Nicole Likes You! What are you eating ? It is a junk food! Its ok This is unhealthy put it away I like it! She eats more junk food, o no! Why are you eating sweats again? Because I like it You are fat , look at your tummy Its mine , no mine NO I want more I know No Stop This is unhealthy I like it It is tasty Give it to me No, its mine NO, give it back , it is mine My cake This is unhealthy food I will order pizza now Hello, I want a big pizza , now! I think she is eating again Lets go and check Mommy, do you eat junk food again? No , it is a pizza with leaves It is a junk food Mommy , you do not look good, look in the mirror Its me, so bad Do not worry, I know what to do Pizza away and lets dance! Lets turn on the music Head shoulders knees and toes , knees and toes Eyes and ears and mouth and nose Have a look in the mirrow, its getting better o, yes , it is getting better Now we need to eat healthy food ! Come with me and lets eat healthy food Mummy, your pimples are gone Now we need to get rid of your tummy Mommy, do like this Now , we need to run I can not run anymore Mommy, it is good, you are healthy again Do not eat junky food, do sport and eat healthy food!