So in conclusion, Sahaja Yoga meditation has
a significant beneficial effect on your mental and your physical health. So, to conclude, I’ve shown you that Sahaja
Yoga meditation has a significant effect on the body, because it activates the parasympathetic
nervous system and restores your bodily functions. It has an effect on the brain – it’s a different
state of consciousness, you activate areas of attention, you activate the limbic areas
which give you happiness, and you release, good, happy, mood stabilising neurochemicals
in your brain. It prevents disease because it gives you better
mental and physical health, it’s a disease therapy, so if you have any illnesses you
can use it to treat your illnesses through regular meditation, and as I showed you, it
has an effect on a range of mental illnesses and physical illnesses. And there has never been any negative effects,
all the effects have always been positive. What is important as I said before, is the
benefits associated with the state of mental silence, so it’s the mental silence which
works. And nothing else. So if you meditate, you have to try to achieve
this state of mental silence as often as possible, and that will be associated with better health
at a mental and physical level. So, I think I’ve talked enough, and what we
will do now is we’ll have a meditation guided by the founder of Sahaja Yoga. And if you follow my last slide we will go
exactly there into the limbic system which is here. Which is also where the last slide is, and
that’s where we’re going now. So you have heard about all the fantastic
things which can happen to you, and hopefully, you feel today this mental silence. Where we’re going to go now which is the Kingdom
of God within. The Paradise within. Which you can have. Here we go. And if you want to know more, there are a
few web pages where you can read a bit more about this Yoga. Good.