Good Evening. I hope your day was well and
that you felt the love that surrounds you. Feel it now. We gather together to send an
intention out into the universe on the highest vibrational energy of our collective selves.
Having witnessed the divinity within ourselves and knowing what is possible, we speak these
words, honoring the messages handed down through time from the Masters, expressed by and for
the collective consciousness. When I arise in the morning, may I awaken in me the deep
profound gratitude for this breathe, this light, this experience of living on this planet,
at this time, and in this space. I accept all that has brought me here and continue
to gain clarity that will allow me to alter my perceptions to be more in alignment with
who I really am. I breathe and know that now is truly the only moment I have. I breathe
and know that I am the co-creator of my reality. I breathe and know that I am the beauty that
surrounds me – a bird in flight; the dew on a flower petal; a furry friend; a newborn
baby. We are all one. As I practice gratitude and lean toward joy in each and every moment,
our world moves ever closer to the place called home. Namaste.