let’s get started with a dynamic warmup
we’re gonna go through five exercises we’ll demonstrate those for you and then
you can work through your two rounds we’re gonna start down on the ground
maybe lay out a towel or a blanket like we have here for a little bit of extra
padding underneath your hands and knees shoulders are gonna stack directly over
top of your wrists hips are stacked directly over your knees and go ahead
and relax your feet so the tops of your shoes are facing towards the ground from
here we’re gonna start with a teaspoon rotation so keeping one hand planted
firmly core engage just slightly we’re gonna bring fingertips to the ear and
then raise your elbow towards the ceiling rotating through that thoracic
spine and then reaching that elbow back towards the floor go through this motion
five times again focusing on rotating just through that upper half of your
torso rather than rotating all the way through
those hips ten total five on each side staying in that same position we’re
gonna go right into what’s called a cat camel so you are mimicking what those
animals I guess look like right so we’ll go ahead and start by arching through
that back making that hump by tucking your chin and then tucking those hips
underneath and then let’s go back the opposite direction the crown of your
head and tailbone to the ceiling really really mobilizing that spine really
warming up that torso for some of the work that we’re gonna be doing later
five total here and then we’re gonna again stay in the same position moving
right into what we call the fire hydrant this is really to help open up those
hips so we are going to draw a circle with our knee external rotation would be
to lift the knee to the outside first and then shoot that leg out behind you
then bringing your knee back underneath your hips five that direction and then
you do want to make it an internal rotation as well just simply moving the
opposite direction ten on one side ten on the other side now our next one is
going to be a dynamic runners lunge so we are gonna add an overhead side reach
in order to help with posture maybe grab something that you have at home we
happen to have a ginormous spoon so we’re gonna have John hold that over top
of his head that way his shoulders are going to stay in the right position ears
act over that shoulder over that hip and then his front foot is going to come a
little bit further than that 90 degree angle that you’re used to seeing this
way he’ll be able to make it dynamic by shifting forward opening up through that
hip flexor while he’s leaning over to the side and again by holding on to
whatever object it is maybe it’s a towel for you
you’ll be able to make sure that you stay in alignment five one direction and
then five on the opposite side one more exercise we’re calling this the plank to
an alternating ankle reach get into your high plank position again shoulders
stacked directly over wrists feet are shoulder width apart tuck that core or
those hips under to engage that core and then lift through your hips reaching
your opposite hand towards that opposite ankle you’re simply going to go as far
as you can for your range of motion moving back and forth for ten total five
on each side two full rounds five exercises let’s get that body primed for
the work that you’re about to do hi guys eight minute total body strength
lot coming to you so the big thing is that if you resistance training twice
out the week that’s gonna help with that muscle activation and with your everyday
life activities so I have just right here and she has her fork from my
kitchen I like it I like it so we’re gonna go ahead and get started you’re
gonna start off with a neutral grip shoulder press eight reps each side feet
are gonna be hip-width apart that fork is up towards the ceiling you’re gonna
press that fork up lower down slowly nice and controlled
awesome job eight each side after that we’re gonna move right into a single arm
hip hinge low row save yourself addition but you’re gonna send the hips back
engaging that core make sure that back is nice and flat bringing that fork up
towards your chest lower right down so one thing about this one we’re focusing
on tempo so quick one count up pause take three counts to lower down slowly
awesome job eight on each side for that one as well then we’re gonna move right
into an overhead tricep extension so same set position arms start off
straight overhead towards the ceiling you’re gonna lower that fort down behind
your head great making sure those elbows are in towards your ears option just to
decrease that range of motion last we’re gonna move on to the ground for a double
crunch so for this one you’re gonna make sure that back is nice and flat into
your mat or to your towel shoulder blades are off the ground engaging our
core making sure simultaneously you’re extending your legs and your arms great
and then bringing it right back in keeping our shoulder blades off ground
we come in option here is to bend the knees you’re gonna just tap the feet
onto the ground come right back up so you have eight minutes to work you’re
gonna see how many rounds you can knock out in those eight minutes let’s get
started guys alright time for a little bit of cardio
we’re looking for five minutes of work here now if you haven’t have a treadmill
at home awesome go ahead and use it for those of you who don’t and maybe have
smaller spaces to work with you can do something as simple as your favorite
exercise for five minutes one interval style we like using is 20 seconds of
work – 10 seconds of rest of one exercise so for example you can do 10
total rounds of 20 seconds worth of squats with a 10 second rest in between
now a fun whole game you can play with is count how many reps you do in that
first round and see if you can hold on and match that rep count each time please alright guys so today you have a
strength core block working to strengthen the trunk muscles which is
the foundation of all of your movements here it’s also gonna help you decrease
lower back pain so Julia is gonna go ahead and start on the ground we’re
going for a lying hip race pressing the heels up towards the ceiling and pulling
that belly button in towards the spine slow controlled movement on the way back
down perfect Julia your option here is gonna be to bend the knees just a little
bit same movement hips just lift a little
slight bit up and then come right back down immediately going into your bicycle
your bicycle you’re gonna have your hands behind the head opposite shoulder
is gonna reach to the opposite knee as you go through 90 degree bend you never
want that front knee to come past the hip on the weight in 16 total from there
you’re gonna slip on to the side for a side plank hip dip pulling those hips up
off the ground is gonna be the most important part a little tiny movement
through the hips to drop down and then bring it right back up option here
bottom knee can come down to the floor still keeping that hip up and moving
through that oblique squeezing on the side last one we’re gonna turn you all
the way onto your stomach Julia hands can come right in front of the face
there really pinch those shoulder blades so light lift up just like the hips
slightly lift up and then slight on the way back down really controlling the
movement here you have eight total you do this for two rounds eight of
everything sixteen total on your bicycle during the next five minutes we’re gonna
focus on elevating our heart rate to strengthen our heart and to boost our
mood we’re gonna focus up 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest for
a total of five rounds ik waiting – five minutes alright so what we’re going to
do is a broad jump – a shuffle our standing step position is going to be
with our feet a little bit wider than hip-width apart standing up nice and
tall with our shoulders down and back from here we’re gonna sink down heavy on
our heels in a half squat explosively jump our feet as far for it as we can
staying heavier heels stepping four steps back as we shuffle and resetting
at the top forty seconds of work 20 seconds of rest five total rounds let’s
have some fun we worked our sympathetic nervous system
throughout the workout as we elevated our heart rate now it’s time to
upregulate our parasympathetic nervous system to
bring our heart rate back down and to cool off our bodies we have for
stretches coming at you at 20 seconds on each side ready and all right our first
stretch is going to be Cobra we’re gonna lie face down on our comfy mat or towel
bring in our hands directly at the sides of our chest as we lift our chest up off
the ground till our range of motion allows really stretching out that core
20 seconds holding here from there we’re gonna go into Child’s Pose where we’re
gonna bring our big toes together pulls our knees out a little bit wider than
hip width apart let our torso sink between the knees as we extend our arms
relaxing our head holding this for 20 seconds our third stretch is going to be
an angled Child’s Pose where we shift our hands a little bit to the right
feeling that nice deep pull and stretch along our side and then switching it to
the other side for 20 seconds our fourth stretch is going to be our seated toe
reach sitting up nice and tall on our sit bones as our legs are extended feet
are flexed and just keep with her back nice and flat as she extends her arms
straight out in front of her hinging at her hips until her range of motion
allows slowly lowing her hands down once she feels that stretch in her hamstrings
and her caps let’s start getting that body cooled down