– Hey everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today I have
a very special vlog for you with a very
special announcement. (fake trumpeting) I’m thrilled,
honored, excited, inspired, so, so, so
happy to announce that we are kicking off the new
year with a very special program and you’re invited. It’s called Revolution,
and it’s 31 days of yoga. (light music) So each year we come
together as a community to kick off the
year with intention. We have some fun. We make sure to keep it
light and really supportive. So a lot of times we put a
lot of pressure on the new year to really transform and get fit, and that’s really great,
but we’re not actually connecting to our
spirit or our soul and so it’s not a
sustainable practice that lasts
throughout the whole year, or perhaps, as I mentioned
last year with Yoga Camp when we really started
to focus on the way we speak and the way we
think in addition to the physical aspect of yoga, there’s this issue of
going through the motions, hitting your squad goals,
but then still waking up and looking in the mirror and
maybe not liking what you see or not having as healthy
relationship with yourself. So Revolution is all
about taking a look at that, your relationship to yourself, and I feel like
the relevance of yoga in our world
right now is super rich, and so with Revolution,
we have an opportunity to not only get SWOL
and ripped and healthy in the physical body,
but to really make sure that our inner
ecosystem is rocking as well. All right, so Revolution
is for all levels, all bodies,
all types, all moods. It changes every day
just like we change every day asking you to really be
present. That’s the goal. To be present. So go on over and sign up
now so you’re in the system. This will help
with the accountability but it’ll also
just get you excited because you’ll get a
downloadable calendar. You also get signed up
for my daily email from me, and the email component is
a huge part of this practice. So on the mat
we’re going to work hard. There’s some yummy days too
where we keep it soft and chill, so you should definitely
stick with the 31 days too because that last
week is really special. I just got done
shooting that now, so I can tell you
that last week is rich. But the daily email
is an important component because it talks about
the ways in which we can take the practice off the
mat and into our everyday. So often the way
you act on your mat is the way you act off your mat, or the things you
struggle with on your mat are the things
that, yes, indeed, you struggle with off the mat. But sometimes we have a
hard time connecting the two, so in the email,
it’s just a really loving way of stoking that fire
and that conversation, seeing if we can
connect the two worlds and unite as one. All right, so I think
that’s it for now. Get signed up. Once you get in the system,
then there’s a video, another video
from me, haha surprise, with more details
and information and all the good stuff. I cannot wait to share
this experience with you. Thank you so much for
being a part of this community. Jai and namaste. (light music)