ALEXSON ROY: So what we’re going to work on
now is track-related issues, sports massage track-related issues. The main problem with
a lot of track runners is the hamstring. They always pull the hamstring. Some of them fake
it because they’re losing but a lot of them don’t. And the ones that don’t you know that
they’re not. Because the first thing they’re going to do is when they’re running, it’s
like a gunshot. They’re going to grab, they’re going to pull up, and then they’re going to
grab the back of their leg. So this is the hamstring. It’s everything from the knee,
okay, up to almost to where the glute is, okay? The belly of the hamstring is right
in the middle. Everything else close to here is like a tendon. And then there’s the belly,
and then another tendon in here. So mainly what we’re going to focus on is the belly
part of the hamstring right in here. So in order to kinda like relieve this tension in
here, the best thing to do is to grab it, believe it or not. Just grab it, and then
let it go. We’re going to grab it, and then we’re going to let it go. Grab the belly,
and then let it go, okay? Now, we can grab it in different spots. We can kinda like the
grab the side of the belly, grab inside, or we can just grab the whole belly and let it
go, okay? So next, what we’re going to do is streams, and that’s going to kinda like
to separate the fibers and put a little flow back into your hamstring.