Hello everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid
Guide. Today we’re going to explore a simple but
deep lucid dream hypnosis. This recording is designed to be used on a
daily basis, just before you sleep, in order to implant suggestions that will aid in your
journey towards lucid dreaming. However, you may use this recording during
the daytime if you require a period of relaxation or wish to induce a nap. Please remember that the power of hypnosis
and guided visualization is yours, nobody can hypnotize you without your permission. So, enter this process willingly, knowing
that it is your choice to allow these positive suggestions to take place – and safe in the
knowledge that you can end the trance at any moment – should an emergency arise – and you
shall awake immediately feeling fresh and aware. However, please do not use this recording
while driving, or in any environment where falling asleep would be dangerous. Please be certain to make a quiet and undisturbed
space in order to relax completely. Turn off your phone, close the curtains, switch
off the light, and find a comfortable space to lie down. Take a moment now to prepare, pause the recording
and then return when you are ready. Get comfortable
let go of your thoughts look around you
be aware of everything you see let it simply fall into your eyes in all its
detail. Shape, color, texture, space
Make no judgments, simply observe. Now in a moment take a slow deep breath
inhale now and soak up everything you see, now, in a moment, let your breath out, and
as you exhale, now, let any tensions and worry slip away and let your eyes slowly close. Now become aware of your body – your head,
chest, stomach, arms, legs, hands and feet. Feel the weight, warmth, comfort, and shape,
simply feel the joy of inhabiting a human body. In a moment now, you will begin to let the
muscles in your body relax and we’ll explore the difference between
tension and relaxation Start now with your arms – clench your fists
as tightly as you can, take a deep breath holding it until I tell you to let it go – feel
the tension in your hands, your arms your shoulders your back. Now let the breath out slowly and let all
your tension go as you exhale feel warmth flowing into your
arms all the way to your fingers feel the tension slip away
enjoy the peace of relaxation Now concentrate on your neck
tense the muscles in your neck – tightness, hardness
now let your neck muscles go feel the relaxation, soft rubbery Take a deep breath now and hold it
Tighten the muscles in your chest and stomach now slowly let out your breath and let your
whole torso relax take another deep breath free and easy
and let it out Now tense your legs all the way down to your
toes – as tightly as possible. and now let them relax completely, melting
in their warmth and weight. Now imagine staring at a beautiful sky, lightly
dotted with fluffy white clouds. Imagine each cloud is one of your thoughts,
worries or concerns, And
with each slow and relaxed breath, you allow them to drift further away. Let your mind be free of worry, watch as it
slowly becomes a peaceful; clear blue sky. You needn’t be anywhere or do anything,
there is only now, only relaxation, only my voice, warmth, and peace. And with each breath, you relax more and more. Now, imagine you’re lying on the shoreline
of a beautiful beach, the moist sand cradles your body, and with each breath, a warm wave
laps all the way up your body, bringing with it calm and relaxing energy. And each time you exhale, the wave retreats,
taking with it any cares or tension, into the deep sea of forgetting. Enjoy the warm waves of soothing relaxation
flowing over and through your body and mind. Let the waves wash over you a moment, slowly
clearing and cleansing, relaxing and renewing. Enjoy the peace and pace of relaxation. And with each wave, you relax a little more. In a moment, start counting each breath silently
to yourself Backwards from 100. Allow the numbers to appear in your mind’s
eye. As you inhale a wave washes the number into
your mind as you exhale it washes the number away. Now as you continue to count – allow the numbers
to slowly grow fainter each number becoming fainter than the last
And with each breath you relax more deeply, you And now, allow yourself to let go of the numbers
completely. Let them fade completely from your mind. All that remains is the awareness of your
breathing, the awareness of my voice, and an ever-deepening relaxation and letting go. And now let yourself imagine at the top of
a castle tower, and before you is a stone spiral staircase Imagine you are walking down this flight of
stairs see the steps and feel their coldness under
your feet. Hear the sound of your footsteps as you glide
down the staircase. Relaxing ever deeper with each step. Down and around, Deeper down and around,
Spiraling, lower, deeper, relaxed Around and down,
Deeper you go. And so now you come around to the bottom of
the stairs you find a large stone door. Place your hands against the cold stone, and
push with all your strength until it opens. And now as the door falls upon, your physical
body relaxes further still, letting itself drift into sleep, and as it does, you fall
through the door into the forest of dreams. What is beyond this door, only you can see,
it is a world of magic and wonder, a world where you hold all the keys. If you wish you can transform yourself, or
fly, you can you can seek hidden knowledge, and characters of the dream world. Take a while now to explore your personal
forest of dreams, enjoy the adventure, and become familiar with the signs and sights
of your personal dreamworld. And now a voice appears in your mind. It is my voice, but it is your voice, It is
asking you… Are You Dreaming? This voice has lived inside you your whole
life. It waits, watching, asking the question. Are you dreaming? And now give this voice permission to always
watch and wait, and when the time is right, to ask the question, Are You Dreaming? And when it does, you will listen, and you
will answer the question with all wits, with all your clarity, and with full seriousness, and
when you do, you will perform a reality check and realize you are dreaming. Again, now, give this voice permission, to
watch, wait and ask. A friendly alarm clock you are setting in
your own mind. A tireless watchman, waiting to remind you,
and to ask you. Are you dreaming? Give your mind permission now. And now, see how easy it is to recognize this
question. To ask it with all your heart. feel how easy it is to recognize the question
and to know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. It is as easy as becoming aware of your breathing
again now As easy recognizing your own face in the mirror. As easy as recognizing a world you have experienced
a thousand times before. And now, as you float in this calm and dreamy
space, turn to the voice in your mind, and ask it to pay attention, to wait and watch
for the right moment to ask you the question. Are you dreaming? Do this now. And remember that when it does you will be
ready to notice, to recognize that you are dreaming and to dream whatever you wish. And when you finally awake from your dreams,
you will find it perfectly easy to remember their story, and the very first question you
will hear in your mind as you wake up will be… Are you dreaming? And now the voice is waiting and watching. And silent until the right moment. And now, you drift into sleep ready to recognize. And now, you drift into sleep.