Monk Xuanzang of Tang-Dynasty China Went west into India in search
of Buddhist Sutras. His pilgrimage initiated the close
ties between the two kingdoms. Later Tang China sent his envoy
Wang Xuance to India. He made a remarkable contribution to
the development of relations, and cultural exchanges
between China and India. In AD 647 Arunasva, leader of Magadha Kingdom’s
elephant legion in India, attempted to seize the throne and
make himself king On Wang’s second mission to India, Arunasva led his army to waylay… Wang Xuance I am General Bhima here to rescue you by the command
of Her Highness Gitanjali. Get on the horse. Ambassador, Arunasva
has attacked Magadha, and the city of Réjagaha has fallen. General Bhima shall
escort you back to the Great Tang Empire to
request military aid, along with some valuables and
treasures as tributes. General, the fate of Magadha
is now in your hands. General, we have crossed the
border of the Tang Dynasty. Ahead of us lies a frozen lake I am afraid it cannot support
our weight. Please wait for me here. I’ll go ahead to find a
safe way to pass. Wang Xuance safely crossed
the frozen lake. When he looked back, he saw only a vast expanse
of whiteness. Bhima and his men had disappeared. Everything seemed like a dream.