Hien van hello everyone💖 Today Hien will livestream a case of hidden acne rice acne of the elderly This acne is usually deep within the skin Because it is hidden deep inside the skin, it will be harder to take rice acne usually appear in the age of 45- about 60 years old About 80 years old we can still get this acne due to hormonal changes It may appear acne like this Hien will explain about this pathology a little bit You can see that Hien just take a pimple here It is very hard People call it acne old woman From 45 years old onwards this acne will appear When you are 80 years old and still have this acne is normal Like last summer, Hien take acne like this for two she Viet Kieu, one overseas Vietnamese in Australia, one overseas Vietnamese America one is 75 years old and one is 82 years old This acne usually appears after hormonal changes Your period will be irregular, there will be this acne If you care about your mother or grandmother, you will see acne rice Hien thank you for watching and supporting Hien all this time🤞💖 Wish you have a nice day🍀💖 and a good night’s sleep💓