This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. Remember that we are all connected. We are here to help each other learn and grow. We feel the same emotions. We share the same experiences. Trust the give and take of life and relationships
so as to remember that the greatest gifts of all are not always the ones we recognise
right away. Before you begin this meditation, make sure
your environment is quiet and somewhere you will not be disturbed. Sit up straight and roll your shoulders back. Or, you may lie down if this is more comfortable. Find a position that will allow for your body
to relax. Inhale through the nose and exhale through
the mouth. Allow your muscles to soften. Notice any sensations in your body as you
do this and then let is pass. Now, bring the focus back to your breathing. Pay attention to the pace and the depth of
each breath. Allow your breath to become a little slower
and deeper. Feel your abdomen rise and fall as you inhale
and exhale. Allow your body to relax. Allow your body to be still. Continue focusing on your breath. Allow your breath to become even slower and
deeper. With each exhale, release and let go. With every breath, feel your body relax even
more. Feel a sense of relaxation and calm steadily
spreading throughout your entire body. Let the relaxation to continue to spread as
you feel more and more at ease. Breathe and visualise emerald green colour
surrounding your body. This is the energy of love and compassion. It will comfort and soothe you throughout
this process. See the beautiful green energy to twinkle
and it feel it to calmingly surround you… Tune into your heart space. Find the place in your area heart where you
are placed and are holding onto the person that you would like to let go of. You can place your left hand on your heart
if you like. Where do you hold this person? How tightly? How willingly or not? Prepare to let go of this person by sending
love to yourself into your heart. Green emerald energy intensifies as you do
this. If you had placed your had on your heart,
place it by your side. Energetically and mentally open your heart,
feel it expose itself into the space around you. Feel yourself getting ready to release. It is safe for you to do that. You are not alone. All is well. Feel your heart to open a little more. Now visualise a small, virtual door in your
heart to open wider and wider. See the person you are letting go of walking
out of your heart space. Feel new room, new sensations in your heart
and your body as you let them walk out and vanish in the ether. Feeling calm. Feeling light. Visualise and look around, noticing that all
around is just vast, wide open space, no constraints, blue skies and a sense of freedom. Relaxing here, sensing pathways to new possibilities
and chapter to open up wide for you. Visualise yourself sitting at the shore of
a beautiful emerald green lake. In the water you see reflections of the clouds. You see sparkles of light from the sun. The lake is surrounded by tall, beautiful
trees. This place is just for you. It is very quiet and you feel completely at
home, safe. Look up to the sky. You see a three white doves gliding effortlessly
in the wind. The white doves are so close that you can
see every detail of their angelic beauty. As they glide, they begin to form perfect
circle.The doves are carrying messages of light and insight for
you. They are here to help you let go. To surrender. To feel at peace again. Visualise a mirror that fits inside the circle
of these illuminating white doves. Look into the mirror and see the story of
the relationship you need to let go of. You can visualise memories. Experiences. Picture it however you wish. What feels most comfortable for you. What soul lessons did you learn from this
relationship? What soul gifts did this relationship bring? Patience. Wisdom. Take a moment to express gratitude for them. Continue to focus on what the mirror is showing
you. Know that you are safe to do this. Allow yourself to let your inner guidance
lead the way. As you relax and surrender, your soul is healing. Allow yourself to forgive any pain or regret. Release any feelings that no longer serve
you. Notice that the first white dove prepares
to fly away from the circle. Each dove carries away all that you are releasing. Your energy is changing. You are lighter. Can you feel it? What feelings do you need to let go of from
this relationship? First white dove is flying away. Your vibration is rising higher and higher
as you let go of the past. Second dove flies away into the blue sky… Let it carry away the heaviness. You are feeling relaxed… Continue setting yourself free of any hurt
or anger… Let it go… There is now only one white dove left. It has been waiting for this final release. Take as much time to visualise what has kept
you attached to this relationship. When you are ready, allow yourself to release
it all. Watch as the last dove flies away. Visualise the courage and strength that is
pulsating throughout your body and soul. Everything you have released is now being
replaced with love and light. Now look back to the mirror up above. See it is showing you your stronger self. You are courageous. You are strong. You now have clarity and peace. Imagine yourself step into the present moment
where a new life is waiting for you. What does this new chapter look like? What does it feel like? Give thanks for what you have come through. And, for where you are headed, as it is an
intended place. Now it is time to gently come back to an alert
state of mind and body. With your eyes still closed, begin to become
more aware of the environment around you. Notice the temperature in the room. Feel the floor or bed beneath you. Feel how your clothes touch your skin. Move your fingers and toes. Roll or shrug your shoulders. Now open your eyes but remain still for a
few moments longer. Straighten out your legs. Stretch your arms and legs. Enjoy how relaxed and peaceful you feel, until
you are ready to return to the present moment. Thank you for joining me and to continue to
support my work through all the likes, comments and shares. I really appreciate it. Until next time!