Your skin puts up with a lot of stress everyday. Humidity changes, temperature changes, chafing from clothing and shoes chemical exposure, aging, hormonal fluctuations, peanut butter kisses from your little ones… you get the idea. Your skin responds to this onslaught of environmental stressors by developing calluses, dry patches, and uneven skin tone and signs of premature aging giving you plenty of reasons to pamper your skin often with doTERRA Spa replenishing body butter, This rich formula glides over your body to deliver deep moisturizers that soften skin and halt dryness. Shea butter, cocoa seed butter, Jojoba seed oil and avocado oil absorbed quickly into the skin to moisturize hydrate and soften meanwhile essential oils wild orange douglas-fir and frankincense rejuvenating and purify the skin. These oils also uplift and balance your emotions helping you feel ready to face anything.