Hello, my name is Darya McNolty. I’m a reflexologist
and a massage therapist, here in Rutland, Vermont and today, I’m going to be showing
you how to apply proper pressure points while giving reflexology. The way that the foot
is laid out, the body is broken up into ten meridians. So, there are lines that are going
to; visible lines that run through the body and each area is going to represent a different
part of the body. So, as I’m working, I know that this area of Tracy’s body is also going
to run all the way up her entire line. So, I know that I’m working her intestines. I
know that I’m working her heart if I’m working in this particular area. So, Tracy’s got some
sensitivity, here, in this region, and she was asking me about, you know, what does that
represent? In this particular area is your solar plexus as well as it’s also lymph drainage.
So, it could be, between, maybe allergies, you’ve been having congestion and a sinus
infection. You can feel when there is an area of concern or congestion. I will feel a hardness
or like a knot that you would feel, you know, in your back or something, and I will work
that area gently. Right here in this area is like a button that you can push that will
help with lymph drainage, and you just have to knead it. Sometimes, it’s tender when you
first work it, and when you push on it a lot of times, there is resistance. So, I just
gently have to work it through, and what you do, is you start by pushing directly in the
center, and then you work your way around. So, that you gently moving out the toxins,
and you’re not, and then you go back and you check again to make sure that is; to see if
it’s still tender, okay, then I don’t want to be working that center spot, and then I’ll
work around in a circle, and then test it again. And you keep doing this until eventually
it doesn’t hurt as much and then you know you’ve cleansed that area. You’ve stimulated
neural impulse to your lymph system and your lymph nodes and hopefully we’re going to get
toxin drainage. So, I’m thinking that you’re not pulling enough breath in. You’re not being
able to get enough breath and then as well, you’ve got a lot of toxins in your body from
the sinus infection and that those things have built up, here, in your feet and are
causing this discomfort and congestion, a lot of tension. And one more thing, always
remember exercise and healthy eating will give you the optimal health for your body.
This is Darya McNolty in Rutland, Vermont.