Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Let your eyes close and your body relax. Take a deep and slow breath in through your
nose and fully breathe out through your mouth. Again, take a breath in and feel how your
body sinks into the soothing relaxation with each outbreath. Take a few moments to breathe consciously,
fully and slowly. Feel how each breath is shifting and subtly
transforming the energy within your body. Now, place your hands in front of you while
keeping them slightly apart as if you are holding a ball. Keep your fingers and the entire hands relaxed
and soft. Become aware of the energy in each hand. It may feel like a subtle or strong pulse,
a vibration, a tingle. Now, slowly, gently pull your hands apart
and feel the energy stream between them. Relaxing here and feeling the energy current
in between your hands. Now, without letting your hands touch, bring
them together. Feel the subtle connection between the hands
still being active. Focusing on the sensations in your palms slowly
and gently keep moving your hands apart and back together. Feeling the energy sensation in your palms. Notice and feel the delicate energy transformation
within your body as well as your mind as you move the energy in between your hands. Now, pull you hands apart and let them drop
down at your sides, relax. Relax your face. Now, place your hands in front of you again
and imagine yourself holding an energy ball in between them. Moving your hands apart and back together. Visualising the energy ball growing and shrinking
with the movement of your hands. As you move your hands slowly apart, the light
energy ball expands, as you move them back closer together, the light energy ball contracts. Feeling the magnetic pull between your hands,
feeling the energy of the ball expand and grow small, feeling the energy within your
body, the energy ball and the entire space shift and electrify. Now, move your hands apart as much as you
feel comfortable to, whilst visualising and feeling the energy ball expand to its maximum,
charged with the energies of harmony, protection and love. The energy ball becomes so so big, visualise
and find yourself inside of the energy ball. Surrounded and enevloped like in a cocoon,
where you feel completely safe and calm. Place your hands on your chest and feel it
all, feel the love, harmony, protection and safety. Now let your hands rest at your sides or anywhere
you like. Take a full breath in and a soothing breath
out. Make an intention to purposefully connect
to your mind, your memories, your conscious and subconscious minds to access that what
it is required for this session. Now make an intention to connect with anyone
who can assist you in this session today, whether that would be your ancestors, guides
or angels or all of the above. Visualise the protective ball of energy around
you.You are completely safe. You are protected. Now focus on your body, mind and spirit, the
three aspects of you. Using all three make an intention to access
and release emotions that you need to release today and in the near future. Allow your emotions to flow through your body,
creating freedom within. It is ok to feel an emotional intensity when
you come across stored emotions. It is absolutely ok to want to spil over,
to cry, it is all ok to do. Simply stay with it for a short moment and
observe. Do your best to look at it the way you do
at things outside of you, without any strong attachment. Simply be, as much as you can. Now using your ability of tunning into your
body, your mind, your memories, begin to scan your entire being and listen, calmy, without
attaching, like a counselllor to their client, where and what the emotion is. Has this emotion served its purpose? Or is it necceseery to hold onto it to still
learn something? It is all ok, both valid choices. To help you decide you can visualise removing
or shifting this emotion out of your body, just for a second or few and experiencing
what the absense of the emotion feel like? Observe that shift, and the decision on what
choice to make will come to you. If the emotion is still present, with your
inner eye look at the emotion. Visualise holding it in the palms of your
hands. Give it your appreciation for teaching you,
for allowing you to express yourself, for connecting your soul to the physical world,
for allowing you to understand and experience that what is unique to you. If you are ready, see yourself reaching your
hands out into the open space and letting the emotion float away past your energy ball,
into the infine space leaving you relaxed and calm. Relaxing here. Relaxing your face. Feeling the new space within and outside of
you. It’s ok to feel energetical echos of the emotion
that’s departed. Focus on connecting on how you feel in your
new space within. Feeling more quiet, more calmness and clarity. Noticing the benefit of the emotional shift
to your cells across your whole physical being. Noticing how light your breath is. Noticing how bright and intuitive your awareness
is right now. Placing your attention onto your energy ball
and feeling it to begin to vibrate with a shimmering energy, colouring the whole ball
in gold. The energy within the ball feels so clear,
caressing your skin softly, purifying the air you breathe. As you observe, you can’t help but feel more
clear, energised and charged by this positive, golden energy. Visualise the golden energy come into your
body and saturate you in this warm, gentle feeling, that’s making you feel more calm,
more secure, sure and clear. Breathing and relaxing here. Relaxing your mind, your body. Now slowly reach your hands wide in front
of you. Feel the energy in between your hands. Visualise the ball getting smaller to fit
in between your hands. Now gently push your hands together making
your ball shrink into the tiniest golden ball, put it into your left hand and place your
left hand onto your heart, right hand onto your belly. You are safe, you are loved, you are supported. You are unique, you are magnificent. You are the important thread in our Universal
canvas. You are love, peace and wisdom. Becoming aware of your body. The fabric touching your skin. The surface holding you. Cool air coming into your nose. Warm air gently coming out of your nose. Becoming aware of your fingers and toes. Beginning to move them slightly. Giving yourself a big hug across shoulders. Gently stretching your body through your arms
and legs. Resting here for a little longer or opening
your eyes. If you find yourself to still releasing emotions
in the upcoming days, allow yourself to do that; simply take a breath, focus on relaxing
your lower belly, your hands and stay with yourself just the way you would with a child,
giving them space to work through the emotion. Support yourself just the way you would a
child, giving encouraging words once the emotion passes. You are safe and it is ok to experience emotions,
it is a part of us through which we understand this world, ourselves and each other. You always have this safe space right here
to return at any time to help you release, gain clarity and peace. Thank you for joining me in this meditation. I would like to know about your experience
– please comment, like or share this meditation. Thank you and until next time.