Wanting to give just a very entry primer
on the practice of meditation. Meditation is absolutely important in life. It’s the
way to get to our understanding of where we came from, why we’re here, to get in
touch with everything around us. It is a struggle and so that any type of
meditation that is done has to be continued on a daily disciplined basis. To
gain the required benefit from practices such as these an individual should aim
at a half an hour sitting session two times a day. That has to go on without
break. You can’t take days off, you can’t say
that I’ll wait till the weekend. It’s got to be regimented daily. Then there’s the
process. So the idea behind meditation is to become more in touch with our
internal awareness, the source of our self which is in essence always at peace.
Inside of us our awareness is animating everything in us. It is almost like the
electricity behind the TV that’s you So if our awareness is like TV then when
it works to the circuit of the TV our awareness working through our physical
body and our mind then it takes on attributes and we become a personality
and individual. So awareness inside is supplying the energy to animate mind,
body. At the same time it is separate from and
sitting back as the witness. Everything good in the universe, everything good
inside of ourselves is coming from this common source. We can look around- things
may not seem always fair or not always good but the inside of everything is
good and we need to become in touch with that and that’s actually why we’re here.
The I feeling, the awareness, the witness ship inside, watches our mind, watches our
body, is without attribute. It doesn’t have a color, it doesn’t have a size, you
can’t fit it in a box. It’s simply there. When that which has no attributes begins
to interact with mind, physical body, nervous system, then it begins to take on
attributes. At the subtlest level sound and
illumination or light are the first manifestations when awareness collides
with the mind and the body and begins to take on attributes. These attributes are
deeply hidden but they have to be sought out in the process of meditation.
The idea is to retract back beyond physicality in back of mind and touch
on the animating principle. A simple way to begin this process is to sit quietly.
You can have the hands together like this, cross the legs and
you close the eyes. With the mind try to envision that light surrounds everything, light
surrounds your body, light surrounds the space outside and that this is the source of
everything that is good, everything that is deep within. Sit and feel that you’re completely
surrounded by white illumination, of white light
and that this light is the source of your own existence, it’s the source of
everything on the outside. With the eyes closed, when the breath
comes in and you’re breathing in-monitor your breath-and feel that this source of
illumination, source of awareness, source of the soul, or Creator as a white light
surrounding you on the in-breath that you’re pulling that essence, that light,
that goodness, that illumination into you. Inhaling-white illumination is coming in,
filling the mind, filling the physical body. As you exhale then this white
illumination is spreading back out. You’re giving it back to the universe.
Intake and breathing out of white illumination, of light, of spirit of
awareness. So on the inhalation you’re bringing in illumination into the body
absorbing that from the universe in essence and then with the exhalation you’re
giving this all back. So a very simple process and to sit and to
continue with this for several minutes a couple times a day gradually
going towards two half-hour sessions. Any questions that you folks have
we’re here for you. Thank you.