Hello, my names Rebecca Herrick, I’m here
to tell you how to give a hot stone massage. First of all you need to have enough time
to set up for the massage. You have to have your stones, your warmer, a bowl of cold water,
and your slotted spoon because your stones are going to be resting in a pool of water
about 120-150 degrees. So they’re going to be pretty warm hence the name hot stone massage.
You’ll want to have a place to rest them because you’ll take them out of the water prior to
using them on your client. So you’ll take them out prior. You always want to be a step
ahead of your self in the process. Take them out, let them rest until they’re a comfortable
temperature. If you touch them to your forearm, that’s a good way to measure the temperature
if it will be comfortable on your client. Then, when your ready, when your stones are
cool enough, but still warm enough to bring increase the circulation to their muscles,
you just think of them as an extension of your own hands. You just set them in your
palms and use moderate pressure and use long slow gliding strokes to the tissues, and it
brings that increase in circulation, increase in relaxation to those muscles with the warmth
of the stones. I like to call it the icing on the cake of Swedish massage. Helps to penetrate
deeper into the muscles tissues because of the increase in circulation from the heat
so you don’t need to use quite as much pressure during your treatment. And that’s one of the
most important things to remember when you’re giving a hot stone massage is not to go over
any bony prominences, that wouldn’t be very comfortable for your client. Stay over the
thicker muscle tissues and just use gliding stokes like efflorage. You can use petrisage
strokes which are more of a kneading type of stroke. You can also use the hot stone
by just placing them on the clients body in various positions before you’re leaving the
area. So, as well as using the gliding strokes you can also just place them on areas of tension
like the traps or the rhomboid, and let them rest there while your working on other parts
of the body. Also from a supine position where your client will be laying on their back you
can have them lay on top of the stones, of course avoiding bony prominences again and
that weight of their body on top of the stones helps to increase the pressure, increase the
heat penetration into the different layers of the tissue. You can use stones of various
sizes. You can collect stones from all over the country, wherever your travels may bring
you, and use them and incorporate them into your hot stone massages. You can incorporate
hot stone massage into all of your massage treatments, doesn’t have to be just solely
a hot stone massage. The warmth of the stones will always help to increase that circulation,
increase that relaxation process in the muscles. And that is how you give a hot stone massage.