Massage 8 acupoints to prevent and treat Covid-19 pneumonia! Challenged by the danger of being infected with pneumonia, we don’t just have to leave it to chance. Thousands of years old Chinese traditional acupoint massage therapy can help you! Massage for a few minutes a day can activate your immune system your body’s defense system, and make you more invulnerable to viruses. It can also help infected people have stronger ability to better recover. Acupoint massage therapy has helped countless people gain health. If you know acupuncture and believe that acupuncture works, then, the working of acupoint massage is principally all the same, but simpler and easier to practice. It doesn’t cost you a penny, totally free, and the only thing you have to do is to spend a few minutes a day doing it. Why not give it a try? Here are a few steps to prevent pneumonia with acupoint massage: Preparation: Adjust your mood above all. If you feel nervous, be sure to relax yourself first. Tension will reduce your immunity and the effect of massage. So, please follow the next steps with relaxation and trust. 1. Massage Point GV-14 (Dazhui) This is the most important acupuncture point for improving immunity in Chinese medicine. It’s below our seventh cervical spine. Lower your head the acupoint Dazhui is just below the highest bone bulging behind the neck. We can rub this area with our palms back and forth. Apply a little olive oil before rubbing so as to avoid damaging the skin with too much friction. if you do it for prevention, rub it back in fourth 60 times enough for about one minute. It is to function as adjuvant therapy ,rubbing at least 120 times each time is necessary. Do it at least twice a day. No side effects four more times of massage. 2. Massage Points GB-20 (Fengchi) In Chinese traditional medicine, these are important positions for the human body to resist invading diseases They are on both sides of your pillow rest bone in your hindbrain. In medical jargon, they are in both sides of occipital fossa. Rub them with your fingers and apply some oil too. 60 times for prevention and 120 times as adjuvant therapy, the more the better. When rubbing, imagine that you drove the bad things out of your body. 3. Tap Point LU-1 (Zhongfu) This is the starting point for the activation of lung energy. By massaging this point, we can make our lungs stronger and more powerful to resist viruses, and in case of illness we will have a stronger ability to self-heal. Touch your collarbone, There is a pit under outside the collarbone clavicle. and this is the position of Zhongfu points. One on each side. Gather with your five fingers and tap this point. Imagine that every vibration makes your lung more energetic. Tap on each side. Same as previously mentioned, 60 times for prevention and 120 times as an adjuvant therapy. Do it at least twice a day. 4. Clap LU-5 (Chize) The point Chize is also one of the switches that can activate th e energy of lung. It’s on the outer side of our elbow pit. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are not just an organ in the chest, but functioning as a whole system, so many acupoints are far away from the lungs themselves, and this is just like the switch as far away from the lamp in your home, but they do connect each other in one system. Clap this acupoint of one side with your palm of the other side. Clap with some strength, but don’t make yourself feel too painful. Don’t worry if purple or black marks appear after clapping. These marks will disappear naturally in a couple of days. Therefore, in spite of these marks, continue to pat, but be careful not to leave the place with red purple marks in contact with cold water. Same as previously mentioned, clapping 60 times or 120 times on each side. 5. Press-knead LU-9 (Taiyuan). The Taiyuan acupoint is the most important place of activating the lungs. Chinese medicine has it that the most fundamental energy of the lungs is hidden here. On the outer side of the horizontal stripes on the wrists if you press it with the thumb of one hand when you feel a special soreness, that’s it. Keep this soreness when you press and need this point, but don’t make yourself too uncomfortable. It is a comfortable soreness. Press and knead 60 times on each side, or 120 times as an adjuvant therapy. At least twice a day. 6. Press-knead LI-4 (hegu) Hegu point belongs to the large intestine meridian. According to Chinese medicine, the large intestine as the brother and guard of the lungs. Stimulating hegu acupoints can help increase lung immunity. Hegu point is between the thumb and the index finger. Press the thumb of your other hand in the direction of the palm bone (metacarpals), until you feel a comfortable soreness. Press and knead 60 times on each side, or 120 times as an adjuvant therapy. At least twice a day. 7. Press-knead LI-20 (Yingxiang). Yingxiang point also belongs to the large intestine meridian. It’s a bit on the outer edge of our nose, as if guarding the entrance to our nasal cavity. It helps us to resist viruses from entering our nose. Use both of your index fingers or middle fingers to press the yingxiang points on both sides at the same time, until you feel a comfortabl e soreness. this feeling of soreness, kneads 60 times, or 120 times. 8. Press-knead Ren-22 (Tiantu) Tiantu point locates in the center of the neck and upper pectoral bone which is the position of our respiratory airway (trachea). If you are not infected, but just do the acupoint massage for prevention, then you don’t need to know this. But if you feel you have symptoms of the covid-19 pneumonia, then you must stimulate this acupoint. It can help you clear out pathological substances and activate the energy cycle in this area and help you recover from the disease in question. Stimulating this point requires a bit of skill. You can’t press vertically on your neck, because that will irritate the respiratory airway (trachea) and cause uncontrollable cough. The correct way is to bend your thumb and press it down as if digging in this point. If you have throat discomfort, this will definitely help you. you can do it 120 times or more. the above 8 methods are very simple, but very effective. It can activate your immunity, especially enhancing lung function and self-healing capacity. When you have symptoms, it can activate the corresponding areas of your body and support you to better fight the virus. This method can help you and your family and keep you healthy, just like many people having been helped by this method. The only thing you need to do is to spend a few minutes every day. Follow us and forward us to friends in need. If you have any health problem, please feel free to leave us a message. Acupoint massage has a solution to almost all diseases, and we will tell you more about this simple and magical treatment later.