hi everyone how would you like to
manifest a life you want with seven proven methods
I’m Diana Palm of dianapalm.com and I am a medium author and spiritual healer
I help people create the lives they want through using powerful spiritual
practices and I’m very excited to share those with you here today now the first thing you need to know
about manifesting is that you’re currently manifesting right now we all
manifest 24/7 on auto-pilot so when you hear the term manifesting
it’s something you’re already doing we as human beings create and we attract
and it’s a very very natural phenomenon but we’re doing that with our
subconscious mind which is not the part that we’re aware of in order to manifest
with ease and great speed you want to get your subconscious mind to be the
same as what you’re consciously focusing on and if you stay till the end I’m
going to unveil a super-secret strategy to manifest like a superstar so let’s
get started first I want you to look around your life right now I want you to
actually think about the car you’re driving the home you live in the types
of relationships you’re having the clothes you wear and everything in your
world that shows up in a physical way and right now I want you to realize that
you have already manifested that based on your subconscious programs and maybe
along the way you did some purposeful manifesting some intentional manifesting
and those would have been like big leaps up or big changes for you that took you
out of your normal path so that’s what we’re gonna do as we’re learning about
manifesting with intention and purpose is actually driving our subconscious
mind to manifest the things we want that are different than the way we’re
currently programmed now we get programmed by our ancestors we get
programmed by the life we live growing up if our family thought that we had a
certain place in life that we had to stay in terms of our financial or
educational well-being then that is most likely the limit that we will attain and
we will not go beyond it so when you’re purposefully manifesting and you’re
moving those boundaries that your family culture community have taught you it’s
really important to stay focused because you’ll be invoking one of the universal
laws which is the law of focus now I know everybody knows about the law of
attraction but what they often don’t remember is that there are many other
laws in the universe that apply to manifesting and everything else
in the way that this world works and one of those is the law of focus so here are
seven proven methods to manifesting number one creating a vision board just
like the word says it’s a vision board so refrain from using a lot of words and
text put actual pictures on there because your eyes are the most powerful
tool you have for manifesting number two you can also write yourself a universal
check and you can just use your own checking account for that but go ahead
and read it to yourself and write in the dollar amount that you’d like to gift
yourself from the universe most people will carry those in their wallets in
their purse or in their pocket but you do want to make sure that you around
that check that you see it frequently and that it’s a constant reminder if you
have money coming in number three keeping a gratitude journal every day
giving thanks for what has not shown up yet of course you can give thanks for
the things that have but thanking the universe for providing the things that
have not come number fours meditation and meditation really helps quiet your
mind so that you can align your energy and create the focus that you want to
really have a lot of clarity and purpose in what you’re manifesting number five
is affirmations verbally saying what it is that you want over and over and over
so that you can hear it and it becomes real for you number six is to have the
experience so that you get the feelings in your body and know what it feels like
to have the things that you’re desiring let’s say you want a trip to Italy I
would begin by hanging pictures of Italy all around my home I would listen to
Italian music I would eat Italian food I’d start studying the language I would
do everything I could to put myself in the energy of Italy and be so grateful
for the experience and start to get in the vibration of Italy before I’ve
actually had my trip that would help me magnetize my trip to Italy with more
ease and faster when you believe so strongly that your manifestation is
coming true you should start taking action steps towards it and finally I’m
gonna unveil right now the super-secret method to manifesting
like a superstar and I discovered this one by accident it’s a form of scrying
for those of you who don’t know what scrying is I have a book entitled
Mediumship Scrying and Transfiguration for Beginners and it goes through many
many methods of scrying and what it could be used for in terms of
manifesting scrying is a powerful and super-secret method when you scry you
have the same focused intention that you do when you meditate but your eyes are
open remember what I said about the eyes
being a vitally important part of manifesting well it’s true so when you
keep your eyes open and you can fixate on something in such a manner where
you’re staring staring staring at it and blocking out everything else around it
that’s a form of scrying and when you do this your vibration raises and the veil
around you drops that’s when you shoot out the thought of what it is that you
want to manifest and it goes like a rocket out into the universe and comes
back to you that much quicker your ability to manifest equals your ability to focus if
you have been using all of these methods to manifest and you’re still not seeing
your desired results it probably means that you need to have some belief work
done to clear some subconscious programs about you not feeling worthy and
deserving of having what it is that you want it could also mean that not getting
what you want is serving you in a higher way than actually achieving what it is
you want but in a private session I can actually help you uncover and change
your limiting programs your hidden subconscious programs and any genetic or
DNA programs that your family has given you that have been holding you back but
I am sure that these seven manifesting methods are going to work for you and
I’d be very curious to find out if you know of any that I don’t know yet so
please share your manifesting experiences with me I have manifested my
books being published I have manifested trips I have manifested people into my
life in friendships and with companions and I have manifested on purpose
many many many things and I love to manifest this way I like to own my own
life and be very consciously aware of what I’m creating so I’d love to hear
what you’re consciously creating I’d love to hear what you’re working on
right now and which methods work the best for you if you like this video
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