Come in, come in. Oh, hello. Oh no. I brought the wrong notes. Do you want me to ask
you some questions about Vici Gaming or…? – Yes. In Chinese? – No! Alright I think I’ve
memorized most of them. Since we’re talking about stress, how do you honestly deal with the stress of playing Dota? Well, I think you have to remember that… Dota is a… Dota is a team game. – Yeah. So you don’t have to be alone
when it comes to stress. You have your team. – Okay. And if you, as a team, calm
down for the next game, that’s enough for me. Who on your team is the
best at dealing with stress and who is the worst? Ha! Sorry. Sorry. Okay, okay. Are you overdoing it? No, no, no, it’s fine. The best at dealing with stress… – Yeah. I would say, probably Artour or Sumail. – Oh really? Yeah, they’re pretty good at
dealing with stress, I’d say. Does your family help
center you and calm you, or do they stress you out? A little bit of both. Usually my parents are really nice. – Yeah. They’re always positive. And then my… my brothers can be harsh at times. – What? I mean, I’m the youngest brother. – Oh. So they’ve always been a
bit harsh. I grew up… – That comes with the territory then. Yeah, but I know they mean well, you know? So obviously, a lot of
people were talking about some of the personnel and
teammate changes last year. And it felt like you kind
of escaped getting any heat. Did you feel that too? Did you feel like Fly and… – Yeah. Kind of got most of that heat. Yeah, I think so. – Why? A lot of people forget that I was… I was the one that like kind of initiated it. And I think Fly just had a bigger reputation when it
came to his past teammates. Like N0tail and stuff, they’ve
been friends for a long time. And I was just a… the
third wheel, you know. I think Tal got a bit too much attention. Yeah, I would say it’s
a bit unfair to him. You’re one of few who could potentially be the first to win multiple TIs as an individual player. – Yeah. What are your chances? Do you still think about that a lot? I mean, yeah. It always comes to mind. Are you waving at me? Yeah. I just see a… A lot of my old teammates
from my past team, Alliance. They’ve now retired. – Right. So I feel like I have to live up to them and actually win one, soon. Aw, like to carry on their… Legacy. Legacy. Aw, that’s so sweet. Who do you think has the best chance of being the first one if not you? I would say Liquid. – Yeah. And OG. So you think Kuro has a chance too, at being the first to win? Yeah. He’s a very strong Dota captain, so I think he can do it
again, if he wants to. Are you excited for TI to be in Shanghai? – Yeah.
How come? I think it’s gonna be fun, especially if there’s a lot of Chinese fans – Yeah. there to cheer for western teams also. It’s not just Chinese fans cheering for Chinese teams. Oh that’s a good point. And I think it’s a really good thing that we get to play a TI where one of the biggest fanbase is in China. See, aren’t you more relaxed? Yeah. Thank you so much. I have a guy punching me in the back. It’s a metaphor.