This is Rasa. Welcome to your guided meditation. Find a peaceful place to begin your meditation
and your day. Make sure you are in a quiet place that feels
comfortable. Place in a position that will help you stay
awake. You may sit up or lay down on the floor, use
some cushions or bolsters under your head and under your knees. You
can also sit near a wall and place a bolster between your back and the wall to keep a straight
spine. Find a position now where you can relax and
let go. Once you are in a comfortable position take
a deep breath in, through your nose, all the way to your stomach and softly close your
eyes. Hold that breath for a second and exhale gently
through the nostrils. We will do this breath a couple of times. Take a deep inhalation. Feel how your chest and stomach expand. Hold your breath for one second and release. Exhaling slowly. Take a deep breath in. Feel how the air enters through your nostrils. Hold your breath for one more second and exhale
slowly. Deep breath in. Relax your eyebrows. Hold your breath and exhale slowly – feel
your shoulders lowering with each exhale you take. Inhale, softly and slowly. Hold that breath for a second. And release – feel the air exiting your nostrils. Inhale, relaxing your face. Exhale releasing any tangled up energy you
have felt in your body. Inhale slowly, hold for one second and exhale
slowly. Now let your breath find its natural rhythm. Let your breath simply flow. With every exhalation feel how your body melts
down. Feel how your body can relax more
and more. Now invite any type of energy you want to
be filled with today. This can be love, peace, strength, softness,
ease, joy, vibrancy, vitality or anything else that you need. Take a moment to tune and ask yourself what
is it that you need today? This can be one or a few things. Now with each breath, we will slowly go one
by one of the relaxation points and as I will call them, feel that energy to enter that
particular part of your body: Feel it enter your eyebrows. Your eyes. Your cheekbones. Your mouth. Feel it move into
your jaw. Your neck. Your shoulders. Your arms. Your hands. Now feel it in your stomach. Your hips. Your legs. Feel it run in and through your feet. Now feel it across your body. Feel it in your breath. Feel each inhalation and exhalation. Visualize, that with each inhalation, you
absorb everything you are needing right now. Visualize that with each exhalation you become
more grounded and your body energized. Now visualize that with every inhale you are
absorbing this unseen by the naked eye white light. And with every exhale you let that light solidify
the energy within and wrapping you in its white light cocoon. With every inhale you absorb everything you
need. With every exhale you become more grounded. Inhaling pureness. Exhaling and feeling grounded. Now place your attention onto your heart. Feel grateful for this brand new day and the
energy that you created within and around yourself. Feel Strong. Feel grateful for your body. Feel alive. Feel grateful for your heart. Feel peace. Feel grateful for who you are today. Slowly come back to your breath and feel its
natural pace. Sitting in peace. Feeling your heartbeat. Feeling love within. Repeat the mantra: ‘Today is a new day and
my heart is open’ X 5
Now slowly notice, come back to your breath. With your eyes closed become aware of your
surroundings. Become aware of where you are sitting. Become aware of your body. Slowly place your right hand on your navel,
palm facing your body. Place your left hand on your heart, palm facing
your body. Stay here in silence and feel each breath,
going from your chest to your belly. Feel how the chest moves. Feel how your stomach moves. Feel the breath going in. Feel your breath going out. Take with you today this feeling of bliss
and leave everything that serves no purpose. Slowly open your eyes. Keeping a soft gaze. Feeling peaceful and yet energized to start
the day. Thank you for joining me in this meditation
and I will connect with you once again in the next one.