods doing what they needed to do in the chat tonight very
little I think that needed to be done I think we’ve had a really really great
group we have a very strong positive community here in my channel and I
definitely do my best to to keep that going there as well but it really
couldn’t be done without the love and support of all the amazing mods here on
the chat here as well so again from Erie card from Drew’s food reviews Jackie
hero food reviews Freddie foodie King in effect as well you guys definitely thank
you thank you thank you for jumping on to do what you need to there and also
just to be part of the community to keep doing what you’re doing so to all of my
other fellow content creators out there definitely like I always say usually
towards the end of these things connect with that audience you know reach out to
your people for those of you who are doing the live stream on the daily you
know we’re doing a service for the community by doing that I think it
really says a lot to really kind of you know stem the fear of what’s going on
and to kind of let people escape for a while as well whether you do it on IG
instant you know you can do it that way as well whether you’re doing it on
Twitter I don’t know if people still use periscope but you guys are definitely
awesome so thank you thank you thank you you guys definitely make my world go
around and again I can’t put my heart up in
for you guys it’s all good so guys again thank you so much the officially here
let me jump on over to my window to close this one out and guys I appreciate
you again if you just jump into the stream right now if you’ve made it this
far drop some comments down below let me know what it is that you’d like to see
in the future comment on this video or any of my other ones as well and again
those shirts that I have up on teespring right now take a look at those the no
bueno and the lovely situation sure it’s some pretty good some pretty fun stuff I
may try and get some samples to wear myself actually that would be kind of
cool if anything but with that said we’re gonna close this one out
officially here right now guys it’s Ian K officially closing out the
livestream tonight on the 20th of March launch day for Doom eternal you guys
know what I’m gonna be doing here right after tomorrow’s review comes out it’s
gonna be a lovely situation all weekend long taking it to hell and back again
for for doom I played so many versions of this but like I always say I’ve got
brand new content every single week here on my channel so while stay tuned for that
next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty guys good times I
appreciate you drew you too man happy Friday to you as well and that to
everybody here on the chat to everybody that I’ve tried to get to here David P
yes it’s all about perspective agreed agreed agreed it’s all how you look at
things life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you react to it oh we just
think about that for a minute think about that it’s very important probably
the most important thing I’ve said this whole hour right there so if you guys
have made it this far I hope you guys take that to heart and really think
about that it may make the difference for you so shout outs to everybody I
love you all I will definitely talk to you soon and guys it’s a new week coming
up we got new content stay frosty enjoy the rest of the weekend I’ll talk to you
soon love you