Hi horse ladies and gentlemen We are in the situation when some of us cannot come to see their horse but have a lot of time some of them to practice without a horse so here are exercises for practice without a horse. Ypu can improve your technique with your equipment a lead rope a rope halter and a stick I used my saddle holder to simulate a horse I put the halter on and that is my horse. Beginners usually have a problem to manipulate with equipment therefor is a good practice without a horse The lead rope (excuce me) The lead rope is released – could be on the ground it’s the signal for the horse to stay quiet – no action an open hand is also sign of relaxation Open hand is always an aid of release Even while horse is walking (f.e. on the circle) the hand is open When I take the lead rope a horse feels the pressure closed fist means stop, no move it is the signal for the horse that some change is coming It is good to practice a draw with lead rope holding the stick and sliding the lead rope as a signal for a draw or a signal that change of movement is coming And opposite way for example on the circle a horse needs more room to move it is easy way to release the lead rope this way: lead rope in leading hand other hand is moving the rope and practice both hands draw and release next is a handling the stick inactive stick is on the ground A stick is inactive in phase 1 as example I use “back up” pressure phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 and phase 4 There is a steady spot you want to reach For back up in phase 4 you reaching horse’s chest with the end of the string So focus on the front of the saddle holder as a horse’s chest Now, I am trying to reach the chest Exercise both hands Switch equipment this way: lift the lead rope the stick goes under and switch again exercise reaching the chest The left hand is always worse… Next: exercise for circle game phase 1: show direction phase 2 stick up pointing the shoulder pressure, pressure and “tap” trying to reach the front part (shoulder) of the simulated horse If I want engage the hindquarters I’m focusing on the hip which is a rear part of the holder both hands, of course focus on shoulder and hindquarters This is exercise you can practice also from the side with the stick moving from the bottom up which is good in sideways focusing and reaching the ribs and for sending out use the stick in “”up”way and other side… you will practice yourself 🙂 …from the bottom… …switch and other hand… …switch and other hand…. You can practice handling the lead rope phase 1…phase 2..phase 3… and phase 4 a big wave don’t lose the halter other hand too… …phase 1..2… 3… 4 a big wave Another a good exercise is a practice picking up the stick with the string from the ground Take the end of the string and pick up Both hands again These are exercises you can practice without a horse because I know some people are not allowed to see their horse at this time Any manipulation with the equipment: switching, when you send a horse on the circle I will simulate the horse movement sending a horse this way horse is moving around I switch the lead rope behind my back the other way too… OK, that was example for exercise “no horse” Now, I have a message for my lovely friends in Czech Republic They asked me to send the masks but our stores are pretty empty.. I have this trick: I take a bandanna put up on my nose the end put under the shirt and tight it up to keep on mask is done and nobody can get my germs just a little tip a bandanna mask I hope, I hope, it will help a little bit just for fun, exercise without the horse imagine the wood is the horse and play with your equipment to make it perfect and make a clear phase1 2, 3 and 4