hey guys my name is Dean welcome to man flow yoga in this video I show you a chest and heart opening yoga routine for
people who sit at a desk or work at an office all day this video is being made
for a friend of mine and member of the man flow yoga launch group Sheila and
Sheila is a sales rep and she sits at her desk all day making calls looking at
her computer I’m sure like many of you and even if you don’t sit at a desk
during the day there’s a good chance that you’re spending a lot of your time
looking down at a phone and ruining your posture anyways so what I’m going to
show you in this quick yoga routine is a few stretches that you can do with no
yoga experience and that aren’t that physically demanding either to help with
restoring your posture and helping you kind of wind down and de-stress after a
long day of sitting at a desk so let’s get into it you’re going to need a foam
roller and two blocks or just something that you can rest your head on for this
so I’m gonna have you sit down and then position the foam roller in the middle
of your back you’re gonna sit back on the foam roller again in the middle of
your back and then you’re gonna sit back lowering your head toward the blocks and
put the back of your head on those blocks now depending on your spine
mobility here putting your head on two blocks might be super easy and you might
not feel a stretch at all or it might be really hard now if it feels easier if it
feels easy I’m gonna have you move one block away keep your neck nice and long
and I actually to do this I grab my head and hold it nice and long so there’s no
wrinkles in my neck and then slowly release my head to the block and then
I’m just gonna relax my arms along my sides let my chest open up let my
sternum lifts toward the ceiling and I’m just gonna stay here for a couple of
it’s well I let my chest stretch and while I let my posture start to
recorrect if you’re feeling lower back pain here if you feel like a little
unstable you can bring your feet in toward your butt and lightly push down
through your feet to help tighten your core and that’s going to make this a
little bit more intense but also provide a bit more support for your back if you
have the energy our energy or you have a the willpower right now I would highly
recommend making this a little more active and bringing the feet in and
pushing down through your feet if this is still easy and you want to get a
little bit more you can move the block and then go your head all the way down
to the ground but if this starts to hurt your back or you start to feel pinching
in your neck I would not recommend doing this I’m pretty mobile in my spine so
this is easier for me I don’t recommend this for everybody
definitely do not recommend this for everybody and again as you’re doing this
you still want to stay active through your core you still want to if your feet
are on the ground lightly press down through your feet to keep the core
active and not just be totally passive here if you have the blocks up if your
legs are out and this isn’t too intense then you can be passive but if you do
have a significant bend here to your spine significant arch into your spine
then I would recommend using or you know being more active with your core and
with your hips alright so that’s the first stretch and
then you’re gonna come up we’re gonna switch sides
Kyah you’re snoring don’t snore next stretch is a bridge so you lay down on
your back again this time with no support bring your feet in toward your
butt squeeze your thighs toward one another press down through your feet and
then lift your hips away from the ground so the last one we did was actually
working on your mid and your upper back and here we’re gonna feel this much more
in the lower back so I’m pressing down through my feet I’m squeezing my hips in
toward one another so tightening my glutes and lifting my hips up now if you
want you can also use a block here so we’re gonna put the the block under the
lower back depending on depending on the depth of your bridge here you can put it
at the lower setting so that it’s about four inches off the ground and that will
provide some port as you kind of relax into this bridge
position or if you want to make it a little bit more intense and you have a
bit more spinal mobility you can take it up all the way so to the highest setting
on the block and then we get a little bit more opening if you do that you need
to keep your core engaged you need to keep your hips engaged so even though
this is a supported posture you should still be using your muscles you should
still be using your hips in your core to help support you don’t just let your
bodyweight sink down into the block that’s not gonna be good for your lower
back and again just like the last one we’re gonna hold this for a pretty long
time I would hold this for a minimum of 60 seconds and I would work your way up
to 2 minutes depending on your intensity here you can hold it for a longer time
so the point of these stretches is to help restore balance and we’re gonna get
that by holding the pose for a longer time so you you want to make sure that
you’re not pressing with your the ultimate intensity that most intensity
that you possibly can do here you want to find kind of a moderate intensity
that you can manage and still talk and still kind of have a moderate you know
have a kind of a little bit of a conversation here because that’s what’s
going that you can hold for a long time and we’re gonna get our body back to
balance and restore the posture by holding the posture for a long time at a
lower intensity alright so again still keeping active through my hips you don’t
need the block here if you want to take the block away and focus more on active
engagement you can do that as well all right then go ahead and lower back down
okay so we’ve done the we’ve done the lower back we’ve done the mid and the
upper back and now we’re going to go up and do a standing backbend so this is
going to be a little bit more active now I also recommend if you haven’t done a
back bend before to use a wall so I’m gonna show you first on the wall and
then we’re gonna go away from wall so I want you to stand about six inches away
from the wall that’s it facing away from the wall reach your arms up and back and
then touch your hands fix your microphone and then touch your hands to
the wall and then slowly walk your feet out until you start to feel a stretch
through your chest while still being able to pray
down through your feet and keep your hips and your core active the reason why
I’m using the wall as support is because this is going to help me ensure that I’m
keeping proper technique with my spine and with my core the worst thing you can
do in a backbend is allow your lower back to arch and that tends to happen if
you’re new or if you’re just doing with improper technique so using the wall at
first is going to help you get proper technique it’s going to help you make
sure that your core is engaged and that your lower back is neutral and that
you’re not arching your back so this is step number one and then step number two
we’re gonna move away from the wall and you’re gonna focus on lifting your chest
up and reaching up and back while still pushing down through your feet still
keeping your core tight the biggest air that people tend to do here is they arch
their lower back and their butt comes out behind them kind of like this and we
want to avoid that because that prices places additional stress on your lower
back so keep the tailbone reaching down keep your glutes relaxed squeeze your
thighs toward one another and press down firmly through your feet as you hold the
standing backbend again arms reach back and it’s much better to just go up and
look slightly up then it is to reach way back and have your neck collapse so as
you’re doing the back bend make sure that your neck is nice and long you’re
focusing on height first and then going for depth
after that height first depth second and then the final pause final posture I’m
going to show you is a puppy pose and this is kind of a cross of a Down Dog in
a child’s pose hence the name puppy so I’m gonna have you get your two blocks
or if you don’t have a block you can use a bench press or anything probably in
the area of ten inches two maybe two and a half feet to put your hands hold it
about a place your hands about shoulder width distant bring your hips back just
like you’re doing a child’s pose you can bring your knees a little bit further
than you’re normally would for a child’s pose and then relax your head toward the
ground your head might not touch the ground here it may if it if it does
great if it doesn’t don’t worry about it if you want to provide a little bit of
support so that your head touches the ground get out that Fulmer aware that
you used before or you can use another block if you just happen to have 14
blocks lying around so here we’re doing a puppy pose we’re
working on stretching the shoulders and opening up the chest but we’re doing it
a little bit differently from the way that we’ve been doing it so far doing a
lot of back bends so far this is a way to open up your chest with a neutral
spine so this is a bit different but also very helpful and for this one we’re
gonna hold for at least 30 seconds make our way up to 45 60 or even 120 seconds
if it’s feeling good and you’re feeling like you’re getting a nice stretch and
your body continues to open we also want to keep the core active here so make
sure that you’re not you know just relaxing your chest but we want to keep
the core tight and actually the more the tighter you keep your core the more you
lift your sternum up the deeper the stretch you will feel in your chest
you’re also going to feel some nice engagement in your upper back as well
which is equally important for correcting your posture correcting your
posture is a combination of strengthening the muscles that were that
we’re lengthened when you had bad posture so strengthening your upper back
and also stretching the muscles that get tight when you’re in that poor posture
position so so opening up the chest so opening up the chest strengthen the
upper back that’s what’s gonna help with your posture and that’s exactly what
this routine does so guys thanks for watching this video
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