Hi if you ever wondered how to massage away
a sore hamstring muscle I can help you. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae. Now the first
thing you want to do is you want to relax that leg. So you are going to want to come
down here to the leg just wiggle it a little bit. Shake it up. Rock it back and forth.
You want to make sure that client is freely moving. And that really shows you that he’s
relaxed. He’s not holding really stiff. Then what you are going to do of course is you
are going to apply your oil, cream, or lotion which ever you prefer. Then you are just going
to start right at the knee and gently glide up. In an efflurage motion which means you
are gliding up the leg. And it’s really important to start from the knee but you don’t want
to press in this area here. You want to start right above that area just raking your hands
and gliding your hands all the way up. And it’s really important that you go all the
way up to their glues because that’s where the attachment point is. And that’s where
the soreness happens and it vibrates down the leg. It if it’s sore up here, it’s going
to be sure down here. So want to just go all the way up the leg, use your thumb so just
trace that, that attachment point all the way up. And you can do this movement on all
the different areas of the hamstring. Whether it’s the outer portion right here, all the
way up. The middle portion or the inside portion, you got to be a little bit careful because
the insides of the leg are definitely more tender. Especially if you are a guy and you
have hair on your legs, you want to make sure you have enough oil and be careful that you
don’t pull that hair. Alright after your efflurage, you want to do some kneading. And kneading
is just lifting up of the tissue just like this. You are lifting up the tissue, you are
separating it from the rest of the leg and you are really going to increase blood flow
which is going to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to that tissue. And that really helps soreness.
So you just rake that leg, knead that tissue, lift that up and separate it. And then end
with a nice relaxing efflurage. It also helps to remember to do the rest of the leg, don’t
forget the calf. So you want to do the calf in the same motion, you want to efflurage,
rake that tissue and you can actually squeeze it too. You can do some squeezing like this.
And that was a really nice massage to help ease tight hamstrings. I’m Sundae with Natural