This is Rasa. Welcome to your guided meditation. Finding a comfortable seated position, close
your eyes, relax your body, soften your breath, let your hands rest gently on your knees,
and arrive into your body. In a moment, together, starting at the top
of your head, slowly using your inner gaze we will guide your awareness down and throughout
your entire body. See if you can meet each and every part of
your body with softness and ease. This will help to create space and fluidity
for your new moon intentions to take root. As you take your next breathe in, place your
attention at the top of your head, and relax. Then feel your forehead, relax. Feel your eyebrows, relax. Feel the space in between your eyebrows, relax. Feel your eyes and eye sockets relax. Feel your cheekbones, let go. Feel your lips, let go. Feel your jaw, let go. Feel your shoulders, let go. Feel your arms, relaxed and limp. Feel the centre of your chest, expand. Feel your heart, expand. Feel your lower abdomen, soften. Feel your hips, soften. Feel your sit bones, weighing down into the
earth. And feel your legs, melting into the earth. Take a few slow, deep breaths, clearing away
any old energy and beliefs that don’t align with your desires for the new cycle. Now invite in the energy of fluidity to help
carry you through any transitions that need to take place, in order for transformation
and change to follow. Deep breath in, and full breath out. Deep breath in, and full breath out, releasing
anything that’s no longer in alignment with your happiness. Now, bring your inner gaze towards your heart. See your heart energetically contracting with
every breath in, and expanding with every breath out. Contracting… expanding… contracting…
expanding… contracting… expanding. As you continue to anchor your attention on
your heart, visualise the light of your heart, becoming bigger and brighter every time you
breathe out. Let this motion of expansion connect you with
your own intuitive knowing of what your soul needs to grow and flourish. Take a moment to immerse yourself into this
experience, pouring your full attention into this dance with your heart; your own shining
moon. Connecting deeply with the feeling of your
heart expanding. Take a moment to inwardly ask yourself – In
my present living experience what is it that wants or needs to be expressed into fuller
expression? Is it Creativity? Truth? Power? Courage? Love? Acceptance? Let the voice of your mind grow quiet, connect
with your inner voice, hear the voice of your soul emerge and just Listen. Now, invite this desire to take form as a
mental image. Visually see with your mind, who you desire
to be, what you’d like to create, or the things you’d like to attract into your life in this
coming cycle. See your dream, your vision being fulfilled
as if it were happening right now. Embody the feeling of joy and abundance this
reality would bring, and invite this joy and abundance to completely fill your heart. By taking in the energy of this new reality
that you want to create, you are letting the universe know that you’re ready for change
and transformation and to step into further expansion and growth. To affirm your belief and trust in the process,
send your intention to the moon, releasing all control, and letting the universe to take
care of the rest. Now silently whisper to yourself ‘and so it
is’. And know, that so it shall be. Since the new moon is a powerful time for
making wishes, if there is anyone in your life that you’d like to wish wellbeing, happiness
and success towards, take a moment to do that now. Simply bring into mind an image of that person
happy and healthy. Silently affirm this intention by saying ‘and
so it is’. And now release the intention out into the
universe, letting the energy of the new moon bringing it all into form for them. To seal the practice, gently guide your awareness
back to your body, take some deep nourishing breaths, inhale, and exhale. Inhale, and exhale. And then visualize a white pearlescent light
shining down on you from the sky, surrounding you and embalming you like a cocoon. This is the energy of the moon; she will keep
you safe and supported while guiding you towards the right insights, people, opportunities
and situations that will aid you in manifesting your heart’s truest desires and expression.When
you are ready, in a gesture of gratitude and love, bring your palms into prayer, let your
forehead meet the tips of your fingers as you bow. And in honor of this practice, the divine
in you and the divine in all beings, we say Namaste.