When you receive your box start by removing the banding and tape using a pair of scissors. Remove all of the packaging remember to check all of the polystyrene before you throw anything away. Lay out all of your parts and check them against your manual to make sure you are not missing any items. During the first stage of assembly start by attaching the front and rear stabilisers. The front stabiliser will have a red sticker to indicate which way up and transport wheels. Be careful not to trap your fingers underneath the bike. The rear stabiliser will have the rectangular feet attach this in the same way as the front. Next, remove the three nuts and washers from under the saddle. Then replace the horizontal seat post over the top and secure back down. Slide the vertical seat post into the base making sure the holes are facing forward and secure using the larger adjustment knob. Now slot the horizontal seat post on top and secure using the smaller adjustment knob and flat washer underneath. Attach the pedal straps to each corresponding pedal both will be labelled with a small ‘R’ or ‘L’. Then match each pedal to the correct crank and align the threads turning the right pedal clockwise and the left pedal anti-clockwise. Next, remove the six allen head bolts from the handlebar post base. Connect the two parts of the bottle holder and slide them onto the handlebar post. Then connect the sensor wire remembering to align the pins and check you hear a click. Push the tension cable into the handlebar post and slot it onto the base. Be careful not to trap your wires. Then reattach the allen head bolts from earlier. Remember two will have arc washers to be attached to the front and the other four will have flat washers to be attached to the side. Pull the tension cable out of the hole in the handlebar post and remove the long screw from the back of the tension control knob. Now attach the cable on the knob through the hook, be aware this can be quite fiddly. Then pull the cable up and over the top of the clasp. And feed it back into the frame. Secure the tension knob using the long screw and washer removed from earlier. Next, remove the two allen head bolts from the top of the handlebar post and feed the pulse wires from the handlebars into the frame and pull them out of the top. Secure the handlebars back down using the two allen head bolts. Remove the four screws from the back of the monitor and connect the three wires from the monitor to the handlebar post. Feed the wires into the frame being careful not to trap them. Then secure the monitor to the bracket using the screws previously removed.