Hello there! If you’re curious about how to
setup your room for a hot stone massage, I can help you. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae.
Now the basic equipment needed for a hot stone massage of course are table, clean linens,
some hand towels and of course your hot rocks. You’re also going to need something to heat
your hot rocks in which would be a crock pot and sometimes a roaster pan can work as well.
Utensils to take the hot rocks out of the crock pot also are very handy because you
definitely going to burn your hands. Then you have your massage oils and your essential
oil. Now when you’re working with hot rocks, these, it’s very important to work with basalt
stones because they are volcanic rocks and they’re use especially for their ability to
hold heat and withhold pressure very well. And they also hold heat and transfer it to
human tissue very, very well. So these are basalt stones and they’re made from a volcano.
Now they come in many different kinds and sizes. You see here, we have large stones,
we have medium stones, smaller stones and then tiny stones; according to where you’re
going to use these on your body, you would use the appropriate size. Massage oil is also
very, very important because this is going to prevent these hot stones from sticking
and burning the client’s skin. And the best oils to use are generally thinner consistency
oils like grapeseed, fractionated coconut and sunflower and apricot kernel work very
well too. The next thing that’s very handy in a hot stone massage is essential oil because
what you can do is fill up the, this will be filled up with water and your stones and
you’ll drop a couple drops of the essential oil in and this will naturally fragrance throughout
your room which is also a really nice tool for relaxation. Personally the last accessory
that I find very helpful when I do a hot stone massage is, this little basket, it may look
kind of funny, you can use anything you want, but you’re going to need to carry your stones
around to different parts of the person’s body and the stones can cool off but you don’t
want to have to carry them because they’re going to burn your hands too. So this little
funny looking basket has work well for me. So you need your table, your linens, of course
your stones, something to warm your stones up in, your utensil, your little basket, your
oil and your essential oil. And I hope I have given you basic overview of how to setup a
hot stone massage and all the equipment needed. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae. Take care.