good morning I’m Caren and I’m the
author of restorative yoga relax restore re-energize and welcome to this morning
yoga and meditation for self compassion this practice is intended to get you
moving in your body it’s comfortable so that you can sit and meditate giving
some self love to yourself self care kindness because before we can give that
out to others we truly must first embody that for ourselves so keep a blanket
handy get on your yoga mat and let’s start on our backs as you come down all
the way onto your back spread your feet close together ish with
the toes toward the ceiling and flex gently through the feet and then inhale
and reach your arms all the way up overhead stretch through the armpits
push through the soles of the feet take another deep breath in expanding into
the belly into the lungs and as you breathe out bring your right knee into
your chest and your arms down to hug around the right knee then inhale the
leg and the arms return back long and exhale the left knee comes into the
heart really slow with your breath take the full exhale to squeeze it in then
inhale and lift it arms up overhead reaching the legs long exhale switch the
right knee into the heart inhale lengthen the left knee into the heart
exhale flow one more time on both sides slowing down your pace letting the full
breath match the full movement going a little slower than you think and after you’re finished with that left
side take a big breath in stretch long and exhale bring your right knee back
into your heart hold around the shin area and relax the left leg on the floor
bring the knee toward the center of your chest over the navel the bellybutton
giving yourself a little bit of space you don’t have to pull the knee so close
in as if you could start to move the knee over and cross it across the body
to the left find a moment of opening in this right outer hip this right outer
buttock just squeeze and breathe soften through your shoulders and your lips now
move the knee in the opposite direction take an inhale and open the knee toward
the right side and hold on to the foot with your left hand and the knee with
your right bring the leg inward the foot inward toward your face while you send
the knee outward as if you’re cradling the leg or coming into a figure four
which we will do just Rock side to side pulling the foot in pushing the hand and
the foot together and gently opening through the right knee taking the hand
the base of the hand below the knee area and just tractioning from there as if
you’re trying to push and pull a gentle lever now inhale and drag your left foot
up toward you and set the ankle on top of the left thigh thread your hands
through to underneath that left thigh as you bring your legs in into a figure
four soften your shoulders here and dive right into your breath let the breath be
super expansive soften a little bit through your ankles just guide the legs
in somewhere where it feels comfortable and full of ease and your abdomen
instead of pushing yourself into these positions how can you find little
moments of kindness of meeting yourself where you’re at not trying to force
yourself into a place that you’re just not at yet take a one more breath in
here and as you breathe out release your hands and release your left foot down to
the floor keep it there and just pivot on to the pinky toe edge of that left
foot as you drop your right foot all the way to the ground try not to move your
left foot keep it where it is and just allow the gentle push the activation of
your right glute find a little squeeze there to open your knee your arms come
by your sides maybe gaze over to the right take an
expansive breath into the abdomen feel it lift on your inhale the belly moves
up and as you exhale the navel recedes inward and down feel that full emptiness
of the breath before taking your next inhale bathing your whole body not just
your lungs with air now inhale lift your head lift your legs
and release your right foot down to the floor set it aside the left foot both of
the toes a sets of toes are facing forward and the hands now come a little
bit more narrow by your sides with the palms down or up push into the soles of
your feet and feel your glutes start to squeeze then inhale and slide your
tailbone forward squeeze through your inner thighs and lift into bridge pose
to your comfort level exhale and lower slowly back down to the floor inhale
push into the feet lift up through the hips find the chest rising toward the
chin exhale and lower back down make this be all about the strength of your
legs the upper body just along for the ride after this next exhale lower back
down to the floor extend your right leg long pull your left knee in and let’s
hold it in place relax through your right leg relax
through this left foot and bring your knee across toward the middle of your
body finding a stretch on this outer left
side now as we begin the second side of ourselves here relax any judgments you
may have had or any anticipations you have about whether this side will be
different or harder more difficult or easy just notice how the mind tries to
classify tries to give ourselves ways of feeling good or bad about ourselves the
body just is right now be with that sense of just exploring what is rather
than labeling it one more breath here now hold on to the knee with the left
hand the right hand seeks the right foot start to open up the knee to the side as
you pull the left foot in the right hand holds on to the foot the foot pushes
into the hand and now bring that leg forward through the shin as you guide
through the left hand the left knee that forward like a figure four position
relax again into your right leg and experience a lot of breath moving
through the belly soften your face your shoulders your elbows find ease in the
effort try not to relax the amount of effort you have in the leg
but finding ease in that guide your leg open with one more breath in then one
more breath out then locate that right foot and pull that heel in set the ankle
on top of the right thigh and bring your hands to the back of the right leg as
you bring the legs in to supine figure four relax through the feet relax
through the low back guide your legs inward toward your body with ease
experience that breath moving beyond the lungs as you breathe in sending that air
into the limbs and as you breathe out softening some of the places that are
tense maybe that’s the center of your forehead
or your eyes perhaps your jaw or your tongue find one
in here gently release your hands and the right foot straight down to the
floor keep it there just pivot the foot arms
go wide by your sides palms up and drop your left foot down to the ground press
through your left knee forward by activating your glutes so feel your
glutes start to press the leg forward relax through the upper body and maybe
take your gaze over to the left now breathe really big and really slow giving yourself the gift of taking time
to do less and to rest and nourish your body through gentle movement and smooth
breath on your next breath in take the gaze up lift up through the legs set
your left foot alongside your right with some space in between again the toes
point forward the arms come down by your sides
three more lifts and lowers into bridge pose so squeeze into the glutes push
into the feet inhale slide the tailbone forward lift up through the whole back
body exhale and lower back down to the floor it doesn’t matter how high you get
feel the integration of the strength of your legs as you inhale and lift up
rocking the weight into your shoulder blades and as you exhale that slow
continuous exhale to descend back to the floor last round here exhale and lower
onto your back bringing both of your knees inward toward your armpits give
them a little squeeze even try putting the legs together feel the low back or
cede against the floor maybe a soft rocking side to side
thank you legs thank you back thank you breath as you’re ready slowly
roll up to a seat or you can roll on to a side and come up to a seat
as you start to come up to a seat and you arrive cross-legged notice if when
you’re sitting there’s a lot of effort to try to lift yourself out of your
pelvis you might even notice that you’re caving in toward your navel if that’s
the case grab a blanket and fold it pretty small and take the corner edge
here and you’ll sit on that the corner faces forward toward the shins and bring
that back a little bit toward the sit bone so that you feel now as if you’re
starting to tip forward sitting up on the edge of that blanket feels like the
thighs are released down any height of that blanket will do find what feels
best for you at this moment and then take your hands down to your knees we’ll
start by just inhaling rolling the shoulders up and exhale take them back
and down now soften through the chin and drop the
head over to the right inhale lift it up exhale drop the ear over to the left as
you go back and forth inhaling lifting tall through the crown exhale drop the
head to the right and sink the left shoulder blade down just a little till
you feel a nice stretch in the side of the neck inhaling to Center exhale
dropping the head and the right shoulder do that one more time both sides when you come back up to Center keep
your hands here holding on to your knees and take the inhale push your navel
forward then your middle ribs then your upper back look up exhale chin draws in
upper back middle ribs belly moves back a cow and a cat pose seated inhale push
through the navel then ripple up the spine all the way to the chin pull the
elbows back exhale release the elbows forward rock everything down inhale
continue feel the whole spine moving incrementally all the way through the
back of the neck upper back middle back low back and tail bone two more rounds
experience that fullness of breath polling your heart through as you inhale
emptying the breath out as you curl in and look down one more here now inhale and return back to centre
tall spine and just notice what’s shifted if it feels like you’re still
moving we’re going to find that still point in our often turning chaotic world
but first a little bit more movement to emphasize how you can find your way back
to self compassion and back to rootedness even in the midst of the
chaos inhale and lean forward move to the
right in a big circle as you exhale rock backward through the
navel continue to the left inhale come forward Sufi grinds exhaling as you come
back inhaling to come forward these can look very deep leaning all the
way forward leaning all the back all the way back or they can be a little more
shallow whatever feels best for you emphasize the movement in the waist feel
yourself rock side to side through the sits bones not trying to stay even
getting a little playful with this and the next time that you come forward
we’ll switch it out so empty your air and he’ll move to the left exhale
complete that circle maybe find a little bit more momentum more movement going a
bit faster with the breath still being intentional with the breath but faster
with the movement push off of your knees reach through your ribs feel yourself
become a little off-center one more round and then once you come back up
stop for a moment and close your eyes breathe in and breathe out and find the
still point in the center of your chest the still point
despite the sense perhaps of movement can you find the stillness within the
movement open the eyes here let’s stretch the right leg out to the side
pull the left foot inward toward the thigh comfortably and flex through the
right foot the right kneecap engages feel as if you’re standing on this right
foot that’s how much you’re flexing and you can feel the muscles engage on the
top of the leg slide your right arm down the leg or inside it’s your choice and
inhale the left arm reaches up side bend toward the leg reach up and over through
those left fingers and breathe into your left lung your left ribcage you can take
the gaze wherever it feels good here maybe to the side or down expand that
breath find the inhale lifting you up a little bit and the exhale guiding you
down into the stretch again that sense of inhale lightness lifting and the
exhale to lean and whatever is here is enough know that this is right for this
moment give up any striving toward anything different here just be with
what is on your next breath in push into the hand that’s on the leg so you can
lift up exhale your hand down and take your left leg long comfortably long you
might need to readjust so that there is a sense of opening in the inner thighs
but it’s not too much and now flex through both feet and take a moment to
notice maybe that the right leg feels a little bit looser than the left just
find that space of feeling a little lopsided and okay with it and inhale
reach your arms up overhead exhale lean forward drop the hands down so that the
spine is long instead of curling and hunching in the back pull the hands back
the chest forward the chin down and in flex through the feet let go of the
belly so you can breathe he’s just enough effort to feel some
sensations I’m opening in the inner thighs it’s lengthen your spine and as
you start to exhale and get a little bit deeper you can bend your elbows with a
long spine and walk your way downward baby you’re all the way down on the
floor maybe you’re just leaning over a little bit always well breathe into that on your next breath in push into your
hands lift yourself up right relax through your thighs and pull your right
leg in foot is alongside the thigh flex into the left foot so that you also feel
the kneecap lift imagine that that foot is standing you’re flaring through the
toes take an inhale with your left hand on the leg and the right arm reaches up
twist open and side bend inhale levity into those right ribs lift up through
the fingers exhale the shoulder blades both soften down the back the head
relaxes take the gaze somewhere where it feels comfortable opening the chest to
the side inhale lift up through the fingers exhale and side Bend generous breath into the ribs or
wherever you feel at the most let the breath be bigger than the movement on your next inhale push into your left
hand lift all the way back up and send your right leg back out one more time
into that wide legged stance and just relax the legs and notice if they feel a
little bit more comfortable and more even now bring the soles of your feet
together to touch and pushing the soles of the feet together you can grab hold
of the ankles or the feet notice if the legs are all the way in and the knees
are all the way up give yourself some space walk your feet forward let the
knees relax look for a relaxation in the inner allah in the inner thigh area as
well as a sense of lifting out of your low back using your hands to grip and
pull your chest through take a breath in all the way as if you could to the crown
of your head breathe out to the soles of your feet bending into your elbows
lowering forward to your comfort level chin draws in gazes down relax the upper
back put minimal amount of pressure with your hands against your legs just let
them touch without force we’re in this position might you find a bit of
kindness rather than feeling like you’re not doing enough or you’re not good
enough or flexible enough whatever that not enough is for you relax it for a
moment consider what it might be like to feel like you were enough what would
that part of you do how would that part respond to being here if you knew that
this was enough exactly as you are and feel how your body releases that grip
there’s a softening that can happen when you offer yourself self compassion on
your breath in lift up very slowly gather
your hands outside of your knees and pull them together transition into table
on your mat you may move your blanket off to the side momentarily from table
position with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips
curl your toes under walk your hands then forward and outward to the edges of
your mat spread your fingers and let the middle and index fingers point forward
and then lift up through the legs send the hips high up and back into downward
facing dog instead of collapsing into the chest lift up through the upper
armpit area and push back winding those upper arms outward lift up into the
tiptoes find your weight equal between the big toe and the pinky toe and then
exhale and push those heels diagonally back little soft bend in your knees
relax your head experience some deep belly breath here feeling the
culmination of your practice this morning physically finding open home
breath and a strong body after your next exhale take your time lower your knees
back down to the floor and we will come to have a seat you
might like cross-legged at the shins you could also choose to bring the feet with
ankles stacked closer to one another if that accommodates the hips or even one
foot on top of the other crossing at the ankles take your left hand and place it
underneath your right armpit and your right hand on top of your left shoulder
as if you were giving someone a hug because you are and that someone is
yourself let the head relax a little bit to the side maybe even down through the
chin slightly but still feel the spine held and tall and if this isn’t
comfortable for whatever reason instead take your
left hand to your heart and your right hand on top digging up surface area with
your hands spreading through the fingers softening the elbows and same thing here
maybe a slight little tilt as if you were welcoming the hug of another with
the head to the side find your way into the most comfortable position for you as
this is how we will spend our meditation once you’re there gently close your eyes
or gaze downward at the tip of your nose in this meditation for self compassion
start to feel into the energetic quality of holding yourself maybe this is
emotional maybe this feels like home maybe this feels like a longing for
touch something you haven’t had in a while just notice what comes up for you
and watch it see yourself watching the reaction of the body and the mind to
being held and now begin to breathe in a way that
creates calm in the body by inhaling to a smooth count of five and exhaling to a
smooth count of five I’ll get us started and then I’ll let you go on your own
so first empty your air through the nose inhale four one two three four five
exhale nose five four three two one inhale one two three four five exhale
five four three two one inhale exhale inhale exhale continue at this steady
pace feel how the whole body lifts into your
hands on the inhale and lowers receives softens on the exhale the breath like two halves of a circle newest steady quiet flow releasing the count but still feeling
yourself breathing easily and steadily let these words become like your own as
if you could say the words I’m about to tell you to yourself and really believe
it today my worth is not measured by my
to-do list today I welcome my sensitive nature as
my strength today I choose to listen to my heart
more than the critic in my head feel there
of these words within you the imprints of kindness that you’ve given yourself
through this practice I’ll take one more round of breath together this time a big
or breath in through the nose open the mouth exhale release your hands from
wherever you had them let them rest down on your knees you can stretch out your
arms your wrists for a little bit if you want and open the eyes notice how you
feel the effects of this practice it was such an honor to guide you through it if
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