My name is Benjamin Nissanoff. I’m the CEO
of ME Spa. We’re a spa chain that ranges coast to coast. They’re luxury spas that provide
an upscale experience specifically designed to create relaxation in the massage category,
nails, and skin care. When we approached Groupon and wanted to put
together this partnership, what we were looking for specifically was to address awareness,
retention, and perception. The perception was specific to the customer,
so that they would feel comfortable that the audience that was coming in was an audience
that met our standards, and it was. They were high conversion ratio in terms of purchasing
retail product out of the service. The second area that we were concerned about
was awareness: the resources Groupon was willing to put forward in terms of promoting our deals
was so high compared to what we can do. Our awareness grew so significantly that our brand
identity expanded aggressively, and most people started to recognize our spa very quickly. And then finally retention: we’re finding
it is a great acquisition model. Customers were not necessarily looking out there to
hop from deal to deal. When they found the right location, if the services were strong
and they enjoyed what they were getting, they stayed. So all those areas were addressed in a positive
way and the translation came down to the bottom line as a positive net affect. Very, very
beneficial for us.