So, the second stage of the facial is a scrub,
an exfoliating scrub of some kind to remove the first couple of layers of the epidermis.
This is where the skin cell pockets tend to hold a little bit more dirt, a little bit
more impurities. So this gets in there and really scrubs it out, as the name implies.
And gets it a little bit more clean, a little bit more pure. Our skin scrub has oatmeal
and jojoba beads because it provides texture to slough off the skin. We are constantly
shedding our skin like a snake. We are constantly creating new layers of skin that come from
the bottom up. So the top layers are constantly being shed. And if they are not fully removed,
they stay on the skin, they tend to get mixed with dirt and oils. And they accumulate debris.
So this is the debris cleansing aspect of the facial.