Hello everyone! This is Running On Empty … Food Review!
(with finger swipe) Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen, everyone watching. Yes. I’m your host The Report Of The Week. And here we are for another review. Now, you might be saying first and foremost… I mean, some people might be saying some, you know, might not be, “Reviewbrah, what are you doing? I thought you said you were gonna get some dental work?” You weren’t gonna be able to do the reviews anymore. You know, what what’s going on? Why are you .. are you just risking everything to review the Burger King? Or what’s going on precisely?” So here’s what’s going on: I was able to get the dental work scheduled. I haven’t gotten it done yet. It’s gonna be in a couple days. So, I mean it’s it’s fast approaching, but I figured in the meantime, you know, I want to do another review. Why not before I have to give my mouth a little bit of a break? Let’s try out a new item! And this release I’m really excited to try out. This is from Burger King. It’s one of their Big King. You know, part of that lineup, which has been going for years. It’s been going since 2016 and it’s it’s an interesting it this is like if you want to look at, I would say probably the most dramatic, climactic, you know, edge-of-your-seat type of tale in the the fast-food world. Look no further than the story of the a Big King lineage from Burger King. Right? It starts out on a on a regular day in 2016. I try it out. They’ve released the first one and it was … it was terrible You know? Try out the next couple releases – Absolutely dreadful! But, then over the years it’s like it’s they start improving it and maybe they just start making some tweaks here and there. Maybe they just started getting more used to it. I don’t really know but then over the years it’s just gotten better and better and I know I mean I really … The last couple, you know, variants of the the King lineup I haven’t had any problems with. So hopefully this one will be the same. You know? Fingers crossed anyway. You know, you never know, but but hopefully it’ll be okay. Anyway, this is the Cheddar Bacon King Burger. It was a little bit of a quest to actually get this one also, believe it or not, because I go to the first Burger King and they tell me … you know, because they had the sign for it Right. So usually when you go and the place has like the promotional picture the the promotional poster for the item, right? You know that they’ve got it and it’s like you could breathe this sigh of relief – they have it. You’re gonna be ok, you can get the item you want. So I, so I order and they say oh no corporate just gives us these pictures of the items but we don’t have them. So that’s a new one. I’ve never heard that one before. I went to another one and they did have it. The Cheddar Bacon King sandwich. You might be wondering well with a name like that is it really as simplistic as, you know, the name kind of gives the impression? Cheddar Bacon King or is there more to it than that? You know because some people have hypothesized that cheddar does not really mean cheddar cheese but it’s actually like it’s a bit of a code word for the rest of the ingredients. So it, you know, would be like chicken horseradish eggplant double dill root beer bacon king right and have all those ingredients. But in reality, it is just cheddar cheese. So .. that isn’t the case, but some people have said that it is maybe but it’s not. In reality it has a half pound of beef, right? But you can actually… It has a quarter pound beef patty and you can get it with the two beef patties right there by making it a half pound so you can get it with one or two patties. A lot of people opt for two, some get one, but I would at least have a quarter pound patty. Bacon. Right? Cheddar Cheese – as the title of the item says. Ketchup and mayo. It’s a basic burger, but you see they try to say well we got the cheddar cheese this time instead of like, you know, American cheese. It’s the cheddar variety the Ched-DAR as I sometimes say. Price for this was six dollars and forty nine cents. So it’s a little pricey. But again, hey if it’s good, it’s good and we’ll see if it’s worth it. Got some Burger King napkins. Collector’s item! Bag – empty. And here we go with the … well it says “Bacon King”, you know? They mean, they mean well. Open this up from a burger. And this is the one with the two patties this time around. Okay. So here it is Okay, you can see it is it, look, it’s a decent-size burger. I mean look, it’s like I would say … How many of these would equal my head would you say? Maybe two and a half stacked up on top of each other might be like the size of my head. If you go this way, then I kind of, you know, it’s like a burger for a face like a burger mask. If you can get a couple rubber bands and you know wear it and scare your friends or something. I don’t know. I don’t. Do whatever you want with it! There it is. So you can see the cheddar cheese and some of the bacon, some of the toppings there. There’s the sesame-seed bun. You know, again, mayo. Ketchup and bacon right there. Now what I want to do, and lets just get this out of the way while we’re at it, right? That’s good enough, hopefully. Enough, right? Getting, getting the important stuff done first. I want to try something new with this. Usually I just dive right in. I just, you know… I want to cut this in half this time around. A lot of people have said just, you know, try it from the from the center. So that’s so exactly what I’m gonna do. So, let’s try to cut it in half anyway. It’s a good idea, you know? Because otherwise, it’s like I nibble on the edge. I can’t really I just want to dive right into the, you know, the as they would say, the core of the sandwich. How about we go with this half right here? Alright? Usually I don’t cut the burgers in half, unless it’s like a really big one, but you can kind of see the cross-section of it a little better too. All right, well I think you know what’s in it. I know what’s in it. We all know what’s in store for us. Let’s see how good it is. It’s the cheddar bacon King from Burger King going in! I know there’s the a decades-old question. Why do I chew on one side of my mouth and ignore the other? In my most recent video, I mean aside from this one. I explained that. So I’ll try to get a link for that for you. It also kind of explains what’s going on, why I might take a little break from things and.. We’ll get back at it, you know, again before you know it! We’ll take one more bite here. Removing any ketchup leakage as they say. Sip of water. Alright here’s what we’ve got: Because they say it’s the Cheddar Bacon King and you know, obviously like anything else, you know, well, what’s the difference that the cheddar cheese makes aside from the standard American cheese? First and foremost: Everything else I think it’s a, I think it’s a good sandwich. Like I said earlier in the review, I think they’ve tweaked it a bit. They’ve improved where they’ve went wrong. I think they’ve seen the error of their ways and I think they’ve really, you know, They’ve taken the initiative and they’re, they’re working on it to make it a better sandwich. I mean, this is a lot better. This is like this is similar to the one, you know, in terms of composition that I originally had in 2016. But this is way better. You know the beef patties they’re juicy. I mean, they’re flavorful, you get that you just to get that meat in every single bite and you know. It’s just a good amount of it. I mean, it’s it’s flavorful. You’re just getting a nice big burger there, which is great! Right? The bacon, you could, I mean that’s the one thing the flavor of that bacon really shines through too. And Yeah it’s Burger King, but it’s good for what it is. I mean, I have to give them credit. There’s not a ton of mayo anymore. I know the ketchup goes in good and the mayo gives it a little bit of moisture. But it’s not over the top like it was a couple years ago. So I mean, again, they’ve improved on so many things and the cheddar cheese I think is a really good accompaniment. Right? It’s flavorful. It’s noticeable. You know it sometimes like there’s too much cheese, but I think in this case there’s a good amount. You know? How it’s between the patties and then on the on top as well. It’s just that it’s a good amount and I think it just ties everything together. It’s flavorful and you get that little bit of cheesiness in every bite as well. I mean, I think overall though it’s not to say that it’s like the most, you know gourmet blessed burger one has ever consumed. But I think, you know, for fast food I think it’s a decent cheeseburger for what it is. And again, if it if it proves to be a little too much you can just get it with one patty it’ll still I think be fine and overall. I just think it’s a really solid cheeseburger from Burger King. Nothing over-the-top. Nothing incredible, but for what it is. It doesn’t need to be complex to be good. You know, that’s one thing. I think some people forget doesn’t need all these little bells and whistles sometimes. To be a decent a decent fast-food sandwich now the price for this was a little I mean is a little pricey. But you are getting a half pound of beef in this one. So I mean, It’s okay for what it is. Again.. If it was a bad sandwich, I’d kind of call it out, but for $6.49 I think you’re getting what you pay for. And I think It’s a pretty good sandwich. So out of ten? I’m gonna give it a seven out of ten. Because for what it is, you know again, like I was saying it’s fast food. You can’t it’s not a gourmet burger. But it’s simple and yeah, it’s good for what it is. So that’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen. I’m your host The Report Of The Week. Probably the next video won’t be food-related because I’m again I’m just gonna have this dental work done – get that taken care of, recover for a little bit. But I’ll keep pumping out content and keep everyone posted. So I hope you could stick with the channel in the meantime and I’ll keep you all posted. If you want to support the channel, support the podcasts or radio show as I always consider joining the community of patrons at patreon.com/thereportoftheweek
And there you could always access some exclusive content. It’s just a fun place to be and it helps, it helps, keep things going no matter what! So otherwise, I’ll keep you guys posted on how the a operation goes and other than that, hope you enjoyed the review. Stay tuned. We’ll get some more videos your way whenever they, whenever they happen. Thank you and take care! I’m your host The Report Of The Week.