Holistic Healing for Survivors of Sexual Violence:
Guided Meditation for Healing Your Inner Child Sit with feet planted firmly in the floor
and palms resting up. Close your eyes and imagine being in a beautiful lush green meadow
looking down upon rolling hills. Below you is a fertile valley with a river running through
it. You hear faintly the sound of water running and tumbling over the stones in the river.
You feel a sense of tranquility come over you and fill your being with peace, as you
release that no longer serves you. You stand up and walk up the hill, where you find a
beautiful stone fountain that has been built around the mountain’s natural spring. As
you get closer to the fountain you see there is a small child standing there. Closer still
as you begin to make out the child’s features you see that it is you, in your smaller, younger
form. You smile at each other as you approach, and you hand them a quarter to throw into
the fountain to make a wish. Think about what it is you wanted most, what you wished for
the most, the thing that you wanted so badly but you never got. What did you need the most
that no one ever gave you? This can be whatever you want it to be. The child version of you
makes the wish, eyes closed, throws the quarter into
the water and amazingly, when they open their
eyes and turn to face you, you hold in your hands that very special thing they were wishing
for. You reach out your hands and give it to them. You are unlimited. You can do anything,
including go back in time and provide yourself with everything you need to be happy and whole.
Whether it was a person, a feeling, a sense of security and safety, or simply a special
toy or a gift, go back now to your younger self and give that to yourself now. You are
healed. You are fulfilled. You are whole. You are right with your self and all of nature.
Your ancestors love you. Your future generations need you. You are whole in this moment. You
are healed. Nothing can hurt you. You have everything you need. As you walk away from
the fountain hand in hand with your younger self, you look up at the sun and feel it filled
with all your feelings of loving wholeness, your clarity of purpose and your love and
tenderness towards yourself. You feel the sun warming your skin. As you look up towards
it, and send all those loving intentions into the sun, you feel it break open like an egg
right on the top of your head, and drip cool molten gold down into the crown of your head,
filling your brain, your skull, every part of your face, your eyes, your ears, your chin,
dripping down coating your throat, wrapping around your shoulders, down your back, down
your chest, around your shoulders, into your lungs, your heart, flowing down through your
arms, elbows, your wrists, your hands, your fingertips. Taking time to let the golden
Sun fill every part of you, get into every corner, crevice. Flowing down around your
chest all through all of your organs, your stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, liver,
spleen, gallbladder the seat of your creativity and your creative power, your pelvic floor,
around your hips, around the sockets where your legs join your hips, down your legs,
your knees, your shins, your calves, your ankles, feet and toes. Let your entire body
fill with gold until you glow with a pale golden light that emanates outward for miles
as you integrate
all parts of yourself into one powerful, creative, glowing body. You light up the entire lush
green valley and your reflection sparkles in the stream. Breathe….breathe…breathe…and
bring your awareness back to where you’re sitting, wherever you are in the World. Be
here now. Open your eyes.