Translator: Tijana Mihajlović
Reviewer: Denise RQ Our mental peace or inner peace
is the true source of happiness, and when I say happiness,
I don’t just mean superficial happiness, like our ordinary pleasures
that easily turn into pain, or our excitements
that easily become disappointments. When I say happiness,
I mean a deep inner peace and joy, a contentment and well-being
that we can share with others. A happiness that makes others happy. It’s very beautiful. And also, our inner peace,
the source of our happiness, also happens to be
the source of outer peace. From inner peace,
naturally outer peace will follow. Of course. So, now for the next
maybe 12 or 13 minutes, what I’d like to do is guide
a breathing meditation, so you can follow, and collectively we’re going to create maybe not world peace,
but theater peace together. (Laughter) It’s a good beginning. OK, so to begin. Whenever you begin meditation, the first thing to do
is find a comfortable meditation posture. And the most important thing
is that your back is nice and straight. This will help you to remain
much more alert during the meditation. Your eyes can be partially closed, and your hands resting comfortably
inside your lap. And then, allow your mind to just relax, letting go of all ordinary concerns, and temporarily
to stop thinking about anything. And then you can turn your attention to the sensation of your breathing. Gently and naturally, inhale and exhale through your nostrils. Become aware of the sensation
of your breath right at the tip of your nostrils as you inhale and exhale. This sensation
is your object of meditation. With mindfulness, focus on this sensation, the gentle rhythm of your breathing, to the exclusion of everything else. If other thoughts begin to arise, resist the temptation to follow them. Remain mindful of the sensation
of your breathing, moment by moment. If, at any time, your mind has wandered and is following your thoughts, then immediately, but gently bring your awareness back
to the sensation of your breath. Continue to do this
until your mind begins to settle or rest in a gentle rhythm
of your breathing. And just for the last minute or so, remain mindful
of the sensation of your breath. And in this way,
through gentle effort in meditation, when the busyness
of turbulent distracting thoughts subside, we have the opportunity
to experience our own mind as very still, peaceful, clear, and spacious. And this mental peace is a sign of the much greater potential for peace that already lies within us. We are tapping into
our potential to create peace. And before we arise from this meditation, we can develop a determination to maintain this peaceful mind
and good heart, and to share this experience with others. In this way, may everyone find true happiness, and may we create peace in our world. And so, when you’re ready, you can begin to gently relax
your concentration, and as you slowly arise
from the meditation, please bring
this peaceful feeling with you. Thank you very much.