There is this peculiar attitude,
well, I find it peculiar, that people strongly dislike some animals
and like others. And it isn’t biologically sensible to do so. The Paradox of Loving and Eating Animals I personally try not to do that at all. You can say to somebody, “What do you think
about the welfare of animals?” And they say, “Oh, I think it’s very important.” And then you say, “What do you think about
the welfare of rats?” And they say, “Well, that’s different.” But it shouldn’t be different, because a rat
is a fully functional animal, with a sophisticated brain and all the senses
we have, and better in some ways. So to think of a rat as something which is
completely unwanted, and yet to like a dog, is illogical. So I think we’ll change in that. And I think the reason is that these are the animals which compete with us and which are successful. In general, we don’t like animals which are
successful. Rats are very successful, mice are successful,
house flies are successful. And also we don’t like some animals because
they don’t look much like us. So people don’t like spiders because they don’t look like us, even if they’re completely harmless. In fact, even if they’re beneficial to us! Spiders in our houses are beneficial in some
ways, but there are people who would kill them if
they found them in their house. I think that’s a terrible thing to do!