To maintain a clean and organized home mostly two things work perfectly one a good routine and two a dedication to maintain the routine. namaste welcome to home hashtag life in this video I will share with you few of my practical laundry routine tips and ideas. these tips and ideas helped us a lot to set up an organized laundry routine in our home. and I hope it will be helpful for you as well. i have divided this video in to two parts one laundry washing care and two laundry routine tips lets start with laundry washing care. we always store our daily wear and undergarments in this laundry bag. once it’s full I do a load of laundry, mostly everyday or every other day i use 30 minutes quick wash cycle to was our daily clothes because they don’t get dirty that much and when you optimize your wash cycle it saves your electricity and money both. along with detergent I use one germ protection specially in winter or rainy season, especially when sun is not there to avoid fungal infection it winter time we need to take good care of our woolen clothes especially when we wash them. as woolen clothes are very delicate. i always wash woolen clothes in cold water when you are going to wash woolen in washing machine and it does not have a separate setting for woolen clothes then choose coldest setting in your machine if it doesn’t require you can simply wash your clothes in without hot water. also take care of rpm too. set the tumble dry or spin setting in lowest possible as well. Always use mild detergent for your winter clothes I use Ezee for our woolen clothes it’s liquid detergent so it dissolve very quickly with leaving any residue. it’s no-soda formula clean woolen clothes gently as it’s ph neutral so it does not damage woolen clothes when we wash our clothes we should always take care about the detergent quantity we should not add detergent neither less nor more in quantity The cap come along with Ezee helps us to measure detergent in right quantity if you are washing your clothes in tub then 1 cap full of Ezee is sufficient or if you are washing clothes in washing machine then also 1 cap full is sufficient to wash an entire load it has in built micro conditioners which helps to keep clothes gently and fluffy even after wash it maintains the shine of the clothes when you put your washed woolen clothes to dry try not to hang it while it’s completely wet use dry flat method put a towel and put your sweater on top of it so it will help the sweater to maintain it’s shape and size whenever we put clothes to wash in washing machine don’t overload it or don’t put less clothes to wash if you watch semi-automatic or top load machine carefully they give indications for maximum water level similarly those front load machines also have shapes for indication if you notice here you can see a shape inside and outside, in both places if you wish to wash clothes properly then keep your clothes up to this level in this way your clothes will be cleaned properly sometime we wonder if you can put our delicate clothes in washing machine you can wash few delicate clothes in machine but always use a mesh bag if your clothes are having embroidery or sequins work then put them in mesh bag before washing then in machine so it will prevent the damage and if you don’t have mesh bags then take the inside out of the clothes before washing them it also can prevent the damage before washing your woolen clothes or delicate clothes don’t forget to check the washing instruction if we say woolen clothes here you can see we need to had wash the clothes and we should not use any bleach or harsh chemical if you see here you has mentioned clearly – no tumble dry it means we should not spin dry it so if we take care of this small things, our clothes can be maintained for long time now let’s see the part two which is laundry routine tips here I will share how and what routine I follow on day to day basis so first of all have an organized laundry sorting system i have divided our laundry into 5 categories for example everything is mixed in this basket things to be hand washed, socks daily wear school dresses everything so whenever you are going to wash you need to sort everything first but if already you have sorted system it will be much easier for you to do day to day laundry to put clothes in their designated space before doing laundry to set up an organized system my next tip is sock bag system keep one mesh bag in bathroom or laundry room or even in shoe rack by this way your family members socks will not get lost again and everything will be organized good habits should be inculcated in kids from the very beginning in this basket my daughter put her dirty laundry which I sort afterward this kind of lessons definitely make kids responsible as I work from home so it’s kind of juggle for me to maintain a balance in between my youtube work and household responsibility always keep a laundry basket in parents room or in guest room by this way they will not keep laundry anywhere and you can be organized with day to day laundry i would like to suggest to keep a laundry routine timing board in their room so that they will know when you are going to do laundry especially if you are working it can be very helpful to maintain the system in our life everything is not same everyday sometimes we can not follow the routine so so for laundry I like to keep one or two baskets handy to keep washed laundry so that clothes will not lay around like that just keep them inside this bags and fold them as per your convenience by this way your home will be neat-o-clean always now a days we don’t have much time so what if we make our laundry folding time double productive so we can listen to music, call a friend, watch tv or else when you are spending time with your family then also you can fold or even you can take help from them too sometimes my daughter fold her laundry not always but once or twice in a week I ask her to fold the laundry i divide iron clothes in two parts one, which I iron by myself and two, which I give to our ironwala in our society I iron my daily wear pihus clothes and linen and i give my husbands and my clothes to ironwala by this way I can manage our laundry routine on daily basis I keep all my laundry essentials in this cabinet it ease my everyday work when it comes to do laundry if you have liked this video be sure to give a big thumbs up