Are we in Ajijic again? What!!! We’re in Ajijic! Psych, not really. In all the hullabaloo of having to go to the border, we didn’t get this video up.
So here it is now, sorry for the delay. And if you want to stick around to the
end, we included some helpful things you might want to know in case you’re
interested in doing this. By the way, real quick, a bunch of people
were asking what the heck happened Laska while we went on this border run
and we totally forgot to mention that. We had a friend watch her. Shoutout to Abril!
Thank you so much! We didn’t want Laska to go through all the stress of
having to do all that traveling in such a short amount of time. Plus we didn’t
want the extra hassle at the border trying to get her cross back into the
US. That too. [Laughter] Lots of issues would pop up if we didn’t just leave her here. Yeah, there were just a bunch of things, so we thought it was best to just
leave her with friend, and if you want to see Laska’s reaction once we got home
and picked her up, super super cute! We posted a video of that on our Instagram,
and speaking of Instagram, we left you guys a little trail of clues in case
you’re curious where we’re gonna be moving next. So you better capitalize on
that and go digging. And finally, according to my dad and a few other people, in our
last video we titled it why did we go to the border. We thought we explained that
well enough through what happened, but we never explicitly said what we were doing.
So we were going to the border because our visas were expiring, the car is
attached to the visa, so that import permit would be expiring as well.
Basically we had to go get new visas and deal with the car permits to make sure
we’re driving legally. Good morning Tangerineys! We’re super excited to be somewhere today that is like, I think kind of a
staple activity or like a staple thing that you have to do while you’re in Ajijic.
Nearby, in the town of San Juan Cosala, there’s these natural hot springs and
there’s been some spas built on top of them. So this one in particular, it has a
bunch of different thermal pools. We come inside here there is a waiting area. We
can lay in hammocks while we wait and then there’s a couple pools filled with
different botanicals / healing-type elements like flowers, apple cider
vinegar, coffee, mud, so we might be getting dirty today but I’m hoping this
is a super relaxing experience. To get in the main doors it’s 280 pesos per adult. This is the VIP section and they have a couple different
options that have varying prices to experience these other tubs. Okay, so we’re here in the first pool and this one has apple cider vinegar in it. I would expect it to smell like apple cider vinegar but it doesn’t smell like anything to me. Yeah. Very hot. I can’t smell anything. It’s about your average hot tub temperature. They came over here with a pitcher of tea and served us some té caliente. Hot tea. So sitting in a hot bath, getting some hot tea. It’s hot hot hot! And it says up here that some of the benefits are for circulation, uhhh, all of this is in Spanish. Hahaha, intestinal benefits, digestive, it’s good for your skin. Vitamins for your skin. We’re going to enjoy! So at each station they have stands like
this to put your bag and towels and then everyone just leaves their shoes. We just
got out of the first tub and then you go run through the showers quickly, and now we’re in the second tub. In between stations they have a place where you can
get more water or refill on your tea. Or like what I got was a fruit infused
water. Where are we now? We are now in a floral bath with petals of flowers. This is for stress, depression, skin. I think all of these are to help your skin. We’re feeling the heat! This one is a little cooler than the
last one. Can you smell any floral smell in here at all? I don’t think so. There’s flowers like touching you pretty much the whole time. We have now moved on to
the third bath and this was after we, of course, went through the showers again to
wash off all the flower petals that were tickling us in their whole time. And
this one we gather is somewhat of like a sea salt with magnesium and algae we
think it was like. And it has like a bluish tint to the water. I gather it’s somewhat like epsom
salts but maybe with sea algae or kelp or something like that. It does have like kind of a seaweed maybe? Yeah. Taste, I mean smell. I didn’t taste it. It has a light smell
to it. Kind of a refreshing smell like. So at this point, if we had the basic pass for this VIP area, we would have been done. But now, where are we? We are in a coffee bath. So this one says it has benefits for neurological transmission, it has antioxidants. And other benefits. Diuretic benefits? I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing? [Laughter] It has potassium, magnesium. This one smells so good! So this tub used to be chocolate. So this seems like, oh we’ve been here once before. It feels like a completely different experience! Still a good one but I think 2 of the tubs have changed, like this one is red wine now. I’m looking around for whether they’re going to bring me the glass of red wine. But, I don’t think that’s going to happen. [Laughter] What do you think, can we drink it? Nope, I’m not going to drink this. [Laughter] But you can see the red color here. Do you smell the wine smell? A little bit. And now, we cover ourselves in mud! This is the dirty part! [Laughter] It feels so weird when it’s drying. [Laughter] Cracking everywhere. Smile for me. [Laughter] I think I’m gonna go mud my hair. Oh, you are mud! You’re a mud man! [Laughter] That was a good one! It’s a mud pun. We’ve got a weird request here. Mudding my hair. I don’t know how to get through your hair! I don’t think you’re supposed to do this! [Laughter] Oh yeah! Is this doing it? Scratch my head! [Laughter] Your hair is going to be a mess! I love this one, it feels so good! It says this is a cold tub, but you know it’s a really nice temperature. Yeah, I feel like after the mud all my skin feels so soft! My face is like Ahhh! After the mud we
took a shower and now we’re in this what’s called this like cold bath, and
after this we’re going to be doing like these inhaling respirating thingys. I
don’t know what they are exactly. One said facial, one said for respiration. So after that, we have the saunas, those
breathing things, and then we have reflexology. I’m excited for that one, and scared! And last but not least, we are going to step
on this reflexology path which is rocks that I imagine are placed in some
special way. Maybe they’re not, maybe you just pokes all your feet reflexes or
something, but either way, here we go! It seems like it’s walking on a road and I
don’t know this is doing anything for me except hurting me. [Laughter] I’ve had reflexology sessions before where
some of it is like OW, OW, OW And then I fall asleep halfway through. [Laughter] So if I fall asleep, wake me up! I did notice that it started with bigger rocks and then got to smaller ones. I bet that’s because it’s like eventually getting to more, pressure
points? Pressure points. Or more reflexology points, whatever they call it? Yeah, whatever the technical name is. And it seems to be hurting less the more I do it. Yeah. Tell you what, after that I, just like the last time, I feel super relaxed! How about you?
Yeah I was trying to think of any other experience that I’ve had that’s, that
makes me this relaxed, and I don’t even think the best massage that I’ve ever
had put me in this type of Zen mode. And
also they offer massages, so I think if there’s anything better than this,
it’d be this and a massage. So we came here for this VIP area so that we could get
access to all of these tubs, the mud, the chocolate, no not the, the coffee, the flowers, everything. Red wine. The sauna, the natural saunas, but then above is kind of
more of a public and kid-friendly family friendly area where you can bring
food in. There’s tables everywhere. They also have reasonably priced food and drinks there. Play games if you
want. We played Mexican train last time. It’s kind of a staple here in Ajijic. [Laughter] We’ll show you a little bit about on the way out. So both times we’ve come, we’ve come to the VIP area where you have these specialty spas. And I don’t know about you but that’s what I would pick every time. Oh, absolutely! It’s great out here with the slides for kids, food, drinks. You can bring your own food
and all that but there’s something about those spas that feels like you’re floating
away on a cloud. And it’s much more tranquil back there, far fewer people,
it’s really nice but there’s all these other pools up here and this is pretty
cool too like big waterslide right over here. If they have this waterpark and like
the spa in the US, the food they serve there would be so expensive. But here it’s about what you would pay anywhere. Entrée is like 50 pesos to what, 70 pesos? I saw some that we’re up to 110. Oh, for shrimp I think it was. Okay. They have nieve de garrafa, snacks ,canned food, you can get a two liter of soda for 25 to 30 pesos here. So yeah,
really reasonable. Although you could bring your own food, I think it’s not too
terrible to buy it here. You’re not getting gouged like in a lot of places.
I think they price it well for a reason so people do buy it here. Yeah,
encouraged to buy it here instead of bringing it. So this is the spa at Hotel
Balneario, we’re gonna put all that information below, and I mispronounced
it earlier, it’s in San Juan Cosalá not San Juan Cosala. Oops! We’re walking to our car right now and I do believe part of this parking lot you
have to pay, I’m not sure, maybe like fifty pesos, yes. Fifty pesos for the day, the other part of the parking lot is completely free. So
when you get here they’re probably going to try to direct you to the paid parking
but if you turn right that’s where the free stuff is. As we promised, we will
leave you with some tips if you come do this make sure to bring a towel, wear
flip-flops, don’t bring valuables. They do have
lockers available for a small fee something like 20 pesos depending on
whether you get the small one or the big one, but I don’t think the big one is
that big. It’s not big enough to put our backpack in. For adults it’s 280 pesos to get in it’s only a hundred and fifty more to get the full
VIP experience. If I were to do this again,
every single time I would go for that extra 150 because it just adds so so
much to the experience! Oh my gosh, you’re all dirty! What did you even do? Frolicking through the bushes. Of course. How cool is this spa you guys? Seriously, we can’t
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