Hello my name is Rebecca Harrick, I’m a massage
therapist in Wilmington North Carolina, and I’m here to give my review on Earth Lite massage
tables. Earth Lite is a manufacturing company that pride themselves in being eco-friendly,
hence the name Earth Lite. They use all wood that is farm raised and not from the rain
forest. Their tables are very high quality, and their motto is to produce high quality
products for the bettering of mankind. So they are very eco-friendly. All their tables
are hand made in their factory. There’s a life time warranty. There very comparable
in price, and also in durability. They use all the same testing that most of the major
massage therapy table manufacturers use. Static weight and working weight are tested rigorously,
about five hundred and fifty pounds. And so a nice choice if you’re looking for a eco-friendly
manufacturer for your table. And that’s my review of Earth Lite massage tables.