Hey everyone! So in this drill what we’re gonna work on is shoulder stability and strength on the frontal plane. So the ability to ward off but also be able to pull in. So here we have a 7-foot stick.
We’re gonna use the door jamb, because of people at home, you don’t have
a squat rack a door jamb is gonna work. If you’re at the gym you can use a squat rack if it’s more optimal for you especially if you don’t have a 7-foot stick. Here I’m gonna set the stick up. Top of the stick is at the top of the door jamb, against it. So in this position I’m warding off or I’m
pushing away from me on the frontal plane. I have my feet about shoulder width apart. My elbow is at about 90 degrees and from here all I’m
gonna do is push the stick down into the ground first, so my lats engage you’re gonna feel your lateral tissue here, and then I’m just gonna simply push away. What I want to do is push not leverage body weight,
make sure you’re not doing that. So you’re staying center here, push down, lat engaged,
and then just push the stick away from you. Once you’ve done that for a few seconds hold it
at end range for about six to ten seconds. Simply place the stick inside the door,
step in a little bit closer. Push down and you want your arm
extended in this position because as you push down
you want to be able to flex the elbow and pull the elbow in towards your
mid-line or your side tissue, alright. Hold that for about six to ten seconds.
Perform about three reps on each. Give it a shot and
let us know how it feels!