[music] Rishikesh, India ‘I am’ – The Purest and Simplest of Meditations 29 February 2020 / Satsang Excerpt
(with subtitles) [Mooji] What must you know fundamentally? Is there one thing that you should know and through which you will know everything? Interesting question? You can study everything and still be fragmented in your understanding,
you don’t know anything. Is there a thing, something you can know, that gives you understanding of all things? [Voice in audience] Yes, there is.
[Mooji] Yes, there is. [Mooji] It would be wise
to find out what this thing is. What is the one thing, knowing which,
or recognising which … Not all things are known in detail, I mean, nobody wants to know all things in detail, but the fundamental nature of them is known. What is it? Understand what ‘I’ means. Not just mentally, because the understanding itself
will occur inside the ‘I’, and to the ‘I’ itself. How to go about it? I can give you a simple start for that. You are standing here right now. [M.] You know you are standing at the microphone.
[Q.1] Yes. [M.] That knowingness is natural, you didn’t have to ask anybody,
‘Am I standing here?’ You are already naturally here.
Simple, simple! My teaching is so simple! You think, ‘Oh, he is so deep!’
[laughter] I am simple, simple, simple! Your mind is deep, deep, deep!
[laughter] I am no depth.
[laughter] You are here, and this awareness ‘I am’, ‘I am’, without the arising of this intuition … This knowingness, this natural knowingness, the sense ‘I exist’, that’s your first knowing. You know you are. Before you can know anything else,
you must know that you are. Is it fair enough? That is a natural thing,
nobody had to teach you that. Your parents did not teach you,
‘Listen, your name is ‘I’. And ‘I am’ means you exist.’ They didn’t teach you anything like that,
naturally it arises. And that is the name of consciousness announcing itself in this field and in this body. ‘I consciousness exist’, ‘I am’. It’s natural, a simple thing, simple thing. It’s not mystical, just natural knowing. If you just put the attention,
and rest in that natural knowing, there is no story, there is no history, just the sense, the intuition ‘I am’. Sit with this, and don’t let your attention
contact any other thought. Don’t combine with any thought or any feeling, just be Self-aware;
that is called Self-awareness. [Mooji] Is it simple enough, or not?
[Audience] Yes. [Mooji] Just as you are,
that natural sense of being, just you exist. Don’t let the mind tell you any nonsense, ‘It’s so mystical.
This is the super consciousness, you’re going to super-duper consciousness.’ Forget about all that stuff. Just you are here! Don’t hold any information,
or any memory of yourself, because the ego-mind wants to take that
and create some story. Just the intuition of being, a kind of emptiness. And be conscious of it, without allowing the attention to connect up with other thoughts or feelings. So in the beginning, you may experience that the mind just keeps jumping in,
the mind just keeps coming, ‘But I have been doing this now for two minutes’.
Whatever. No! Just stay with this. And I can tell you what should happen, but I would rather
you tell me what you experience, and whether that is something you created,
or it’s what you discover. We are speaking very simple today, now. And all the complexities
of how the life should be, what you want to do, what is the world, what happens after you live and die, all these things will find the right place and the appropriate time
to manifest in consciousness. You simply stay. Don’t identify with the body,
or with any self-image, just the intuition, the feeling of being, and it is already there. Don’t ask me, ‘How can I find the ‘I am’?’ My words are very simple,
very simple, like baby food. Be with this. Even now, just for a couple of minutes.
Try it now. After being here for so long, there must be within you
a natural sense of spaciousness. Whereas before you would always think of yourself
with some association, or seek reference for yourself through memory, feelings, thoughts and imagination, by the time you have been here a little bit, you ought to be now experiencing
a sense of expansiveness. [Mooji] Is it true, or not?
[Audience] Yes. [Mooji] You can bear a feeling of just emptiness. And it feels you cannot describe what that is, but you know that it is auspicious to be here. Then simply pay attention to that, not as one thing to another. Just let the attention be here. Just be here. Don’t go skating off in some direction. And the mind stuff may pop up here and there.
Don’t try and fight that. Just stay as you are, because if the mind energy
doesn’t catch your attention and you don’t become personal,
it just subsides into oblivion. Don’t worry about that,
it’s happening automatically! You simply stay as you are. Let’s not even call it meditation, don’t call it anything at all, just what I say. Don’t try to become anything. Simply pay attention. What is here? Uncreated. Effortless. And as you discover the natural sense
of spaciousness and contentment, a peace is present with you, a silence, a well-being-ness is there that does not need any external reference. And you are not in a creative process, so you are not on a journey, you are simply here, present in presence. A thought may come, ‘OK. Now what?’ No. No, ‘Now what?’ No ‘Next’. So with this, something can relax. There is nothing to construct. There is nothing to fix, nothing to change, nothing to become. You are simply paying attention, not creating, not imagining, not forcing, not inviting. Just being. Conscious of consciousness. [silence] Now, you may sometimes feel some restlessness, because the mind is not getting its food. Some restlessness is coming up. You don’t need to attend to that restlessness. Be aware of it,
but keep your attention in your Self. The mind may start to cry! But this is one baby, when it cries, you don’t have to pick it up, let it cry. Stay only in your neutrality. Do it. [Mooji] Don’t wait for something to happen! You are the Self which does not happen! Like this you will begin to notice all the scams and schemes of the mind, ‘You’ve got to do something, change something’. ‘We are not getting anywhere like this.’ ‘How am I going to find a job like this?’ ‘How am I going to get rid of this?’ This chat, chat, chat, chat, chat! Don’t give any attention to that,
there is nothing there for you! Abide in your being. So don’t be concerned about the mind.
It is never content! The belly of the mind is never full! When it’s having breakfast,
it’s thinking, ‘What’s for lunch?’ When its having lunch, ‘What’s for dinner?’ It is like that, so don’t ride with that. Stay as you are. You are already the stillness. You already are the stillness. Forget about becoming enlightened. Touch nothing at all. Stay only like this. And notice that you are not suppressing anything. Not suppressing. Natural, as you are! The mind might come and say,
‘But you still have a problem!’ This has been your friend for a long time. ‘You are still not getting it!’ Don’t give any attention to that. You who, are not getting what? Just be. And like this, you will come to see that
life takes care of life. And so much other richness will come, in terms of peace. There is no greater wealth
than peace and contentment, and joy, and silence of being. This is the wealth
of the human expression of consciousness. Everything else will leave, but this. [silence] And because it was not constructed
or created by you, I will ask you now, can it leave? What you are discovering, can it leave?
To go where? [Mooji] It is just that
you have not paid attention in this way. Now, simply by paying attention
just to the sense of being, not to an object, not to a shape, but just the natural sense of being, remain conscious about it. No strain. No effort. Effort will come only if the mind
catches your attention and now you are trying to let go of the mind,
then effort will come. Don’t touch the mind! And you are in your Buddha nature right now! There is nothing to remember, nothing to become. Pay attention. And notice that you can move about, you can go and make your tea,
you can cook your breakfast, you can answer your phone, send your emails against this background of unchanging awareness, this field of total neutrality, immutable, uncreated, imperishable, unchanging. The more you spend time simply like this, and not trying to do, and trying to meditate, and to get rid of the thoughts,
and to kill the ghost … No, just pay attention to your Self! Because it was the first knowing, the first arising in consciousness,
the sense ‘I am’. Pay attention to this sense ‘I am’. It has no history, it is not concerned about time, or future, or managing existence, everything is unfolding spontaneously. But who will hear this? [silence] [Mooji] This will be the purest of meditations,
and the simplest. Don’t seek to get anything material out of it. Simply pay attention. At a certain point,
even attention is merging with it. There is only It. If there is some tension felt in the body,
it is not because of this. Maybe it is not because of anything, so don’t give it to the mind
and say, ‘Oh, but I am feeling tense’. ‘I am feeling tense’ means, ‘I am feeling tense’.
That is all. It’s not, ‘Oh, that means I didn’t get it,
and there is more …’ No, don’t … Now you are in a state of discovering. You are not discovering
more and more things to discover, just a concentrated awareness, you may say,
or consciousness. And now, whatever comes, let it come. It will be inside your harmony, that’s it. [Mooji] Is it good advice?
[Audience] Yes. [Mooji] Followed?
[Audience] Yes. [Mooji] Found?
[Audience] Yes. [Mooji] Happy?
[Audience] Yes. [laughter and applause] [Mooji] Finished?
[Audience] Yes. No. [laughter] [Mooji] I’m just checking, that is all. Copyright © 2020 Mooji Media Ltd.
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