Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if this is your first time here, my name is penny I’m a master esthetician in Portland, Oregon and excited that you’re here today We are gonna do a little bit of self-care There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and I don’t know about you but I’m a little stressed and to me This is the perfect time to do some facial massage to do some blow saw if you don’t own a gua saw tool You can simply use the lid of a jar So you do not need to go out and buy anything right now You probably have one of these in your kitchen right now Obviously you’re going to want to wash and sanitize it before you use it on your skin Are going to want in essence a toner a spray something like that. Use what you have Then we’re gonna use a facial oil. I’m choosing to use Kiwi seed oil I love this. It’s really high in linolenic and linoleic acid which is really good for your skin and So I’m using that one. You don’t have to use this one It’s really just for feeding the skin and providing some slip a word of caution. Don’t go overboard on the oil So just think three to five drops warm it up in the palms of your hand and press it we’re gonna do our chest our neck the back of our neck and we’re gonna do our face now if you Don’t get the moves exactly right or anything like that. Don’t stress about it If you do it every single day I tell you there are some really nice results You can get some lifting you definitely can get some deep puffing and that is what I love the most one thing I will say about the tool itself. You want to have it kind of flat to your skin? You don’t want to have it scrape like this gua saw is scraping in Chinese, but we’re scraping with medium pressure So keep that in mind now at the end of each stroke You can do a little bit of a massage telling you it is so stress relieving. It’s incredible so, I hope that this video finds you safe and healthy and I hope that maybe it will help to alleviate some stress and Be calming in some way help to de-puff help to alleviate some Intention and somehow brighten your day. So I’m gonna roll the tutorial and I will talk you through it Choose any mist that you like you can even put an essence in a spray bottle Choose your favorite facial oil Something that’s nourishing and will provide slip and then you choose whichever tool you like or have in your possession Whether it’s a jade Gua saw or a jar lid mist your entire area that you’re planning to treat and this is where I like to start setting the intentions of practicing self-care and distressing I Apply some oil by massaging it between your palms and really warming it up and then you’re going to press it into the skin Everywhere you’re planning to treat this is important because it provides slip for the tool. You just don’t want to use too much oil now pick your tool and We’re going to start at the back of the neck. We’re going to straddle the spine and remember moving the tool Parallel as much as possible to the skin We’re gonna apply medium pressure all the way up to the base of the occipital bone Where we’re going to massage a few times after each full stroke So relaxing you guys then we’re going to take the flat edge of the tool and we’re going to start where the shoulder meets the arm you’re going to hold your fingers there and It helps keep the skin taut So you’re not pulling on the skin too much and it provides just a kind of treatment path Then we’re going to place our fingers below the collarbone and with a flat edge again We’re going to go over the collarbone and up to our jaw Where we are going to do a little massage at the end of each stroke You can do this three to ten times depending on how much time you have Sometimes I’ll do it more than ten It just depends on the area and how I’m feeling then you’re going to switch sides repeating the same motion on The front of the neck now We’re going to move to the center. And when we move to this, you’re going to have a little bit lighter pressure so you’re going to straddle the center of your neck with the knotch spart of the tool and When you get to the top just below your chin, you’re going to do that massage. So again three to ten times Placing your fingers just at your sternum and now we’re going to move to the jaw You can see how the notched part straddles the jaw. It’s really very self-explanatory at this point It feels right to massage this part You got to place your fingers on your chin to hold the skin again, and you’re going to massage when you get to the ear then we’re going to take the flat edge of the tool again and placing our fingers near our nose we’re going to Pull toward the ear so we’re pulling out and up with the flat edge keeping the tool as parallel to the skin as possible and Massaging when we get out to the ear hairline now, I like to take the notched part of the tool also and Straddle my zygomatic area so you will see here that I am Straddling that cheek area. I love this one. I feel like this does so much for sculpting the face and Drainage, it’s just it feels so good now after we’ve done that Three to ten times depending on how much you want to do it. We’re going to move to below the eye this part is super important that you’re very gentle so we are going to use a finger and put it place it just near the tear duct and then with very Very light pressure. We’re going to pull from the inner corner of the eye Going to the hairline and at the hairline you’re going to do your massage. I’m barely touching under my eyes Now we’re going to move above the eye brow we’re going to straddle the brow and This is medium pressure again, and you’re going to go over the brow out to the hairline that is when you are going to massage go over the temple and Massage now you’re going to place your fingers on your eyelid You’re going to take the long flat edge of the tool and you’re going to go from the top of the eyelid over your eyebrow Pulling up until you get to the hairline and then you’re going to massage. This one feels so good, too You want your fingers there though, they protect your eye and it just gives you kind of a parameter for the movement Now we’re going to take that flat edge again. And in the center, we’re going to place our fingers in the middle of our brows Pulling up again parallel as much as possible to the skin when you get to the hairline you are going to massage Gently three to ten times depending on how you feel. Then. We move to the other side again We’re doing the jawline to the ear where we massage This one is such a good move for helping to sculpt the jaw lift. The jowls all of that kind of stuff This is a great move Flat edge pulling out and up to the hairline and massaging at the hairline Always using your opposite hand to hold the skin taut so that you don’t get too much pull in your skin Then we’re going to take the notched edge and carve out our cheek bones I’m going to do that massage when we get to the hairline this like the jawline feels really good and it’s really Self-explanatory you can tell your your tool wants to carve out that cheekbone just like it wants to carve out the jaw then gently we’re going to place that finger in the inner part of the eye and Then we’re going to go over the eye straddling the eyebrow moving out crossing the temple and massaging at the hairline Then we’re going to place our fingers gently on our eyelid using the long flat edge. We’re going to pull From the top of the eyelid over the eyebrow to the hairline. I Just wanted to show you guys how you can use the lid of a jar I think that it’s important to know that this rounded edge is just perfect for this No, it doesn’t have any notches or anything like that but if you wanted to get started and do this today, and you don’t have a quad tool grab a jar lid sanitize it and Try it. I hope you guys are all doing well. And I hope you enjoyed this quick demonstration of go saw Okay, you guys that is the massage that I do in the morning I just really think that a little bit of self care right now is super important so that you can take care of other people because we Need to be taking care of each other right now. I will tell you that I did order this book I will link it down below if I need to be really really interesting. It’s really easy to read It has some nice charts and facial facial muscles and all that kind of stuff in there I ordered my claw saw tool off of Amazon. I will link that as well I’m not gonna link any Smuckers Jam because I’m hoping you have some kind of thing in your own kitchen But this is a free tool But this one I want to say was under $15. It was not super expensive It does stay cool Which is really nice and refreshing you can keep this in the refrigerator if you want to You always want to make sure that you sanitize afters, especially in light of everything that’s going on right now So I hope that you are all doing well, and I will talk to you in my next skincare video. Take care