Hi there its Lucy here from Lucys Angels Baby
Massage. I’m really excited to be bringing you a lovely Bedtime Baby Massage Session
later on this afternoon. So I just wanted to invite you all to it. This is my cosy space
and it’s really easy to book in, via a link on my website which is www.Lucysangels.co.uk.
Should be nice and easy to book in. Once you’ve booked in, I’ll send you an email with all
the details and an invite to the session on Zoom. In the email I send you a couple of
short videos to watch to help you prepare for the space and think about which oil you’d
like to use if you want to use one. Thats it really! Really simple and I’m going to
guide you through a really calming and soothing full body massage for your baby to really
help them have a good nights sleep. Sounds good! Hopefully see you a bit later! xx