Do you Know?? by Yoga Peace & through Makeup you can make you look thin, healthy, maintained, fit, toned body & energetic. so what’s the secret behind it? there’s no secret to it at all…LOL we’re here to do a challenge this director make us to say all these and today’s challenge is “Makeup during Workout Challenge” you can say it Yoga Challenge too let me tell you No one has done this challenge before & no one can be able to do this and you’ve to get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES So lets get started so the first exercise which we gonna to do is ok give the mirror you’ve to do this without mirror but how we can do makeup without mirror bend little more our video got completed doing these exercise so we thought to say bye to you continuing with this exercise I am sure you’ve enjoyed watching our video plz hit LIKE to this video to prove him that you’ve liked our video now both of you do sit ups