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I upload a new video. So today’s video is about a topic which a lot of mothers have asked
me to speak about. It is the benefits of a post pregnancy support belt and post-natal
massages. I don’t know if these things are important or not or how beneficial they are
but I’m going to definitely share my own journey with you. So here goes. When we come back home
after the delivery, our care-givers, our elders, our mom, our MIL, a lot of people give us
a lot of advice. And one of those is to get a massage done every day. When I delivered
for the first time, I even got a massage done every day for 30 days. Because my mom was
here to stay with me and I had family support, and it was my first baby, I didn’t want to
take any chances, so yes, I got a massage done for 30 days without fail. But after my
second delivery, I was already a mother to a 6 year old. And my mom couldn’t come and
stay with me for so long, so family support was not as much. And I thought, where’s the time?
I mean where is the luxury to get a massage done every day. So the second time around
I didn’t get a massage done at all. So all I’m trying to say is that I experienced getting
a massage done and not getting it done too. And I personally didn’t see any difference
in the two. So I think it’s your personal choice, if you have the time and the luxury,
then you should definitely get a massage done because I think it is very relaxing and it’s
like pampering yourself when you’ve done such a huge thing of delivering a baby. So why
not if you can. But I personally didn’t do any massages after Arham and I feel absolutely
fine. The other thing that really baffles mothers is whether to wear a post-pregnancy
support belt or not. And if yes, what are the benefits. Honestly, I think, if you feel
that wearing a post pregnancy support belt will help take your stomach back in, then
that is definitely not going to happen. Because that is a myth. If anyone tells you that then
that’s not correct. I had after my first delivery, my mom had told me that one should tie a sari.
That you should twist a sari and tie it around the abdomen tightly. And it helps take the
stomach back in quickly, I was told. So even I tried that. But to be very honest I did
that for just one day, because it was very uncomfortable. And I couldn’t see any logic
to that so I left doing that, didn’t do it. And thankfully I had no problem. My stomach
was flat because of the hard work that I did the first time. And the uterus took a few
months to shrink back. And things were normal. Body was back in shape. The second time around,
because I had a c-section, I personally felt that my stitches need support. I used to keep
feeling scared to hurt the stitches, the baby doesn’t hit them, because I have an elder
daughter also who was 6 years old but because she is small, I kept feeling what if she hit
them by mistake. I always felt that I want to have something to support my stitches just
for my mental peace more than anything else. So I spoke to my doctor and she said that, at
that time it had been a week, she told me to wait another week and then start wearing
the support belt that I wanted to wear. So I got a compression garment for myself. It
wasn’t anything special, you’ll get it on any online website, just type compression
garment, or compression undergarment, or support garment or post surgical support garment.
Also one more thing I want to share with you is that this support garment that I used to
wear, was not for the whole day. Just for a few hours in the day and I used to take
it off even in the night. Because this garment supports the stomach muscles and if the muscles
are supported constantly, how will they regain their strength? Right? So already our stomach
muscles are lax after the delivery and we need to build that strength again. So definitely
that garment was there to support the stitches but not to help my stomach to go back in.
I took other steps to ensure that the stomach goes back in. I already shared one hack with
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