This simple restorative yoga for better
sleep class is something that you can easily fit into your bedtime yoga
routine. It will help you to prepare your mind and your body for better sleep.
Maybe you’re having a hard time falling asleep, or you wake up throughout the
night, or you’re dealing with insomnia. No matter what sleep issue you’re having,
these restorative yoga poses can help. Don’t underestimate the power of taking
small moments of time like this to yourself. When added up and practiced
over time you will feel the benefits of these restorative yoga poses and you
will have more continuous, better and deeper sleep. Hit the thumbs up if you’re
ready to practice this restorative yoga for a better sleep class here are the
props that you’ll need two yoga blocks a flat bolster or a substitute a large bed
pillow and three blankets cute little dog is optional gather up your props get
into your pajamas and meet me back here on your yoga mat let’s begin in a more
active yoga pose of cow and cat before we settle into the stillness of our
restorative yoga poses as a means of reducing any tension and opening up the
spine from the day so come into a table position to start spread your palms wide
onto the floor with the pinkies toward the edges of the mat and your hips
arrive above your knees your shoulders above your wrists now cruel all ten toes
under even the pinky toe and push back with your hands gently load some weight
into the feet until you feel that opening in the feet you could rock side
to side from the pinky toe to the big toe mounds just experiencing some gentle
opening into the soles of the feet now release that flatten all the toes to
the floor from a neutral table position with your spine gazing down
we’ll start with cow and cat so take the inhale lower through the navel the upper
spine the shoulder blades come together look forward and then exhale round
through the upper spine the middle spine and the low spine relaxing the head down
to the floor inhale into cow pose drawing the shoulder tips toward one
another looking forward gently and exhale round the whole spine into cat
as you continue for three more rounds slow it down smooth continuous breath a
wave-like motion with your spine you feel that you are continuously moving
and continuously breathing washing any tension from the spine away with the
breath take your last round and end with cat pose your spine toward the ceiling release into neutral spine where we
started and then sit back on your heels for a moment to transition into
supported standing forward bend our first restorative yoga pose grab
both of your blocks and place the first block on the low height in the middle of
your mat followed by the second block on top of that on the high height this is a
good starting space you may need to adjust this as we come into the posture
and you’ll know just in a second so as we come closer to the blocks simply step
one foot forward followed by the other spreading the feet as wide as the lowest
block with bent knees and then just begin to lower the crown down hanging
heavy into your legs and bring the blocks closer to you so that the very
tip of the head where the forehead and the hairline meet touches the block
without any effort so you may need to lift or lower the blocks to make that
possible so that it feels comfortable and once you’ve found that space with
yourself rock outside to the outer edges of the outer feet inside to the inner
edges and find that middle ground where your right in between the outer and
inner edges of your feet and there’s equally in the toes and in the heels
then relax through the nape of the neck and now bring the hands to opposite
just hang hang threw your arms and lightweight with your head on the block
if you’re feeling very heavy on the block chances are you could lower a
stack of your blocks if you’re not quite touching it you could raise it begin to
spread your thigh bones back if there’s more space finding a gentle opening and
then let your belly grow really heavy maybe close the eyes
we’ll only be here for a few seconds more this is a shorter hold really allow
your shoulders to release more and more toward the floor let any tension and
worries from the day slide off your spine melt them into the earth one more
voluminous inhale into your whole back body fill up as you exhale open your
eyes relax your hands down lift up a little bit with your head step backward
from the blocks keep your head low and come back down to the floor you can
either have a cross-legged seat or sit on your heels as I am and just allow
your head to become higher than your heart maybe closing the eyes to observe
the effects of that pose or keeping them open and breathing easy now let’s
transition into supported reclining bound angle so move your blocks off the
mat and grab your bolster take that bolster in front of you
lengthwise up the middle of the mat and find one of your blankets and from a
tight small fold we’ll fold it over one more time and you’ll place that at the
this will be for your head you could fold it over with a couple inches
resting toward you and this will provide a nice little ramp and support for your
shoulders while the back of your head is lifted on the blanket then grab the
other two blankets and we’ll go for this same fold which is a square fold blanket
and take the shortest side and simply roll it up until you’ve got a really
thick rolled blanket place one on to the left side and the other on to the right
then turn around and with your back right up against the bolster spread your
legs in front of you lean forward so you can really scoot right up against the
bolster and then sit upright now bring your legs in one at a time and take the
soles of the feet together to touch now bring both of those rolled blankets
underneath the legs under the calf and under the thigh on both sides and this
will provide a lot of height so that there’s no tension in the legs as you
lie back now we’re gonna recline onto the bolster so using your hands stretch
up through your spine and lower down until your head meets the blanket and
then you might choose to adjust it so that you can find your forehead is a
little bit higher than your chin or at least level and the arms go by your
sides with that elbows on the floor the palms face up an invitation to close
your eyes check in with your body one last time ensuring that you feel
completely comfortable if your low back aches here you can take your two blocks
and create a bolster ramp and that will alleviate any tension you might feel in
your low back if you’re content to stay here simply come into
the feeling of a broad open heart fully relaxed legs inviting in better sleep with your exhalations releasing worries
about your sleep with your inhalations inviting in space softness and easy rest now remain here in silence and allow the
pose to work its magic on you come back into the sensation of your
breath in the nostrils since the openness in the chest
and as you feel ready and willing make gentle movement to your fingers rubbing
your toes against one another the soles of the feet and perhaps letting the eyes
open transition the palms down to the floor or use the hands to help the legs
in lift one knee at a time planting the feet flat and either pushing down from
here keeping the chin in toward your heart exhale and lift or you could slide
your legs long as you lift whichever feels best from this position let’s move
these rolled blankets off to the side and turn to face our bolster extend your
legs wide on either side of that bolster and remove the blanket here from the top
of the bolster now when you are in a supported seated wide angle with bolster
position if you find that it’s difficult to hinge forward and sit here without
rounding your back or maybe your knees are lifted off of the floor here’s how
to accommodate that let’s unwind the blanket that was used
for our head until it’s a square blanket and then take that behind us and with
the edge one of the corners sit underneath now sit it underneath your
hips so that the corner peeks out when you look down and then just walk forward
a little bit until you notice you’re starting to tilt forward you can build
this up however much you need and then if you still notice that your knees are
high you can bring those rolled blankets underneath the legs here as well as an
extra port on both sides so just a couple
options to make this very restful for you now once you’ve got all that set up
tip the bolster up till it faces you and start to lower down to your comfort
level notice where that is for you and where you naturally tend to stop without
any strain or struggle then ramp the bolster up to meet your forehead and let
the forehead come to hook onto the bolster it should feel like there’s no
effort to hold the bolster up here pretty effortless through the whole
spine once you’ve found that just right space for you forehead against the
bolster relax your arms down to your legs you can rest your elbows on your
thighs your hands wrapped around the lower legs or maybe even it feels better
to rest your elbows on your thighs and your hands on the floor on either side
of the bolster close the eyes here and let’s spend a few moments just breathing
into the back body so take an inhale and spread that breath horizontally across
the upper middle and lower back and as you exhale relax more deeply into the
bolster and the floor inhale and visualize that breath simply spreading
outward from the spine to the edges of the back exhale releasing the
visualization letting the body empty at the breath one last time
fill up visualize the breath spreading horizontally and invite in softness as
you exhale invite in release and simply let go relax your jaw relax the whole body over time you notice here that you’re
able to fold forward more and more you could gently move the prop to
accommodate that so just taking your hands to the bolster moving it away from
you giving yourself more space to release permission to do that as you
feel more opening happen in your back maintaining length in the back of your
neck and now simply rest in stillness and silence for a brief time inhaling find the elbow starting to lift
off of the legs and bring your hands back to the bolster hold it steady
as you lift your head up right releasing the bolster to the floor breathe easy noticing any sensations of
lightness or openness across the back as we transition against our open wall
space four legs up the wall go ahead and turn your mat perpendicular to the open
wall space and I’ll meet you there now that your mat is set up perpendicular to
your open wall space let’s set up the props and come in two legs up the wall
I’ll give you two options the first is simply legs at the wall without any
props underneath your hips and the second is with this bolster so that you
can elevate your hips you’ll know which one feels best because your low back
will tell you so go into the one that feels most effortless and most relaxing
for you I’ll show you both and then you can decide so with the first one if
you’re just coming in two legs at the wall without your hips on something
you’ll want to open up your blanket until it’s got a nice wide amount of
space on either side of the mat and place that against the mat and the wall
so that it opens up on either side of the mat your second blanket will go
Midway up the mat a thicker fold for your head scoot to one side of the mat
and sit against the wall directly against the wall with your back your
legs are splayed off to the side now reach both arms forward and the arm
that’s closest to the mat that’s going to tuck underneath and then just tuck
and roll so roll onto your back and swing your legs up the wall you can
adjust your distance from the wall here for example if you feel like you aren’t
completely touching the floor with your gluts
then you’ll want to scoot back if you want more support then scoot forward
until your legs are fully touching the wall separate your feet about
hip-distance wider than you think so that there’s a lot of spaciousness here
in the legs and then finally have after you’ve adjusted the blanket underneath
the back of your head reach your arms to a V palms face up this is the first
variation of legs up the wall in legs up the wall with elevated bolster we’ll set
up the props a little bit differently so grab your bolster and place that
widthwise across your mat leaving at least of width of hand space in between
the wall and the bolster this is really important ensure that you’re leaving
space between the bolster and the wall then grab one of your blankets and open
it up until it’s a big rectangle and we will shorten it by folding them
alongside to the long side creating a little lift for the back of the spine
place that directly against the bolster up the middle of your mat finally find
the last blanket fold it over about a square shape and set that directly on
top this will provide extra elevation for your head now same similar concept
of getting into the pose but this time as you come to sit against the wall
you’ll actually sit and the bolster just on the edge of the bolster because
you’re going to roll on to it so spreading the legs to the side sitting
on the bolster it’s lean forward send the forearm to the floor and roll
onto your back send your legs up the wall adjust yourself so that your glutes
are dripping off the lip of the bolster and your legs are up the wall separated
hip distance you can decide from here if you’d like to go closer to the wall so
that your glutes are a bit more making contact with the wall instead of so far
away but it might feel good to just stay here you get to decide once you feel
satisfied in your position let’s widen the arms palms up close the
eyes and relax all effort drop the femur bones heavy into the hip
sockets release all doing feel the lightness
arrive in the feet and all the creases of the face the forehead the corners of
the eyes the edges of the lips smooth them out rest in silence allowing deep
peace and relaxation to enter your body and your mind to come out of your variation of legs up
the wall slowly move your toes and walk your feet down the wall one at a time
bending your knees in toward your chest reach one arm overhead and roll to that
side taking care to drop your knees down if you’re elevated on the bolster and
then sliding off the bolster press gently into your palms from here to lift
your heart and come back up to a comfortable seat just a simple seat
wherever you are then we’ll take the hands together in front of the heart in
Anjali mudra and offering allowing sleep to find you rather than chasing and
grasping for it trust that you’ve done the practice and allow yourself now to
receive the benefits open your eyes and come back into this space if you’re
feeling deeply relaxed and ready for bed share that with me in the comments below
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good night and namaste