presents Dr. John Andrews OSHO Dynamic Meditation
A Close Look
The Third, Fourth & Fifth Stages So the third stage. Now the third stage tends to be misunderstood
for the following reasons. Someone is demonstrating the third stage to
you. So they’re explaining that you have to jump
up and down and land on the flats of your feet, so now you’re hearing the bang bang
bang, as they demonstrate the flats of the feet. And they shout, you have to shout hoo, hoo,
hoo, hoo and it’s very loud, and so now we’ve got a bang bang bang bang, we’ve got the shout
of hoo is very kind of noisy, and then actually your whole energy seems to be about down. So you even start worrying about the floor. Which is really a shame because the whole
point about that third stage is not about energy going down, its about energy going
up. So if you’re jumping up and down, think more
as if you’re on a trampoline, right, you’re going energetically higher and higher and
higher. You want to think of anything, don’t think
of the floor, think of the ceiling. And it is about energy, it’s not about physical
strength. We had this guy here who’s a triathlon professional. I don’t know if you know about the triathlon. It’s a sport where they run forever, and cycle
forever, and swim forever, and whoever is left alive at the end wins. I mean it’s a very exhausting sport, and this
guy is a professional. Now looking at us lot going how come they
can do dynamic and I can’t. It’s not about physical strength, it’s about
energy. And similarly I had another friend who had
bad knees, and was kind of uncomfortable about jumping up and down on the concrete in the
auditorium, the auditorium floor has some give in it, so it’s actually fine, but you
know, she was a little uneasy because of her knees. So then she decided she was use a mat to jump
up and down , and but of course, by the end of the second stage, where the hell is my
mat, now you’ve spoilt the whole energetic flow, so that doesn’t work, so, then of course,
the next thing is you put a mat on your feet, called a pair of socks, and now slide all
over the place, so the key was, Nike have these wonderful cushioned short sock, and
if you cut the toes off, then you don’t slide, and if you have some cushion if feel a little
uneasy about your knees, or your back, or whatever. Anyway, whether it was psychological or not,
I’ve no idea, but suddenly she was absolutely clear now everything is fine, off she goes,
and later, reports, “I don’t know what happened. It was like I was on a pogo stick. Suddenly I could have, it seems I could just
go on jumping up and down forever.” She’d hit that effortless space, and then
at the end of the 10 minutes when the stop came, STOP, she said then you know it felt
like I was hanging from a beam. So of course, the last thing that I’m going
to do if I’m hanging from a beam is to bend my elbows. Of course. So the energetic element here is absolutely
critical. And if you think, you’ve all heard of self-hypnosis? And you’re probably all experts at self hypnosis
even though you don’t realize it. And that situation where you open the refrigerator,
and you say ooh, I can’t see the ketchup, and then your friend says that big red sucker
right in the middle there. oh. Or your trying to leave the home in the morning
and the stuff all over the place and your keys are in the middle and you go I can’t
see my keys. Um. What’s happening? I’m saying I can’t see something and it disappears. It’s a well known phenomena. So guess what? Here you are and it’s 6:25 going “Oh geez,
I’m not going to manage this, I can’t do this, no, I should have gone to bed early, you know,
I can’t uh, this is going to be terrible, I can’t survive, I’ll never manage today, I’m
just not going to make it”. Guess what? You’re not going to make it. That’s what you’re telling yourself. Which is is not intelligent at all. And Osho addresses this issue in the following
way. He explains that we all live on a very narrow
band of energy. And there is a huge amount of energy actually
available. And the example he gives is, let’s say you’ve
just finished this five year project. It’s been a huge project, i’t been going on
for ever and ever and now, today, was the final day, and for the last week or two, you’ve
has absolutely no sleep. It had to be finished by today. And finally the day has come. You’ve handed it in, you’ve couriered it,
it’s gone, there is now nothing more that you can do, you’re absolutely exhausted, you’ve
had no sleep for a week or two, and you’re like on your hands and knees, you’re crawling
towards your bed, because you’re going to sleep for at least a month. And the house catches on fire. You are wide awake, fully alert, not even
a glimpse of tiredness or sleep, you’re ready to do whatever the hell you have to do, now
the house is on fire. And you will stay alert long after the house
is no longer on fire. You are full of energy. Those levels of energy are there. You know stories of mum picking up a car,
and holding it, while someone pulls their kid from underneath? Those emergency levels of energy are absolutely
available. What you have to do is realize this is an
emergency. You have to understand this is life or death. It really is. I mean you think how many people live a very,
very, kind of almost a posthumous existence? They’re hardly alive. They are breathing, but that’s about all. Drowning in unconscious whatever. And Osho is saying if you really apply yourself
to this meditation, this changes your life. When Osho used to lead Dynamic himself, and
he would, apparently, always start by saying “Everybody ready? Prepare to die.” So he had no illusions this was as pretty
difficult hour. And, when, then everyone would meet with Osho,
and say “Well, you know, I was thinking, because you know, my hands get really tired, and I
really hate having to keep them up, and they’re really really exhausted, I was just wondering,
maybe it would be OK, if I could just, maybe just bring my hands down. Right?” And he would then every time they would ask,
and every time he would reply “The hands have to be there!” “No compromise”. “Just watch, is it your mind or the body?”. Now, tomorrow morning for example, is anyone
anticipating a little difficulty keeping their hands up for full 10 minutes? Followed by another 15 minutes of just standing
there with your hands up in the air? Doing nothing for the 15 minutes with your
hands up in the air. Not a problem, anyone got a problem? Anyone expecting.., anyone, anyone, going
to be telling the truth here, anyone? A little problem could be there. OK, so I tell you what, we do a deal. Now, tomorrow morning if you can manage the
full 10 minutes, jumping up and down on the flats of your feet, hands up in the air, hoo,
hoo, hoo, yes, right? For the full 10 minutes, and then stop, and
then you have your hands up in the air, no movement, just frozen. Just stay there, yes, for the full 15 minutes,
you manage, that’s 25 minutes, right? You manage the full 25 minutes tomorrow morning,
and there’s one million dollars in your bank account. Aahh, I thought you said it was difficult. Right! What do you mean if I could keep my hands
up to a quarter to 8, can I have 2 million. That’s a very um…. We play this game with ourselves. We actually bullshit ourselves. I can’t do, I can’t do it. I stretch it out, I stretch it out. This as I said before, this is got a beginning,
and a middle, and an end. You really go for broke. How long? Well I told you he said maybe three weeks,
and then on another occasion he is talking about Dynamic and says, “well, if you give me one hour of your life,
you will notice the difference”. “Give me 7 days, you’ll be a different person.” So is it 7 days, or on another occasion, fewer
than that, everybody is different. But it really depends on your totality and
your commitment to really start it, and be done with it. Then you can stay in bed. Right. It’s not something that, you know, our minds
are so kind of conditioned to longer is better. So just go for broke. Get your million dollars and be done with
it. Right? It’s of course possible, and, you know, if
you had to do it, of course you would. You know if someone had a gun to your best
friends head, hello? You’d keep jumping all day right? I mean….Of course, we just play this game
with ourselves, Oh I can’t do it, and I can’t manage, and you know, it’s a really, really
silly game we play. Go for broke! Discover that level of energy. It’s there. Waiting for you. Just requires whatever that totality, and
courage, whatever it is it takes. So, the stop. At the end of that 30 minutes, there’s the
stop. Now whatever position you are in, freeze. Don’t be know, ..If you’re scratching
your bum, you’re scratching your bum. That’s where you freeze. You know, if your’e wiping your nose, you’re
wiping your nose. You freeze in whatever position you’re in. Totally. Now you’ve spent 30 minutes busting a gut. This is hard work. And the stop is an incredibly powerful moment. Irrespective of whatever position you’re in. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a car smash
where you kind of hit some immovable object like a tree? It’s very strange, very particular. You go BANG. And everything that’s kind of peripheral,
all the bits in the car go ….{phikeow}….are thrown to the edge. It’s a bit like Sufi whirling, where the center
is there, and everything moves to the periphery. So it’s the same game. You’re going bang, stop. And as Osho says, “Then this alertness will come to it’s peak.” So there you are, STOP! Totally frozen, who knows where you will end
up. One thing is definitely possible. There you are, stop. And then you discover that one of your old
friends has come along with you. You know, the logical one? The one who goes “Well look, you know went
to bed really late last night, and I think that you should bring your hands down, because,
you know, Osho wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, and you know, it’s just, and tomorrow will
be good. Wait till tomorrow and then everything….”. You know that guy the logical one? And there’s your other friends, you know the
emotional one? Right? The one who goes “You fucking asshole. I fucking told you fucking to not do that…fucking
with your hands……..aaarr..fu arrr….” You know that guy? Right? Now this really interesting. Here’s this guy, whoever this guy is, right? Able to notice this guy and this guy. Hmm. Well, that’s interesting. Whoever is kind of the watching, the experience-er,
the phenomena that’s doing the awareness, whatever this thing is, it definitely has
to be different from whatever this thing is. Clear. I mean, the hand can’t see the hand. Something over here is looking at something
over there. Something over here is looking at something
over there. Whatever this is, it not the same as whatever
this is. Logically impossible. So you have just confirmed for yourself, you’ve
done the experiment, “I am not my mind.” There’s 7 billion people out there who’ve
been convinced that they are their mind. And you can see for yourself. It’s not possible. You just did the experiment. It’s clearly not true. Interesting. And then the second really interesting point
is, there you are, and you want you’re million dollars right, so you’re not going to take
any notice of all these guys at all, they could do whatever they want, I want my million
dollars, and now what do you discover? I’m going nowhere, and what you’ve discovered
is, “I don’t need to take any notice of these guys.” “I can notice what they are saying, but I
don’t have to do what they tell me.” Whose life is this anyway? You mean, I don’t have to be ruled by my own
thoughts and emotions? I mean, I don’t have to live by pulled this
way by this thought, and pulled this way by this emotion, all day long, like I’ve got
some terrible neurological condition. I can just see them and decide, if I want
to listen, I listen, and if I don’t want to listen, I’m just going to stay here because
I really fancy the million dollars. Simple. Your decision. So that’s probably the most interesting moment. I’ll tell you a little funny story, if any
of you have a little trouble with your hands in the air. There was one day in Buddha grove, Osho comes
in, he’s going to give a talk that morning, on the podium, it’s quite hot, there was no
roof that day, comes in, sits down, and as he always would, leans in towards the microphone,
and start talking. {no sound}. We’re all looking at each other, Geez, the
audio is not working. We didn’t hear a word. So Osho is sitting there, everyone’s is kind
of looking around, I mean who the hell knows how the audio works, right? And then this guy, you know the audio guys
always look like kind of special forces, they sort of camafl…comes running to the front,
and he sort of worked his way through everybody who was sitting on the floor, and he just
dumped the microphone straight in the middle of the podium. Like, was he expecting Osho to kind of get
up and start fixing the…, I mean you know, Osho’s going to just give his talk, if you
can hear, very good. If you can’t hear, get the audio fixed. So, I’m a little bit near the front, so I
crawl forward, get on the podium, grab hold of this microphone, and get right up against
the chair, and pretend to be a microphone stand. Perfect. “The first question”. Osho’s off, right? Wonderful, right. I’m there, I’m thinking well, it will be just
a few minutes, you know, they’ll soon have it fixed. They’ll soon have it fixed. Nothing. It’s like what? So I’m keeping a straight face, like what
the fucks going on? So then I’m thinking, oh no, this is simply
not possible, well, Osho is a really compassionate person. He’ll keep it short. No worries. No. Normal length. So don’t ask me. When you have to do it, you have to do it. So, it’s not a problem, right. You’ll get your million dollars tomorrow morning. OK? So now let’s just look at the demonstration
of the last three stages. The third stage: 10 minutes. With arms raised high above your head, jump
up and down shouting the mantra Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! As deeply as possible. Each time you land, on the flats of your feet,
let the sound hammer deep into the sex center. Give all you have. Exhaust yourself completely. STOP The fourth stage: 15 minutes Stop! Freeze wherever you are, in whatever position
you find yourself. Don’t arrange the body in any way. A cough, a movement, anything, will dissipate
the energy flow, and the effort will be lost. Be a witness to everything that is happening
to you. The fifth stage: 15 minutes. Celebrate. With music and dance, express whatsoever is
there. Carry your aliveness with you, throughout
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