Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing
well. So I’ve worn this bun for 10 days without taking it down and my scalp is
starting to get dry and dirty. Let me show you. You’re probably thinking that
this is dandruff but it’s actually not It’s old, dried-up gel that’s starting
to flake on my scalp. It has been 10 days since my scalp has touched water so
by now, it is a little thirsty. I always got to make sure my scalp is clean and
healthy, that’s very important to me. So what I’m going to be doing in this video
is a good old-fashioned hot oil treatment, but first I gotta get this gel
out of my hair I’ve rinsed my hair with water and I’ve
added oil to most of my scalp but I’m saving this last section for you I’ve already filled my little container
with about an ounce of an herbal oil mix that I made at home.
So now, I’m adding my Jamaican Black Castor Oil. The castor oil I’m using
today is by a brand called Lifestyle Essentials by Nature. It’s an authentic,
100% natural castor oil with no other ingredients added. Jamaican castor is
dark brown in color because the castor beans were roasted in the extraction
process. Roasting produces ash content so the ash gives the oil that dark color and
that nice, smoky, burnt-like scent. Regular castor oil isn’t roasted, it’s cold
pressed, so it’s much lighter in color and it doesn’t have that same smoky
scent to it. Now I’m adding some essential oils for some extra flavor Alrighty then. So I never warm my oils
for my oil treatments. The reason being is, my body heat from my finger pads will
warm up the oils once I start massaging the oil on my scalp. Also, I always cover
my head with a plastic bag and a heat source, like a hood a dryer or a
microwaveable heat cap. So warming up the oil in advance, for me, is just an extra
step I always apply it to my hair as well. First
I like to spray it with water, then I just let the oil drizzle on my ends, then
I smooth it all in So now I’m going to increase the
effectiveness of the castor oil mix and I’m gonna do that by adding a plastic
bag and a microwavable heat cap. If all you have is a grocery bag then girl, use
that and go on about your day I have no product in my hair, it’s just
glistening because it’s holding water. I never seal my hair with oils and
butters, I like to do oil treatments separately. I’ve used castor oil for
years. I am a witness that it does help regrow sparse hair. If you’re looking for
an authentic castor oil, I definitely recommend the one that I showed you in
today’s video. The link to where you can purchase is in the description box God Bless and thanks for partying with me you guys!! ๐Ÿ™‚