Hello again, I’m going to do, this time a
little kind of much shorter exercise. If you need to get out of your head for a little
bit and just kind of remind yourself where you are and get planted back on the ground
again. This little exercise is called the 5 senses exercise. All we’re gonna do is just
notice something that you’re experiencing with each of your 5 senses. We’re going to
follow this little practice. All you need to do is just use your 5 senses. First thing
I’m going to ask you to do, right now is just notice 5 things that you can see. Look around
you and bring your attention to 5 things that you can see. Pick something that you don’t
normally notice perhaps. That could be a shadow or a crack on the wall. Just take some time
and let your eyes roam. So this time, I’m going to ask you to notice 4 things that you
can feel with your sense of touch. Bringing your awareness to 4 things that you’re currently
feeling right now. Maybe the texture of your clothes against your skin, the feeling of
the breeze on the back of your neck, or the smooth service of a table that you’re resting
your hands on, or anything else at all. Next one, I’m going to ask you to notice 3 things
that you can hear. Just take a moment and listen. Note 3 things that you can hear in
the background. This could be chirping of the birds outside, or the faint sound of the
traffic in the road. It might be something within your own body. The sound of your breath,
or it might be that faint electronic buzz that you get in every room. Then we’re going
to move on to our sense of smell. So notice 2 things this time that you can smell. Bring
your attention to smells that you usually filter out. Whether they’re unpleasant or
pleasant, it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps you can pick up the scent of your own soap
or deodrant or washing powder. Maybe you’ve got the window open and there’s some smells
of traffic or flowers coming through in the air. There’s also a background smell into
every room that we always tune out. Just see what you can notice. Then lastly just notice
one thing that you can taste. Focus on your sense of taste and see if there’s anything
in your mouth that you can taste right now in this moment. Maybe there’s a lingering
flavour from the last thing that you ate or drank. Maybe you can just notice the current
taste in your mouth just now. How does your mouth taste when you concentrate on that sense?
So this is just a quick and relatively easy way to bring you into a more mindful state
of being. I hope it’s been useful.