Welcome to our meditation for healing this meditation today is going to be focused on guiding good high frequency energy and Vibrations towards those areas within you that are need of healing and love Physically emotionally or spiritually? Let’s take a moment and allow ourselves to truly feel how we feel today with honesty and openness with ourselves Accepting any sort of emotions. You may have Allowing yourself to truly sit with it for a moment accept it and Then make a decision to let go Accepting ourselves as we are today Is one of the only ways? We can overcome and heal from whatever it. Is that is bothering us Your body is the vehicle to life, but without a healthy mind our vehicles cannot function to their best abilities So today let’s focus on that connection between your body mind and soul Welcoming positive energy into any parts or areas of your mind and body that needed the most So let’s begin let’s start by coming into a seated position Comfortably on the bed the floor or chair Just taking a moment really grounding your sit bones feeling the spine nice and long Just start by bring all of your awareness to your breath Taking a deep breath into your nose and a very gentle long exhale out of your mouth Become aware of how you’re feeling any thoughts that are sitting with you and emotions that are rising Accept them for what they are Take a deep breath in And then slowly let it go Letting go of any tension in your body Allowing your shoulders to let go and release down or Dawei from your ears Just getting the gentle movement of your chest as you breathe in and out Let’s rest our hands comfortably on her knees Your choice to keep the hands open or palms facing downward Again, just staying with your breath here Let’s take one more deep inhalation and the long exhalation out Allowing all the tension to melt away out of your mind out of your body Take a deep breath in Feeling any sensations through your body bringing oxygen to your brain To your heart and to every cell of your body inhale and exhale allow this clean and crisp feeling of air To purify your mind of any clutter thoughts of the future the past Or expectations of this moment deep Breath in and a long exhale out And again one more deep breath in Long Exhale out just feeling that state of relaxation overcoming your entire body Allowing all of your weight to sink into the ground into the Earth beneath you on your next big inhalation Start to visualize yourself and the most happiest and healthiest state of mind and body See what that looks like to you feel how that feels? Welcome A beautiful radiant vibration of healing and positivity To overcome your entire body as You sit here Breathing gently and seeing the best version of you deep Breath in and a long exhale out As you continue your visualization? Notice a beautiful radiant positive light start to overcome your entire body See and feel this warm rating frequency of healing vibration What color is it does it make your body feel a certain way? begin to slowly guide this energy this healing vibration To a place in your body that needs healing right now Or perhaps send it to your heart. If that is where you need the healing at this moment deep Breath in and a long exhale out visualizing seeing this healing light Moving towards that area of your body or your mind or your heart Cleaning away anything that is holding you back from feeling healthy strong and happy deep Breath in and a long exhale out Let yourself. Go deeper into the relaxed state Continuing to visualize healing starting to take place in the area that you need it most Visualize and feel the sensation of love and healing energy that you are currently sending to yourself stay in this relaxed peaceful state of mind and slowly introduce her Mantra for the meditation I Am healthy I am strong I’m one with all existence Love will heal me I Am healthy I am strong. I am one with all existence Love will heal me Repeating this Mantra whenever you become distracted by your own thoughts sensations in your body or outside noises as You repeat this Mantra? continue to visualize visualize that vibrant light of healing Surrounding your body and mind Seeing yourself your most healthiest and happiest state of being as You surrender to this healing vibration I? Am healthy I am strong. I am one with all existence the Love Will heal me I Am healthy I am strong. I am one with all existence Love will heal me And now silently in your mind Until you hear me ring a soft bell Letting you know it’s time to come out of our meditation you you It’s time to release the Mantra when you’re ready slowly start to Deepen your breath and gently Moving your fingers and slowly opening your eyes If you’re taking a couple of deep breaths here just stay in this blissful state of mind staying present And aware of your breath in and out Stay here as long as you need to Remember our minds are more powerful than we give them credit We are able to heal ourselves if we truly start to attrAct positive healing vibrations their techniques of visualization breathing and Mindful thinking A Healthy mind will create a healthy body So as you go on with your day remember to feed your mind with only positive high vibrational energies Spend time with people that surround you with love feed your body only good Nutritious foods and Always send positive thoughts towards your body your mind and your soul Because you deserve nothing less than that Lots of love to you from the bottom of my heart, and I thank you for joining me today and our meditation for healing Namaste you