Hello everybody! My name is Alayna and this month, I’m going to meditate every single day. *fun intro music* If you guys know me, if you watch my videos you know that I am a big proponent… Proponent..? I am a big supporter of, I am a big believer in meditation. And in the past I have had a very steady stable meditation practice of my own. Except for the last few months. The last quarter of 2017 I’m gonna say– ah… the last half, the second half of 2017 I really fell off my meditation game. I had so many trips and so many visitors and whenever the conditions weren’t perfect I wouldn’t do it. And that’s the habit that I want to break this month. When I’m filming this it is the beginning of January. I am just making my New Year’s resolutions, and one of them is to meditate every single day. and what better way to keep myself accountable than to sit down and make a video about it. Specifically in this challenge I want to see if my sleep improves. If I increase my meditation practice, will I also be able to increase my sleep? And that is where the sponsor of this video comes in. I have once again partnered up with Calm! Calm is the number one meditation app, but it’s not just a meditation app it’s so much more. They have a huge library of guided meditation practices, but they also have a library full of music. They have a whole section of the app dedicated to sleep and their meditations and their music is all categorized so if you’re specifically looking to improve your focus, or reduce stress, or reduce anxiety or… improve sleep. There are specific guided meditations for that, there’s specific music for that. The link to download the app is the top one in the description. It’s completely free to download, and I recommend you do! For this month, I’m gonna be putting to the test guided meditation in the morning, as well as the sleep practices in the evening. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep. Like a lot of trouble falling asleep… I just can’t do it! And so I’m really hoping that a combination of meditation in the morning and a sleep practice at night will help with that problem. And if it sucks… at least we tried! *groovy electronic music* It’s only day two, but I’m finding it really easy to stick to so far. I think it’s because these practices that I’m doing, they’re only ten minutes each. I think when I fell off the bandwagon I had built up my morning sits to this big chunk of time in my mind, and that made it difficult for me to sit down and start again. The commitment of meditating every day for 30 days doesn’t feel like a big commitment… yet. Okay, so I take back everything I said in that last clip. It’s day four and I already messed up. See, this is exactly my problem yesterday I had coffee with Chrissy and so because that was my morning plan, I didn’t meditate in the morning. And then I had all this work to do in the afternoon, and then before I knew it was bedtime and I hadn’t meditated at all. This is my problem I find it so easy to keep up with my routine and do all of the things that I want to do in the mornings until I have other plans! This morning however, I’m going for coffee with Savannah, and I refuse to let that stop me from doing my sit So let’s go. You see this? You see this, you guys? I’m doing it Good morning everybody. I am so tired today. I had so much trouble falling asleep last night but I was being stubborn and didn’t listen to a meditation or anything just cuz, you know when you like have to go to the bathroom or something in the middle of the night you’re trying to convince yourself that you don’t have to go because you don’t want to get up? It was that situation except I didn’t want to put my headphones in, and then I finally fell asleep and at 2:00 in the morning I am woken up by freaking Bear chewing through my headphones! He chewed right through them! But I did put in my one remaining headphone. I put on a guided sleep meditation, it was their relaxing body scan and that knocked me out. I learned a few things throughout this challenge first of all I learned that weekends are the time when I always fall off my meditation practice. I messed up again. So it’s Monday and yesterday was the weekend and… your girl didn’t meditate. As for my sleep, at the beginning I thought that my morning meditation practice was maybe correlated to my sleep. I could not sleep for the life of me. I lay there for hours. My mind was just racing and racing and racing. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe they’re connected it would make sense to me if they were connected. By the end I realized that that wasn’t the case. Whether I sat in the morning or not didn’t seem to affect how well I slept at night. But oh my word sleep meditations are my savior! On the nights when my insomnia was really bad I would put in headphones, and I would put on one of the sleep meditations and it helped me get to sleep every single time. That was probably the biggest takeaway for me was to keep a pair of headphones beside the bed so that when I either can’t fall asleep, or I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever I know I have my meditation practice right there as a safety blanket. They also sent me a bottle of their sleep mist. Spraying it on my pillow before bed really helped to calm me down and make me feel like I was ready for sleep. Good morning, everybody. I just wanted to share this milestone in my meditation journey. I’m actually gonna turn off my Mindfulness reminder because I’ve been practicing pretty consistently and much earlier. Good morning guys, it’s really early and I have to go in like ten minutes, but you guys will be so proud of me I swore to myself that I would do my meditation practice this morning anyway And I’m gonna do it. And we’re back! Thirty days later. I am so glad that I did this challenge. I can genuinely say that meditation has become more a part of my daily morning routine than it ever has been before. I found that waking up in the morning and going straight to my meditation practice was the best way for me to be sure that I practiced every day. I also really enjoyed the different seven-day programs that they had on the app. Oh my word. Can you see the litter box in the back? That’s… that’s gross, sorry. The biggest change that I noticed throughout this challenge, not having to do with sleep, was my productivity during the day. This is one of those mornings where I feel like I almost want to say “I told you” so to myself. I did not feel like doing this practice this morning. I’m so tired I did not sleep last night, and I just didn’t want to do it, but because of this challenge I did and my mind is already feeling so much clearer and I just feel ready for my day Something that I do in the mornings, which I know is not like “the right way to meditate”. But it’s the right way for me, that’s the point. I’ll take my bullet journal, or like a notebook, whatever you have, and I’ll have it beside me while I practice. Now I usually in the mornings do 25 to 30 minutes of meditation, which I know sounds like a lot but it takes me 10-15 minutes just to kind of catch all my thoughts before I can like really let go and be present. So what I do is for the first half of the practice, I’ll allow myself to write down thoughts as they come up. So if I’m practicing focusing on the breath, and suddenly a thought comes up of like “oh s*** I forgot to do this one thing. I gotta remember to do that today”, I’ll open my eyes all write it down I’ll go back into the practice. And I’ll do that for any thoughts that are extra sticky. And then the second half I don’t touch the journal and that’s when I’m like really practicing. Give it a try see if it works for you, let me know in the comments down below. And the last massive benefit that I have realized over these past 30 days is that throughout my day, I found myself thinking about my practices more often. Like being grateful, and being present, and being compassionate. It makes sense that when I practice those things every day in the morning they spill over into the rest of my day, which is amazing! Would I recommend that you guys try this uh? Yeah!!! As you guys know I’m currently working on something super secret and one piece of that may or may not be a challenge that you and I can do together. If you’re not following me on Twitter and Instagram already @MissFenderr you need to do that be kept up to date. And lastly I would once again like to give a huge thank you to Calm for working with me on this video, for working with me all month. Guys, I love this app and I highly recommend that you try it out download it. It’s free to download top link in the description That’s it for this video. Thank you so much for watching I love you very much, and I will see you in the next one. Bye! *kitty kisses* Good boy! If you guys know me if you watch my videos, you know that I am a big proponent… Proponent? Oh my word, what’s that word? Component? No. Oh my god when you support something… proponent Why does that not sound like a real word? I’m a big proponent of meditation? Can you can you be a proponent can a person be a proponent? That sounds like a piece of a car. Proponent… Well now it doesn’t sound like anything. Well anyway! Just focus on your breath… just breathe in and out… let go of your tension… okay or not!