(Shopify Tutorial for Beginners) In this video I’m gonna show you how to create a profitable Shopify store in under 20 minutes so you can start making money from home start getting sales and be Profitable with your business be able to scale it up to more than 50 thousand dollars per month just like this student from me That’s doing 60 grand a month consistently over and over again. These are gonna be the foundations of Results just like that stick around watch the entire video. So, you know how to build a profitable store in 20 minutes Let’s go and before we start if you want to win an exclusive Shopify guy from zero all the way up to ten thousand dollars per day All you have to do is comment automate Automate down in the comments below subscribe to the notification and that like button and I’ll pick a winner from this video Who enter from the past video is? Adriana goring make sure to send me a message to win your guides and if you want to work directly with me for me to Mentor you and your business and work with my direct team to help you scale your Shopify store up to the next level Make sure to click that first link in the description and schedule a free Discovery call or stick to the end of the video for the details alright first thing we’re gonna do and Unlike all the other tutorials out there that just show you go to Shopify calm and make an account What we’re gonna do in this specific time period where you’re watching this you’re gonna go to Shopify Calm slash Co vid 19 Co VI D 19 kovat response obviously with the global pandemic that we are going through right now Shopify is beating being Great to merchants are being great to people that want to start a Shopify store If you go down to the bottom here it says extended 90 day free trial that means instead of getting 14 days off or 14 days for free to start on Shopify you get three full months 90 days to start a Shopify store so we’re gonna click on natty that free trial gonna put the email address here twinners econ gmail.com And for the password, I’m just gonna put in a random password here and the store name We’re just gonna name it winner econ or winners EECOM. It’s just a random thing that I picked you can always change this later With you when you start picking out products We’re gonna do it in this video when you start picking out products neech’s things that you want to sell you Can then change your store name? Later on, so create your store Then you’re gonna be taken to the step by step that you need to do after creating your store Then Shopify’s can ask you a couple of questions. Tell me about yourself. Are you already selling? What is your current revenue? We can just put this as skip since we don’t really want to Give that information or don’t really want to take you to the steps. You can always tell Shopify I’m just playing around I’m selling just not online. I said with the different system Maybe you have a retail store and you want to sell online How much are you making and which industry will you be? Operating in if you don’t know what to sell or what products to sell then you don’t need to put that you just need to Put skip and know you’re not developing a store for a client. Now, you’re gonna put your address and your name in here So they can actually give payouts to you depending on the country that you are It’s gonna format the language and the currency and everything. So I suggest putting your real address no fake information Oh is real I’m gonna put that real quick and we’ll be back. All right, I put all my information I’m taking to this particular page says your style just started remember? It’s a 90 day free trial that you have now get ready to sell online and how our store looks like if you click on The just the preview link here on online stores It’s gonna be the default theme that Shopify gives you so it’s just gonna look like that a bunch of random images bunch of random text now We’re gonna choose a theme for our Shopify store a little Structure to it to see what is the best to choose? All you have to do is go to online store go click here and customize theme. Let’s get an online store And then let’s go to the themes section and you’ll see online stores password-protected once you choose a plan After the 90 days you will have to pay monthly. So if you choose that monthly plan you will get your password Removed we’ll do that in just a second. But right now you have the de beauté team You also have other themes like Brooklyn you have venture you have boundless here on the top simple de beauté Which is the one that you currently have you also have supply narrative minimal Brooklyn the ones that I recommend the ones that get the best results for my students right now are de beauté bencher narrative and Brooklyn, so I know it’s a lot of different themes are all for free so you don’t actually need to pay for one What I recommend is if you don’t really know which one to pick or don’t know where to go don’t know what kind of products to sell the To set up and the easiest one to build out is de Butte. The second one is Brooklyn So if you want a little bit more of a professional look to your website You can choose Brooklyn or if you want a more of a simple. Look to your website You can choose the view in this case. I’m not gonna change it up just Dubuque. It’s completely fine now Let’s go to what products we’re gonna sell because the first thing that we’re gonna discuss in this video We’re gonna add some products and then we’re gonna customize the store. So it looks legitimate so actually people can actually buy now the five leashes that I recommend for you to sell right now during this time period and during the next three to six months or even longer We don’t really know are these five right here? Home cleaning taking care of the home or home decor a lot of people that have extra income or have some disposable. Income are investing and making the home cleaner, for example Buying humidifiers air humidifiers are selling like crazy the overall. My therapy niche is also selling like crazy. People are stuck at home They’re not doing anything the house smells weird. The kids are around. They start making weird smells and they need those humidifiers also Fitness home fitness and health that exactly Exploding home gym is just going up and up and up more people buying products like this Obviously, they can’t go to a gym so they have to do it at home Third of all comfort and specifically working from home comfort. This is a great niche one of my students is doing really well at it and for example products that you can sell here are a Cushion to sit on your seat when you’re working at home a lot of people from specifically tech companies or stuck at home working from home 24/7 So they need something to give them comfort maybe chairs, even or products that can help them improve their posture posture correctors It’s a good product to sell now. The next one is essential products like the ones that I’ve talked about here in the channel oximeters Nebulizers things that help people when they’re thinking about the coronavirus or thinking about getting their respiratory system working better Those are good at home beauty and self-care Those are also popping up really really well for example hair cutters For people that want to do their hair cut at home those like crazy and it’s just an overall niche that you could do really well in so the best one that I recommend out of all of these if you want to focus on something that has a lot of potential and also consistent potential after this whole pandemic And I would say home cleaning or taking care of the home and add beauty home at home Beauty. Sorry So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna choose home cleaning for this on our home Home improvement. Let’s say in a way where it’s just making sure the experience being at home is better we’re gonna sell some humidifiers and some products that we can pick there so we can do is I’m just going to go for Humidifiers and the other my therapy niche which is doing really well. So in Turkey minifiers here Humidifiers and you can see there’s a lot of options on Aliexpress. Although I don’t recommend specifically Aliexpress for fulfilling your products It is great for importing your products and doing some research so you can see there’s a lot of products here 1,000 orders six thousand orders almost and you can have a lot of products that you can take Inspiration on if you want to learn how to fulfill these products and how to actually send them to your customers Do not use Aliexpress but use the services that pop up right here in the I icon I explained all the Aliexpress alternatives. It is important for you to know which ones they are So now that we have these products right here Let’s say we’re selling humidifiers and products for comfort at home or for smell at home Let’s go to the app section on our Shopify store before adding any products Let’s get apps and then let’s download an app called EEP Rolo EEP Rolo is kind of an uber low alternative uber low is an app that you use to import products from Aliexpress to your store now we’re going to use an other app called ePro load So a pro low helps us import products to our Shopify source so we can start selling them You can also they can also help in actually fulfilling the products really well, so add app We’re gonna add this app over to our store It is free so we can use it as much as possible And a lot of my students use it very profitably and they do really well with this particular app So I do recommend the install that up here ebrill integrates the following and advantages So all of these we can just click Next and then find your invitation code You don’t really need an invitation code. You just have to start So just start it and we can upload a product very easily You can either do it with the Chrome extension to do it a little bit faster you just click on the Ebro lo chrome extension or you can look it up on Google April Oh Chrome extension and You can go to their particular app Aliexpress product importer and you can download this Chrome extension and just click import products straight from Alex or you can do it a little bit manually here and Go to import Ally product on the left hand side in your icon and let’s pick Let’s say we’re gonna sell this one has 1200 orders. It looks like a solid product let’s take that link and put it over in the ypres lo section Aliexpress URL Import and it’s gonna start importing the product straight from that URL import succeeded import list here on the left hand side And now we have our product that we just imported here in the import list we’re gonna take it now to our Shopify store and let’s say we’re gonna start selling this product at least showing you how to build Out the product page and the whole process so it’s here What I recommend is keep your product names and your product titles very short up to five six seven Five six words or a little bit more if needed. So this one in particular is called an LED night lamp electric Aromatherapy or aromatherapy diffuser. So we’re gonna call it in this case the home Fixture. Let’s say the home fixer night lamp Air Ultrasonic that’s that’s doesn’t like a good word, right ultrasonic humidifier Let’s call it that home fixture night lamp ultrasonic humidifier like that, or should I change it? Let me know in the comments if I should change that. Let’s push the store And now we’re gonna send it over to our store import success your import list is empty and now when we go to our particular store and we Click on the refresh the store that we have we’re gonna see that the product is somewhere over here It’s actually not here because we haven’t added it to any collection. Sorry about that You’re gonna go to the products and there you’ll see it. So when you go to the actual product page There you’ll have the product. So here it is. Although the product description is not that good We still have a decent product page or a decent product description that somebody would buy from us Click Add to Cart and go and buy our product now, we’re gonna fix up the actual product page So this description is a little bit weird what I suggest you do is you really spend a lot of time developing your product description and looking at competitors stores That have sold this product before or trying to find other people that are selling your minifiers and see what kind of description they are Doing now now that we’re doing at a very fast-paced. I’m just gonna keep it very short So what I recommend is doing one headline on the top so for example a lot of people are stuck at home and working from home and having their kids at home with the whole family at home and It smells really bad So what I can say is for example, tired of your home smell or start of stuck at home smell let’s put that and tired of stuck at home Smell let’s just do tired of stuck at home smell and let’s put that as a Headline here in order to make it show really big on the top headline You actually have to write it out again so you can’t just take an original one changing into a heading you have to delete it and This one show it as a heading one. So you’re gonna click on heading one and then you’re gonna I just clicked it So I removed it click on it tired of and there we go stuck at home smell And let’s remove this one Save it and then I’m going to show you the preview so you see what I mean saved preview and I was gonna show really big Tower of stuck at home smell so that one we’re actually gonna do it on the Center so you can align it on the center there and then we can do Say hello to your new best friend the Ultrasonic Air humidifier Humidifier Let’s do ultrasound night lamp Air humidifier night lamp air humidifier, and then we’re gonna do that as well in the middle And let’s save that We’re gonna put a picture there And then what I suggest you do is I’m gonna keep it short and I do have to do it under 20 minutes So this particular product page just write it in terms of doing image paragraph image paragraphs so you do want to give out more information about the product more details about the product check what your competitors are doing on the Product page and you build it out that way. So the product base doesn’t seem so weird So it’s tired of stuck at home smell say hello to your new best friend the ultrasonic humidifier and here you have the product pictures I Highly suggest you do paragraph picture paragraph picture just in a way I’m keeping it as short as I pass can now that we have at least one product What we’re gonna do is create a product collection So you’re going to go to products here, and then I’m going to click on collections and you’re going to click a collection Let’s say this one is aromatherapy. Let’s put create collection Aroma therapy. Now. Let’s do it on the top there save that what we’re gonna do is you have to do product tag is equal to so in this case we’re going to do aroma Product tag equals aroma save that and now we’re going to go back to our product page that we had before Let’s go to all products Product and in the tag section you’re gonna add aroma to the tag section aroma And Now we have a collection What we’re gonna do with that collection is every single product now that we add that has to do with Aromatherapy or anything about humidifiers. You’re gonna put aroma in the tags It’s gonna add it directly to your collection and how you show that collection on your home page Is you go to the online store you go to themes de beauté which is the one that we chose before we’re gonna click on customize so you click on customize theme and now We’re gonna go to the actual changing up how the page looks I highly recommend you make as much effort as possible On your homepage on your product pages, so they look legitimate So you would actually buy from that store in the one in the beginning on the top one since we’re doing a store about home Comfort a home cleaning. Let’s do the header just the same thing image with text overlay here We’re gonna explore free images and you’re gonna put home or family. Let’s say what what it looks like home there’s honest actually great with the little humidity the this is actually a Alexa from Amazon so that one’s not that great or that was actually pretty good select that and you’re gonna change the image with text overlay so you can say Comfort at home Needed more than ever Explore explore our wide range of home comfort products for your Stuck at home time. Let’s do stuck at home Time gonna put that That’s not too bad. Obviously think about this headline a lot and Then we’re gonna do save here on the top left and our store is starting to look pretty good, right? It’s starting to look like a decent store. Let’s go back. Now we have here this image with text this section You can just delete it. There’s no point in having that one. So you can remove that one. Then the text columns here They don’t there’s not really a point as well to these ones so you can remove this as well Remove section and now the feature collection this one is important so what I recommend is you just have a top banner or a top slideshow a Text that talks about what you’re selling and then the actual feature collection So in feature collection, you can select the collection where to create it a collection, which is called the Emma therapy one We’re gonna choose that Select and now it’s gonna show all the products that we have in that particular collection in this case It’s only the home fixer night lamp humidifier. We’re gonna click Save again and then in the bottom one the image with text Overlay we can again at another image we can keep it short as short as possible or you can make more feature collections So you can actually do here is add a section and you can do collection list I do recommend adding this section because you’ll have multiple collections in your store eventually So you have for example Irma therapy, then you might have things for the home for home decor Then you might have things for example for kids for children and products and you want to show them off in your home page so what I recommend here is This section with the different images. You don’t really need that one And there’s just testimonials here Once you have a lot of different customers and a lot of people buying from your store Then you can put these testimonials but right now there’s not really a point because you don’t have customers yet So later on you can do it but remove that section for now and we have image with text overlay And then we have a gallery which is these products here we’re going to remove that and then we’re going to add a section of that collection list and we can put that one and Add it onto the bottom and then what we can do there is take that collection list and put it below The feature collection so feature collection then collections list. You can choose what what as they are? So in this case, I’m going to choose a room of therapy But I could choose anything else and then the other two collections You can just create it the same way go to products Collections create new collection and then do a product tag and added to every single product that you use to create that collection So not that hard and then in the bottom again, let’s do the same process imagery text overlay That’s explore here And then let’s do for example children and maybe sell products for home comfort home cleaning Things to clean on the home and help the kids you can put for example a family. That’s actually perfect And let’s do let’s do more family-oriented family Your family is our family. I like to use that one. Your family is our family 2020 is the year to celebrate Family love Let’s do that there and let’s save it up And now our store looks decent just start selling right? It’s not quite ready yet We don’t have to do a few more changes to the actual product page and actually start making money but let’s go to the to the home page and Let’s go to the home page here And it looks decent right from what we have before which is just a little template weird kind of looking now We have you just need to add two more collections looks a lot better nice quality If we go to the actual product You can buy from it tired of stuck at home smell say hello to your new best friend and you have the product images Right there to start showing up. Now two extremely important things that you need to start doing now are reviews for your product page always make sure to add as best as possible images and if you have images with a Logo like this one. It might be a Chinese logo from the Aliexpress supplier. Make sure to remove those you can just go to fiverr.com fiverr.com and find somebody that will do photoshop free images so image editing and Somebody might be able to just take that logo out and put your logo and you can also get a logo from Fiverr like you Can just put logo for Shopify? You can do logo for Shopify and it will also do a logo for you for baby sheep You can get one for about five ten dollars for your store. You can upload it now The other thing we’re gonna do it Like I said, the reviews go to apps and then click on visit the Shopify store. There is multiple review apps There is lukes there is review Ry viu and then there is one called judge dot me if you want to get a free one you can do review review and They have a free plan review right here flea Brown available and judge dot me as well the really good product reviews Really nice you can add it get a free plan from them now in order to import products from this Aliexpress page Which we have 52 reviews for 4.8 star rating on to our product page We’re just gonna go to Aliexpress page and download the review import reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon Make sure to click Add to Chrome ad this sort of extension to Chrome and it’s gonna look like that This one this little star on the top right here on your Chrome desktop. Then you’re gonna go to your Aliexpress page You’re gonna click on this thing. Enter product handle manually instead of that You’re gonna go get product handle from your shop and it’s gonna pull it up get reviews And now please wait a second don’t leave this saving edit now and you can also edit the review straight on reviews So for example, there’s a lot of these that it’s a little bit weird. For example. This one won’t be from Russia Very good little humidifier without tracking. That’s okay For example, you have some like this one from so vaakya that it is just it can be translated It’s just super weird and it doesn’t make absolutely any sense. You can either delete it from your reviews or actually edit it here So you can edit the actual content of the review for free so that’s something that review offers you is you can just click and edit a as much as you possibly Want the 32 reviews are already uploaded and we can check on the product here You can also load more reviews if there’s more reviews but these are all uploaded now. We’re going to go to our Shopify Product page let’s go to products here on Shopify Go to the page preview the page and In the bottom section here. It’s gonna say or in the top section It’s gonna say 15 5 stars reviews when you click on that It’s going to show you all the reviews from review down in the bottom so now you can make it a lot more legitimate if you have images like this that show Chinese packaging. You probably want to remove those as much as you possibly can and also remove anything that just looks very weird So this is the one that we saw before edit it out because that’s gonna trigger people off It’s gonna really push customers off So now we have an almost complete product page ready to start getting sales and the last thing that we’re gonna do right now in this quick tutorial is go to the Shopify page go to settings and now first of all We’re gonna select the plan because you do need to select a plan if you actually want to start getting sales on Shopify so let’s select a plan and After the 90 days, so we have a 90 day free trial on July 4th is what we’re gonna pay. So now it’s April and we’re gonna pend July choose the plan of 29 per month You don’t need more than that. Now, we’re gonna add a credit card. I’m going to just pause real quick Add my credit card details and then click start plan. All right, you should accomplish My plan has already been chosen now the last two things before we go you can add a domain I highly recommend you added to your that has to do and the domain that has to do with your audience So something about the home or home comfort com, for example, you can click here buy a new domain It’s only $14 and I highly recommended. It does increase your trust. So for example, we can do home Comfort calm I don’t think we can have that available, but we can do Stay at home Comfort let’s say if we can find something like that Stay at home comfort, so we found one I had to recommend you research this properly and see what your competitors are naming it in order to choose the right one But this one is the one that we’re gonna go for right now You can click buy it and get that domain Also the last thing click on settings in order to actually accept money from your customers You’re gonna get a payment providers on your Shopify store And if you are from any of the countries like us Europe Australia UK and then a bunch of different countries You can accept Shopify payments If you are not then I would recommend you to do PayPal If you are just starting out I recommend you do Shopify payments and paypal if you have problems with any of these Payment processors you can always click the I button right here I gave you Shopify payment alternatives and other payment methods That you can choose and I actually use so these are the two that you can set up go ahead and set them both up You will need a PayPal business account in order to start accepting money And now we are ready charli’s start accepting money from our customers once we set that up the reviews are done The product description is a little bit done I do recommend you perfected a little bit more and a last thing that I forgot here is I could changing the product price So it costs us eight dollars or I think six dollars from our supplier Let’s say five dollars from our supplier What I suggest you do is you add a little bit on because you will have to pay for shipping maybe the product Isn’t that good quality, so you’ll have to pay for a little bit more quality so let’s say ten dollars and we’re gonna set the sale price at $29.99 so you just have to quickly set this up $29.99 to $9.99 And save it Last thing real quick here that I forgot. Make sure to remove the password on your store So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to online store here on the left hand side. Then you’re gonna go to disable password online stores password protected disabled You’re gonna go to the bottom tick untape that enable password thingy save it and Now you’re done. Now you can sell now my friends That was the quickest Tutorial that I could ever do and it isn’t even full if you want a more full tutorial for this and you want to learn how to ship your products in less than three to four days even during coronavirus right now click the videos down in the description You’re gonna see a section more videos and learn more about this I do have a full one hour and a half tutorial. This one is just 20 minutes so you can get it cranking Thank you for watching make sure to schedule a call down in the first link in the description if you want my Direct help If you want me to mentor you along with my team and help your business grow in 2020 and beyond despite of any situations that are happening we can turn you into a Profitable student just like the hundreds that we have in our private program make sure to click that first link in the description schedule a free strategy call and I will see you on the call now that you know how to build that your Shopify store and actually get your product pages done if you want to learn how to ship your products to your customers that actually send them over and fulfill the order so you’re gonna get with advertising make sure to check the video right there how to get to day two three day shipping even during coronavirus this video is absolutely exploding a lot of people love it and I put a lot of effort into that video go ahead and click it now subscribe if that notification Melfi that like I’m an automate down below and I will see you on a strategy call Click the first link in the description and book your call now. We’ll see you there