Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. So there’s a question that I seemed to get almost every week and that’s how do I lose my Face Fat and I have loOots of it. Chubby cheek. So, I’ve always had this annoying face fat in my cheeks. Even when I’m lean ,unless if I’m super lean then I’ll lose a little tiny bit of face fat. Hey, my facial fat just likes to stay in my cheeks. Like it just won’t go away. They are stubborn little fellas. They just like to be in my cheeks as you can see. It’s just in there. They won’t go away. So I understand where you’re coming from if you have face fat because they are really stubborn. I’m not really trying to complain here. But you know what like I gotta see the positive side of this, you know, if you have more facial fat. You’re gonna look a little bit younger, you know younger people have more facial fat so I guess that’s a good thing. So 30 days ago, I went on YouTube and found tons of facial exercise videos to try out and from what I’ve seen from the videos and also online articles is that the expected result is that you’re gonna get chisel model jawline like this. Hey What’s up? Yo girl here is never gonna get that chiseled jawline. I… I mean like it’s just not possible for me, alright. But I thought I would try anyway, so I get these six exercises every day for the last 30 days. So the first exercise is to fill your mouth with air like full of air for about two minutes. But the second exercise is also to fill your mouth with air but you move the air around, so first you start with right side, Upper lips, left side and in the bottom lips, so I’m gonna do 15 seconds of each side. The third exercise is to suck in your cheek and then lift up your chin and your jaw like this. And the fourth exercise is to blow the air out of your mouth like lightly and then you tap your smile line. So the fifth exercise is to have your bottom lip covering your upper lip like this and then bring up your jaw. And the last exercise is to push your lips to one side and the other side so. So those are the six exercises and now I’m going to show you my day 1 footage. So I have measured my face on day 1, like who the hell measures their face? But I tried it just because I just have no idea how I’m gonna track… track the progress. I anyway, Here’s my day 1 footage: So I’m gonna measure from the tip of my nose here to the end of my jaw, like right before my earlobe. So it is 12 centimeters, but my face is so not symmetrical guys, like it’s gonna be ridiculous. Alright its about the same, it’s 12 centimetres as well . How else am I gonna measure this , maybe this way? Okay, let’s just do it anywhere. 16 and 1/2 centimeters. Now time for results after 30 days. Everybody this is day…this is not day 30, but it has been a little bit over day 30. I hope there is some sort of changes. But I seriously doubt it. Like I know my face very well. So it was 12 cm and what is it now? It’s exactly the same. And now like this really weird one. I seriously think that this is not gonna change. Like seriously my jaw just gonna disappear? Great. Okay. I’m not human anymore. Yeah, exactly the same, 26 centimeters. I remember i said it was 16 though. I had a look at my footage just now sorry, man. Anyways, I don’t think it has changed much like seriously when I took photos and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I don’t think like I’m like super chiseled. I don’t think like I look like the model now ,that is still pretty…it’s not super chubby because I’m not like… I’m quite lean right now so YEAH, this is just how it is. And also I have learned to accept my chubby cheeks. That they are not too bad at all. Now you gotta see the positive things in everything. Like I say, like cherry cheeks makes you look younger I think.. you get away with things and also not really with everything. You know when they are at workplace if you have chubby cheeks I can guarantee you that it’s not as bad as you think. You probably look super cute in it. But you know what? We are like super dramatic when it comes to ourselves. We’re… We are our own worst critique, would think this is super bad. But it is not, like let’s just learn to accept our chubby cheeks and accept this youthful face. Okay. Now if you’re still here, you’re probably wondering how do I actually lose my face fat and what actually works. So based on my personal experience, a lot of puffiness on my face is actually due to water retention. So I just gotta you know, get my body moving, get my limbs moving and that’s gonna really help to drain out the puffiness on the face and also, like, you know if I have too much sodium or sugar, I’m gonna wake up a lot more bloated. So excess sodium or salt is gonna really like puff up the face for me. But it does not happen to everyone and also dehydration. Dehydration is also another reason why you get puffy in your face because your body is dehydrated and is gonna want to retain as much water as it can. Another way that I find, that really helped with my facial puffiness or facial fat or bloating on my face is to go on a walk or run or a hit workout or just any sort of resistance training because it’s gonna get my limb moving. So the key for me is to just get my limb moving, so just get my body moving and that’s gonna really help with draining out the fluid on my face. Also drink a lot of water because if you’re dehydrated, you’re gonna retain water as well. In terms of facial fat, obviously, you can’t really target your facial fat. You can do some facial exercises, but I think it is gonna be very minimal because the muscles on your face are pretty small compared to say, your glutes and all of that but, you can try right! there’s no harm in trying. So that’s the reason why I made this video because I want us to try it out. And also I’ve done like a facial massage before, where they just like do limbs massage on my face down to my neck and that really helped to drain up the fluid in my face as well. So there are a lot of things you can do to help to minimize the puffiness in your face. But most of the people I know don’t have any issues when it comes to eating and bloating, like their face look perfectly fine in the morning, even when they have the high sodium meal or a high sugar meal. They are completely fine. But you know, I’m just not lucky like that if I have high sodium or like ramen before I go to bed. I’ll wake up looking at like a Blowfish or pufferfish. It is a very cute. Alright That is what I tell myself to make myself feel better. All right, guys. So conclusion is that facial exercises? Most likely won’t work. Alright. I hope you guys find today’s video interesting. So yeah, Don’t forget to smash that like button👍 if you’ve enjoyed it and also subscribe. And turn on the notification down below🔔, so you don’t miss out on my new videos and I’ll see you guys very soon. Bye!👋